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Susan Ross Jones
Years Served: Signing for my Brother, James Reiley Ross....1963-65
I found this site by searching for my Brother`s ship name. He has passed away from lung cancer, but was always proud that he served in the Navy. He was only 16 yrs old when he left to join the Navy. Dad had to sign for him because he was under age. My Brother was a very hard worker & very creative. He was also a bit troubled in those years. He joined right after our older Brother had been in a terrible car crash and was in a coma for 3 1/2 months. He remained crippled and paralized on his whole right side the rest of his life. Jimmy just couldn`t cope with it and started getting in trouble & skipping School. Dad said it was time for him to join the Navy. If you knew Jimmmy (Jim) as he liked to be called, I`m sure you liked him. I don`t know anyone who didn`t like him. Jimmy gave me his Navy uniform when he came home & he even tailored it to fit me. I wish I still had that uniform. Sadly, it was stolen from me along with Jimmy`s Navy Pea Coat, by a so called Friend who was staying with me. I am so sad that I don`t have my Brother`s Navy clothes anymore. I really miss him and I am very proud to be his Sister. Is there anyone reading this that knew my Brother? He was a fireman on ship. .......Thanks to all you Navy Guys & Gals!

GMG-2 Ron Terry
Years Served: 1976 - 1979
Just found this site and was thinking about all the good times we all had on the best ship in the fleet.

USS Ponchatoula (AO-148)

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  • TIm Pooler on

    Machinist mate-AO-148 westpac cruise 1966-67. Served with a great bunch of fellow sailors.

  • Bruce d price Sr on

    Served on the Ponchatoula 1976 to 1978 the captain was the best in navy most of the friends I had have passed away Rest in peace brother’s.

  • Rudy martin on

    GM2 Ron terry we served together on the USS Ponchatoula west pac 1977 this is when you were on deck seamen brumlry use to call you B B Badee remember you right best ship greatest captain Carmichael Hoogy miss my brothers I served with on USS PONCHATOULA AO 148 Pearl Harbor Hawaii love my country USA served 1977-1983 United States Navy.

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