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Rick Simoneau
Years Served: 1967 - 1970
I made both Westpac cruises great ship, lots of memories. I’d like to know where Joey Mazzio, Jon Seavers, Haverstrm, Smitty , where are these guys?

Wayne Koller
Years Served: 1964-1967
She now lies on the bottom off the coast of Virginia

Tony Williams
Years Served: 1979-1983
Commissioned the NEW USS Belknap in 1980

Ken (Friz) Frisbee
Years Served: 1986-1988
I grew up on this boat, the Fighting Flagship made me a man

Aaron Weissman
Years Served: 1993-1995
First duty station in the Navy. I loved the “Schmoozing Cruiser”. Liberty ports all across the MED and Black Sea. Made a lot of friends I still think about till this very day.

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  • Douglas Kirk on

    Was a Gunners mate Missile from 1980 precom until honorably discharged on may of 1981. It was a great duty.

  • joe webster MS/3 on

    On the Belknap that fateful night. Horror started right before 10 pm. Didn’t know the feeling of BEING hit by an aircraft carrier, its elevator half way down started mowing everything over from the O2 or 3 level and above, CIC behind the bridge was buried in rubble. One sailor was found buried in that rubble, his head never found, 20 seconds after the collision, the ship started filling with smoke, fire was everywhere topside! MS berthing up FWD, at first nobody knew what had happened, what 1st class said, I told you it was getting rough tonight, YEAH right. Smoke filling the ship, lights are going out, battle lanterns are coming on. Now I know what they teach you about damage control and fire fighting in boot camp, and why you have drills all the time. Time to get out of berthing, and get to the main level. Outside all you can see was fire, I thought, damn the whole ship is on fire. Next thing I know a chief is yelling at several of us, hay we need a p250 pump down on the mess decks. Massive whole in wardroom overhead, water streaming in from everywhere. Its humid, wet, smoky, and I could smell burnt bodies, one I saw on the mess decks floating in several feet of water, skin all red, bubble like blisters all over his skin, SICK! W e the sailors did so much that night, the whole ship seemed charred, humid feeling smoky, will never forget that smell, nor will I ever forget that night. If I do, its because alzheimers has set in. Prayers everyday of my life for those who didn’t make it that night, one in particular. James Cass, MM1. He was getting married for the 1st time, when we were to return to port in Feb. of 1976, and the retire with his 20. RIP MM1 Cass, and the other 6 who didn’t make it. Your lives were sacrificed for others. True Heroes.

  • Bruce "cookie" Grainger on

    I was a plankowner from when she was recommisioned in philadephia ship yards,until july of 1981. I was the captains personal cook i was proud to be a plankowner on the BELKNAP CG-26, i didnt know until a lot later that she was decommisioned and sunk,she will always be apart of my navy career and life.

  • Monte Daugharty on

    My first ship in 1990 to 1992, wish I would have stayed in Gaeta, Italy with that crew. Great ship and command when I was on board. Miss those times and the all the great ports we hit in the Med, amazing group of Veterans/Friends on the Belknap. Hope all of you are doing well and God bless! PO3 BT/MM/Damage Controlman 1990-1994

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