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Robert B Burke
Years Served: 4 years
Hi all , I was on the Daniels when she was DLG-27 , 72-76 .

SK2 Robert Hopper
Years Served: 1984-1988
:) I was aboard 1984-1988 had a balllearned a lot and got dogged a lot. Would like to hear from supply personell from this time span.

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  • Frank Nasti on

    I was on the Daniel’s from 72 to 74 I see Richard outlaw posted I remember him left as an RM2 stayed in the reserves until my retirement in 1995 as am RM1 the Daniel’s was the best time

  • Ted Miller on

    I served on board from December 1980-September 1984 was in S-3 started as SHSR left as SH3 . Was the supply DCPO for 22 long months. Through the entire philadelphia Yard period.

  • Sigi Rodriguez on

    What’s up everybody who’s still with us today, on the Daniels from January 84 thru June 86 R division, saw Mark Saul at a LAkers game at the GW Forum back in 92-93 , been on the boat , great times

  • Richard Outlaw on

    I was a RM3 aboard the Daniels from 1971 to 1974.
    If I had a choice of where I would have been stationed…….
    Then it would have been on the J.Daniels.

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