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Charles Emory Jr
Years Served: 1/8/1966-1968
How can I get a list of the original crew? DLG-28

Martin A. Hruz
Years Served: July 1989 - April 1990
Hey shipmates, I was abourd the Wainwright as a cook (CS1) (MS1). I came aboard just before the Med. Cruise in 1989, I worked in the general mess at first. Then I was assigned to the chief's mess, then worked in the officer's wardroom galley. From there I went to the Captian's mess. Hurricane Hugo hit and it was a mess in Charleston upon our return to port.
I remember going to the bridge and looking thru Big Eyes at the shore, there were no lights at all! We stood in line to use the ship to shore phone, to check on our loved ones.
I stayed in the Navy untill 1993, when I retired out, with a total of 23 years service.
To my Shipmates of the Wainwright, I wish you all
Fair Winds and Following Seas.
Your Shipmate, Marty

Years Served: 1980-1981
RE:Charles Emory Jr send me an email maybe i can help you

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  • Alton (Pete) Neidhardt on

    On board 1970 / 1972 as an MM3 working in main control. Made last West- PAC / Around the World Cruise.

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