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John A. Wargo
Years Served: 1965-1970
I am retired and living in Florida. My memories of my days on the Sara are really good. Many good times and great men aboard.

Jay Fortune
Years Served: 1975 - 1977
The two years I spent aboard the Saratoga as a Master at Arms were among the best years of my life. A great ship.

Michael Dodson
Years Served: 1971 - 1973
During these trying times in Iraq, it makes me proud to have served on the Sara during the VietNam war.

TD3 Jeff Kregers
Years Served: 1971
Reported aboard late 71. V-2 Div PLAT/Lens. Involuntary transfer to FDR early 72.

Ed Wheelock
Years Served: 1959-1963
my greatest regret is that I didn't stay in the Navy. I loved that ship and I couldn't have asked for a finer family than I had in R Division.

James(Jim) Garner
Years Served: 1966-1969
Went from EMFA to EM2 in #3 main machinery room and #7 SS generator and switchboard, also #2 Special Freq. aircraft cooling generator(1000v 400cycles) and #3 Emergency Diesel Gen. Worked on all early on and was in charge of all when I left and turned it over to Larry Mitchell EM3. Loved it!

Dwayne Martin
Years Served: 1988-1992
Served aboard the Sara as an AS3 during Desert Shield/Storm. Presently retired as a MA1 (USNR).

Mitchell L. Livesay
Years Served: 2
The Sara was a mother to all who walked the decks, everyone that was aboard the ship seems to have great things to say about their experience. It saddens me to think of the Sara being scrapped,we as crew should pull for her to become a reef off the cost of Florida so we all know she is close to home, instead of becoming scrap. Wish I could some way protect her as she protected me during times of conflict. To those of you who served upon the beloved decks of the wondrous vessel I salute you! And to my lady of the sea, - USS Saratoga - My blood sweat and tears shall be with you forever!

Mitchell L. Livesay
Fireman; 1 main machinery room.
USS Saratoga CV-60.

Joseph Della Volpe
Years Served: 2 years USN Reserve
Hello all sara guys years 68-70

AC2 Matthew Jones
Years Served: 1985-1991
Great old warship! She served America well for many years. Sad to see her go. Great crew, great times and some times I would like to forget (Ship yard).

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