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Josh Stephens - HT2
Years Served: 1982-1986
Hello all! Just wanted to post to see if anyone out there remembers me and what everyone is doing.

I'm now in sales and live in Green Bay, WI.

Louis Aponte - Airman
Years Served: 1970 - 71
Hello everyone, I'd like salute everyone who ever served on this great ship. I was a young sailor during a tour of the Tonkin Gulf. I had many friends and have many memories of that time in my life. May this ship always be remembered. Now I'm 57- an Electrician from N.Y.C.
Good luck to all. Louis A.

Doug Johnston
Years Served: 1961 to 1963
Ahoy Mates,
I served in FOX div. for one cruise, & 1st div. for the 2nd cruise. Those memories will always be with me. I've had the priveledge of comunicating with two of my old ship mates on the internet for a few years now (Bob Ruff & Jim Wells). It would be even better if there could be more of us. Please feel free to contact me at any time.
Ranger is at Bremerton, Wa at present (about a 3hr. drive from me), so I get to see Her now and then. Shure will be glad to have Her in Portland in the near future. If my health holds up I hope to serve on Her again --- to help others get the feel of Her majesty. What a magnificent asset she will be to Portland and all who visit Her !!

Michael Cotter Sr
Years Served: 1988-1990
Hello shipmates.

I served in S-3 division (ships store, laundry, barber shop and all those soda vending machines you lined up for before the sodas got cold.) during Westpac 89. I've been looking for Jim Wills, Richard Dickerson, and anyone in S-divison. Also would like to get in touch with Fred Valez who was in S-5 and working in the officers mess. Last I knew of Freddy, he was in Visalia, cal.

Me, I moved back home to Ridgecrest, ca after my enlistment, and then lived all over the country. Now living in Sacramento, CA. I'm looking forward to talking with all my old shipmates.

I love this site. It's great to see all the old pics and learn about some of the crew. I heard a scuttlebutt that Ranger is gonna be a museum soon. I'd like more info on that if anyone has any. Later, everyone!!


Ken Lang
Years Served: 1959-1962
Served in OE division. Made 2 Westpacs. Great ship, great duty.

Jeffrey Jackson
Years Served: 1990 to 1993
EM3 Jackson worked in Lighting Shop, A & O Shop and Electrical Safety.

John Richardson
Years Served: 83-86
Greetings All,
I have fond memories of my time onboard the great Gray Lady. Sure we all grumled, but as I look back. I have to say I had for the most part a good time. I was with the Medical Dept. (H Div). Look forward to hearing from some of the guys. I now live in Iowa.

michael Escavich
Years Served: 1 year 3 months
The day I remember most was Sunday 6 July 1958 ,the day we crossed the equator.. initiation day.. It was not easy and it was painful.. However
that day I became a shell back.. A proud day in my life indeed..

Glenn Sahlberg
Years Served: 1983-1988
2 West Pacs and Surge ops and Overhaul and reenlistment .... Not a bad First tour.... And to all you veteran Sparkys - Hey

Mike Kidwell
Years Served: 82-84
I would have never dreamed at the time, that my fondest memories in life were the years spent in the Navy aboard the Ranger. I wish there was a way to do it all again! I worked in the ASWM group with a great team of AW's, DP's and DS's.. Would love to take another S-3 flight to Diego Garcia, take a Jeepney ride down main street in the PI drinking a cold San Miguel or maybe even spend another week in Perth with all the beautiful ladies (don't tell my wife :) ha ha. Hello to all my friends of ASWM- The greatest Sub Hunters and Computer Techs the Ranger every had!

Kris Hobbs GMT3/GMT2
Years Served: 1974
Reported aboard January 1974 from USS PARSONS (DDG-33) and GM/GMT A school and assigned to Weapons Dept., W Division. First time on this great ship and a CVA. Different environment than the tin-can navy and had quite a fun time on her for the year. Was a member of the Rodeo team as a bull rider and great time in Subic at the rodeo. One thing not memtioned in her bio was in 1974, she went to the Tonkin Gulf when President Nixon resigned from office. Should have re enlisted then :( Was in San Diego when she came back from her last deployment and retirement. The USS CONSTELLATION (CV-64) detachment used her retirement banners and assistance from her (CV-61) detachment for the arrival from Philly and SLEP. Good luck to all shipmates and God Bless. Kris A. Hobbs CWO4 (USN RET)

Years Served: 1961-1966

Ryan Albers
Years Served: 1984-1989

Years Served: 1979 - 1982
Hey all former Rangermen!! I am now retired and living in Rochester, MN. Yes, home of Mayo Clinic. Married with child. If you read this go check out a new website: I am on it and have reconnected with many former shipmates. If you sign up, tell them I sent you. Greg Maddock PN2 (former DK2), United States Navy, Retired

Mark Balli
Years Served: 4
I am in the U.S. Air Force now, but I will always be a Navy man at heart. TSgt Balli

Jose Armando Najarro
Years Served: 1980 thru 1984
Hello to all my shipmates from P-1 Division MMR1. Just dropping a line to anybody who served down in the hole. Send an e-mail so we can correspond.

Eddie Frie ABH 3
Years Served: 1982-1986

Years Served: 1972-1975
Just had Dinner with a shipmate(Bruce Rivers) from 34 years ago on the Ranger. We were both in Weps dept/W Div. Gr8 to reminisce about old times/events and past friends. Miss the camaraderie! Any other of u old salts out there read this drop me a line!

William Boucher Jr
Years Served:
Hello. i never served on the ranger but my father did i was on the ship many times as a boy with my father. his name was william boucher AQ1 he was one of the first responders to the fire onboard on november 1st 1983. i think they should make this vessle a museum like others

Brad Richardson
Years Served: 1984-1988
Hello! I am a former Rangerman that worked in the X-1 Admin Print Shop. I retired from the USN in 2004 and she was my first Ship! Write me if you'd like to, i will try to respond to each e-mail.

DM3 LOPEZ, Francisco
Years Served: Mar65-Feb67
Ahoy, Shipmates! I was high-lined across, from the USS Aludra (AF-5). I worked, and GREW UP, in OP Division. An Illustrator Draftsman (DM). And, I would very much like to hear from ANY Photo Lab & IOIC shipmates. Super great times, aboard Rangerboat! One last comment. The BEST Commanding Officer (10May65-7Jun66), that I have ever had the pleasure of serving, was Captain Leo B. McCUDDIN (2Feb17-15Nov83). God bless you, sir! LOOP Fontana, California (909) 714-6914 (Cell.)

Scott Ackert
Years Served: 1983-1984
Served during West Pac 83-84. VA-192 - AMHAN. A shitty cruise - but as always - enjoyed the PI, and my shipmates were all great.

Scott Ackert
Years Served: 1983-1984
Mr. Boucher - I was in the middle of that fire during that cruise in 1983. I don't know your dad (big ship) and there were lots of people fighting the fire and pulling guys out of it. I remember that event like it was yesterday. A really sad thing that was; we lost quite a few good men in that fire.

Steve (Jake) Jacobs
Years Served: 4
Contact me guys. We need a reunion

Mark Roberts, IC Div.
Years Served: 1976-1977
Hello, to all the guys I knew. I made the Golden Cables (if anybody still remembers those), and was fortunate enough to help Rock the American University in Singapore on July 4, 1976. Best wishes to all who sailed on Danger Ranger - Press On!

Chuck Hurdle
Years Served: 1975-1978
Hi all, especially those in s-2 and s-5 division. I have many fond memories of those days on board the TOP GUN of the pacific fleet. Enjoyed the westpac cruise in 1976! :D

David G Barnes
Years Served: 1971-1973
SK3 S-1 division. Soap overhaul 1971 and WESPAC 1972-73

David G Barnes
Years Served: 1969- 1970
China Beach and cam Ran bay- Market Time . Seal Team 1 assault boat coxswain

Bill Rivenbark
Years Served: 79-81
Was attached with VAW-117.Was on cruse when we hit another ship and had to go to Japan for a new bow.

Randy Bourland
Years Served: 1974-1978
does the barbershop bring back any memories? I could have cut your hair...I tried to do a good job that was 38 years ago I miss you Ruben, Dale, Tyrone, Mike...even you Lemon

Mark Curtis
Years Served: 1985-1989
I served in V-4 Div. If theres anybody out there that served in the Air Dept.during these dates drop me an e-mail.

Dale Graham
Years Served: 10/1982 - 05/1985
My name is Dale Graham and I was on board the Ranger from 10/1982 to 05/1985. I was in the P-3 division, in the Boiler Repair Shop. 8) I got there as an E-1, and when I transfered I was an EN3 (E-4). The Ranger was my first ship, and we made the "Crash & Burn" Cruise...Westpac '83-84. We hit the USS Wichita during an unrep, and then later on we had a major class B main space fire, loosing six shipmates. (R.I.P.) And we did 135 days in the Persian Gulf.....exciting cruise...NOT!!!

John Dunn
Years Served: 1982-1984
Hello shipmates, was with VS-21, AMHAN. Was my first Westpac, Just had a debate with a friend when the gray lady was keeled, he was right. Alot of memories on board. Fairwinds and following seas to a great ship.

John Slaughter
Years Served: 1968-1970
Greetings, shipmates. I served in 1st Division during the 1968-'69 WestPac cruise and S-7 (data processing) during the 1969-'70 WestPac cruise. Both were great and I have great memories. I sometimes wish I'd stayed aboard rather than going to shore duty. I now live in northern Idaho not far from Coeur d'Alene. I'm also the volunteer webmaster for the USS Ranger History and Memorial

James J Farrar DC3 USNRi
Years Served: Oct. 1970 to Sept. 1972
I was assigned to R-Division for the two year of active duty. The first year was West pac and the second year was dry dock. I served 21 years as a USNR and retired in 1990 as DC1. I became a paramedic in my home town and now I am our hospital's Disaster Preparedness Coordinator. To this day I can close my eyes and revisit the "good old times so long ago". I hope the years have been good for all who sailed on Ranger and most of all to the men of the Forward CO 2 shop.

LOPEZ, Francisco C.
Years Served: 1965-67
Ahoy, Shipmates! It's been awhile since I visited, here (3Sep10). Still in SoCal (Fontana). But, my address & phone number has changed. It is now and (909) 600-8288. Why am I telling you all this? Because, I'm still looking for old(?) OP Division-types, 1965-67. Thatz it! I hope to see many of you at our next Ranger Reunion, in San Francisco (Actually, San Mateo). When? 3-6Sep15. Seeya THERE! "LOOP"

Michael Composto AB3
Years Served: 1959-1960
Served aboard USS Princeton CVS 37, transfered to USS Ranger 1959-1960. Catapult crew, Fired #4 cat. Most exciting job I ever had. Only regret that I didn't ship over. 75 yrs old now and still get a thrill thinking about serving. Aviation Boatswain Mate 3.

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  • Tim Hilton on

    I served aboard the greatest ship in the fleet July 69 – Sept 1970. Made on Westpac cruise in S6 division. Retired now but still love my USN days.

  • Paul W. Bush EN3 on

    I served on the Ranger from 1985 – 1986
    in the Engineering department of “A” Gang. Lots of good memeries with a lot of good dedicated men , 4 of which I stay in contact with. It was a good time in my life where I met a variety of people and discovered foreign lands. No regrets whatsoever. After my journey I moved back to my home state of Ohio. I will always cherish my time while in the Navy and very honored to serve aboard the USS RANGER CV – 61.

  • Ron Ross on

    Electrician’s Mate EM2, Jan 1976 Thru March 1980, Ships Company. I when on two Westpac trips on Ranger, one major overhaul in Bremerton Washington and a new bow in Yokosuka Japan. I word like to chat with ship mates, send me an e-mail if you know me. I am also looking for cruse patches for a new jacket. I would also like to find Mike Shipley from Macon Georgia. He was my best friend on board Ranger.

  • ZAck on

    My father Gregory Eugene Kaiser served aboard the USS ranger from 1977-1980 as an operation specialist. I’m just looking to see if any of his ship mates remember him. Maybe you can tell me some stories about him.

  • Cole Daniel D SHA E_4...1977 To 1982 on

    Hey the oil tanker sunk,I ran the laundry at night did 2 westpacs turtleback twice hey Chucky,hey Scott ,web,,,get a hold of me good times esp the party in Chula Vista!!!

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