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Brad Senter
Years Served: 64-66
Re-inlisted on Saratoga in 1964, was transferred to Independence. One bird farm to the next. Took Indy on her 1st West-Pac cruise. The first carrier off the east coast to make a West-Pac cruise. First port of call was Subic, WOW, will never forget Olongapo. Operated in Tonkin Gulf for up to 60 days straight. A long stretch at sea, but was worth it. In addition to Subic Bay, we visited Yokosuka & Hong Kong. Would Pick West-Pac over the Med anytime. Attented Indy's de-commissioning in Bremerton. A sad day, not a dry eye in the crowd. This is a great website, a perfect way for shipmates to locate lost friends or make new friends. WELL DONE !!!

Daniel D Ducic Jr
Years Served: Feb 1965 to Nov 1967
Ships company in the Supply Div S-6 for my entire stay. Made two cruises one to West-Pac and one to the Med. Ended up in drydock in Portsmouth.
Looking back I can see how my Navy time inpacted my life. I wouldnt have changed a thing.
God Bless America and God Bless and protect all who serve.

Michael Stenberg
Years Served: 1972-1074
Michael Stenberg, CTT3. I was stationed in the IOIC from 1972-1974. Now residing in Northern Michigan.

Danny Garcia
Years Served: 4 Years
I served for four years onboard her, from 1990-1994. I rode her from San Diego to her new home port in Yokosuka, Japan. My first deployment w/ her in 1990 led us to the Persian Gulf. My most memorable time was going thru the straights of hormuz headed torwards kuwait. I remember it like it was yesterday. I had the mid rat watch and the the CO came over the 1MC at 2AM to announce Iraq had invaded Kuwait and we were to deploy fomr the IO into the Persian Gulf (at the time we were just outside Diego Garcia). Til this day I still own the ships daily news paper as a rememberence of Operation Desert Shield and Storm. I can say I met alot of intresting people from Engineering to the Flight decks air crew and are freinds with some of them til this day. The Indy built me into the man I am today. God bless 90,000 Tons of Diplomacy. After her I served on board the USS Cleveland based out of 32nd St Naval Station for three more years and off to SIMA San Diego for my final four years to complete ten years of active duty. Anyone wanting to contact me can reach me at

George W Lewis Jr
Years Served: Oct 1960-Apr 1963
EX IC2 We have a pretty fair list of names, addresses and email add frm guys on frm 59-66. If you want to add yours or get in touch w someone you knew. email me

Years Served: 1988 to 1991
Proud to have been a crew member of the Indy. Checked aboard during SLEP in Philadelphia and transferred in 1991. Worked in AIMD as PC Supervisor under LT Kent Caldwell, AVCM Hogan and CDR Genovese. Anyone can contact me at either or

Years Served: 2
I spend two years on the Indy.. then CVA-62. I got on her in Athens at the start of her Med Cruse in 1961... I worked in supply (S6) in an office for about 3/4 of a year and then ran the Smoke Shop... Transfered from S6 to X and worked in the print shop. I made another Med Cruse and blockcaded Cuba... She was a good ship... I met a Wave onboard during a dependance day cruse and married her.....

Harold G. Johnson
Years Served: 1958 to 1960
I was on the Commisioning crew of the Independence and went aboard her in Brooklyn Navy Yard in October of 1958. I left the ship in July of 1960 and had attained the rank of Aviation Electricians Mate 2nd Class. I was a crew member aboard the ships COD plane TF-050. Flying on and off the ship was some of my fondest memories.

Charles W. Jeffcoat
Years Served: 2.5 years
Go Navy

Jim Boggs
Years Served: 1965
short time in Medical. Usually got in trouble because my brother Joe (AC1) would come to quarters and talk. and then every body would blame BOGGS.

Jerry L. Lyda
Years Served: 1971-1972
71-72 Worked in V-1 Div. Fly-1 as a yellow shirt. Made many friends that I wish I could see again. That Med. cruise was the best time of my life. During the cruise I thought it was the pitts but now when I look back it saddens me because I would proudly do it all over again. I miss you guys. Jerry L. Lyda

"Skip" Frazie
Years Served: Oct '75 to Feb '78
Ships Company, Gm Div. Good Ship, Good Mates, Good Times!

Years Served: 1958-1960
I was part of the first pre-com crew that helped fitout the Indy CVA-62, bumped the bridge several times going out for sea trials and shakedown cruise. I still enjoy my status as a Plank Owner. Home Port Norfolk, VA, while being the Latest and Greatest Ship On-The- High-Seas for a year!

Armand J. Gosselin
Years Served: 1974-1978
I was on the Indy from 1974-1978 in the V-4 division,known as grapes.Went on three (3) thought it was exciting working up on the flight deck.Always something different happening each day.

HMC Ed Horwitz, USNR(Ret)
Years Served: June, 1979 - November, 1981
Served in H Division as HM3 and HM2. Trained by the Navy as a Nuclear Medicine Tech. Promoted to HM1 in 1987 with 10 yrs service, to HMC in 1994 with 17 yrs. service. Retired in 2002 with 24 1/2 yrs. service. Enjoyed Perth in Feb. 1981, one of the best cruises ever!

David Leitl (AZ2)
Years Served: 1997-1998 (Decom Crew)
Was part of AIMD on Indy while she spent her last years in Japan. look back on that time rather fondly. Met alot of good people there as well as some friends from previous commands. Have alot of fond memories of the old girl and all the places she went. Wouldn't mind getting back in touch with some people or just sharing stories with those who served on her.

stephen jackson
Years Served: 1977
served in the army now in arizona.

Dan Whetsell
Years Served: 1974-1977
AIMD, IM2, GSE Shop. Flight deck troubleshooter for the yellow gear. Orange bug juice koolaid, powdered milk and powdered eggs. Waiting in line for an hour at the geedunk stand when they had ice cream. HoJoes that set up on the hanger deck when we pulled into port overseas. Riding the launch back to the ship after a bad night of liberty. When you turned on the shower you either got steam, cold water, water that smelled like fuel and left you coated in an oily sheen, salty water or no water at all. Sleeping one deck under the forward cats ( can sleep through a hurricane). Trying to repair a crippled piece of equipment at night with a red flashlight in a 30 mile an hour wind, with two dozen hot airplanes moving around. Good friends, great times, wouldn't go back for a million bucks.

Years Served: 1961-1962
Made a lot of friends and learned about life. AK2 S6 division.

John Sharp
Years Served: Plank owner Jan 1959 to March 1961
Learned about people and life. Had a great time, met good friends.

Larry Barber
Years Served: Med cruise 66 VSF 1
In rag outfit V S F 1, lot of great times

Frank Kelly
Years Served: 1962thrul964
I was a deckedge elevator operator. I was in v-3 division and enjoyed med cruzes.

Chris Graeter ABE3
Years Served: 1986-1989
Served on board in Air Department, V-2 Div. Waist Cat's. I was the TOPSIDE PO for CAT 3. Joint Indy in SLEP, took her around the horn to San Diego. Best years of my life were on INDY. GO NAVY

John D Lowry
Years Served: 1968-69
I Served aboard Indy from April of 1968 to Jan 1969 as a plane captain with Attack squadron 76 . Would like to hear from ships company or other squadron members I met on that long Med cruise . You can email me at Thanks John

BM3 Sidney Mitchell
Years Served: 1978-1982
this was my first command and i was scared as hell when i reported aboard.i knew it was going to be a long tour when we got underway for my first time and i asked a crew member how to get to the bridge :D

Dave Krizenesky
Years Served: 1960 - 1962
I had memorable times with memorable shipmates, but at the time onboard I hated it. Time cures that though....went to visit it at Philly back when she was being rehabbed. saw a film of the moth balling and my eyes got wet....go figger

Joseph Brannan, AMEAN
Years Served: 1961-1962
Served aboard Independence with VA-86

Mike Janacek
Years Served: 1970-1971
Served aboard the Indy for a Med cruise in '70-'71 with Early Airborne Warning squadron VAW-122. Great ship and shipmates!

Gordon A Paul
Years Served: 1957 - 1961
I was in VF 82 then VF 41, are these still in action? Is there any way of getting info - or addresses of people in these squd's. Thanks Gordon A Paul

John Watson
Years Served: 1980-1982
I was in G-3 division Retired Jan.1982. Was just spinning my wheels.

Dana Williams
Years Served: From January 1983 - January 1987
My years on the Indy, were great years. This being my first naval ship is one that I will never forget. Great times, friends and long watches in the main space. I'm still here. Indy you or my shipmates will never be forgotten.

Jim Wilson
Years Served: 1970
I was with RVAH11 for a med cruise in 1970.

Paul White
Years Served: 1978 - 1982
G'Day Indy! Had a great time on the Indy doing 2 Med cruises, GITMO, West Indies and one to the Persian Gulf (9 months at sea!) visiting many places including Australia, where I have now lived for over 20 years. I was in S1 (Storekeeper) and would be delighted to hear from old shipmates. Regards, Paul (SK2)

Richard M. Vella
Years Served: 1979-83
Will never forget the ship, my ship mates; both the good and bad times! Diego Garcia was beautiful after sailing for god knows how long,Perth and the week there was fantastic;great memories there. Did 2 tours on that beautiful ship! AMS2 / VAW122 (Airborne Early Warning Squadron) :D

Mark Edward Kosinski
Years Served: March 1983-July 1985
I was the then DK2 Mark Kosinski (Ski) from Antigo, Wisconsin and serving in S4 Div. Presently, I am a Christian missionary and serving Jesus Christ in Asia for the last 19 years. I am married to an Indonesian lady by the name of Nora from Dumai, Sumatra. We reside in the country of Malaysia. Our mailing address is Peti Surat No. 547, 75670 Melaka, Malaysia. As for our telephone number, it is +6063122970 and our e-mail address is Thanks for trying to keep in touch with me and God bless you in Jesus' name! Mark Kosinski

Richard J. Lemon
Years Served: 9/67-3/69
Came aboard as a 1stClass petty officer (BT), served in #4 main machinery room. Left the ship as a CPO designee.

Randy Bishop
Years Served: 74-77
Was a good ride.....and it was always moving. Wish we could all go back to those times....all the bars, the ladies and the tee shirts......and yeah we paid for all 3. Would love to find AG3 Clark, YM3 Spivey.

Simon Smith
Years Served: 1971-1975 S-1 Division
If only I knew then, what I know now about relishing many of life's experiences, I would have paid more attention to my time on the USS Independence CV-62. I have so many good memories of that ship and the many friends I made and the places we travelled to. In those days all we thought about was getting out. I worked for Cdr. Ault, Cdr. Spear and Lcdr. VanHouten in the supply office as well as S1A for awhile.

Ed Coup
Years Served: 1971-73
I served in Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron 5 that was embarked on the Indy during 1973-74. I have many many fond memories of the ship and the people that served on the Indy and in HS-5.

Robert R. Applegate
Years Served: 1962-1964
Was a menber of VA-75. Enjoyed the experience pulling into New York City for Independence Day celebrations. The Navy was my salvation, I was going doen the wrong path. Proud to have served with some of the greatest people. AMS 3 Robert R. Applegate

Robert H. Adsit
Years Served: 4
I was on and off the Indy from it's shakedown cruize through it's first MED-Cruise ( about 2.5 years ). I saw much of the world while onboard, and the time spent was SUPER. Our squadron VF-41 flew the F3H-2 Demon and later the F4H. Both planes were superb pieces of aircraft! I made many friends and still talk with some after 40+ years. I can say to this day, that I was in awe then, and still am of the beauty, power and magnitude of the ship and its' abilities! Everyone should ONE TIME stand aside this aircraft carrier while docked in port, to see this beauty and magnitude of such a great ship!. I was proud to have served on this ship, very proud!

John Laperle
Years Served: Oct 1960 to Mar 1964
I served almost four years on th Independence in the V-4 division. Going on several Med cruises and being involved in the Cuban blockade, met alot of good sailers and the whole experance made me a better person, looking back I am proud that I was able to serve my duty on a great ship and sad to see her now gone.

Steve Laughbaum
Years Served: Feb.1968— Dec.1979
I worked in Pri Fly on a status board an as a phone talker under Air Bosses Kriser. Dillinger and Cunningham.

Pat Froncillo
Years Served: 1959
Served on Indepencwith HU-2 Helo crewman, Out of Brooklin Naval Shipyard, on shakedown to Gitmo Area. Like to hear from Old Hu-2 crewmen on this cruise.

Pat Froncillo
Years Served: 1959
Served on Indepence as helo. HU-2 Helo crewmwn, Out of brooklin Naval shipyard, on Shake down to Gitmo Area. Like to hear from Old Hu-2 crewmwn on this cruise.

Marshall Lokken
Years Served: 1976-1980
I was in V-4 division on the flight deck the whole time. I wouldn't trade that experience for anything. I am still amazed and very proud to have served on the carrier. FLY NAVY

Gary Payne
Years Served: 1978-1981
I served on the Independence from 1978 to 1981 S6 division but was TAD to S1 most of the time. I really would like to get hold of Arthur W. Campbell That served during that time period. Never realized it at the time but it was some good times, and a lot of work.

Ralph Henry Young
Years Served:
Iam now going by the name at birth Ralph Henry Young service number 695-7734 E-3 at the time going by the name Bradley R. Krichbaum

regernald jarrell
Years Served: 3 yrs.
I was on the indy 58-59 loved it could do it again but done got old.

Ray Romero
Years Served: 1970-71
Caught up with Indy in Taranto, Italy after flying in aboard a C-130 from Rota, Spain to Grottaglie, Italy. Attached to VAH-10 (A-3 Whales) out of NAS Whidbey Island. Spent my second Christmas and New Year in a row @ Golfe Juan, France. 69-70 while aboard Forrestall same Squadron. My brother preceeded me on Indy doing a cruise with VF-41 while we were both @ NAS Oceana 1965-67, I was with VF-103. My email is if anyone desires to contact me. I am now on my 10th year in Kuwait with their F/A-18 program. Jobs available here. Drop a line.

Arthur Grayson
Years Served: 1971-1973
IOIC officer,survived c2a crah in Med, on board when made into CV with ASCAC installation and during the Yom Kippur war--interesting times. Would like to hear from any of the IOIC gang.

Shawn Anglemyer (AT-3)
Years Served: 1995-1998
AIMD/IM-3/65G-H (Shop 6). Great times, and great stories. Shared the shop with 62A/B (AE's). The night they plugged in all of the aircraft lights they had and turned the shop into a disco, complete with Staying Alive by the BeeGees is one I still laugh about to this day. Just missed being on the decomm crew; my enlistment was up and I made a run for it. I'd do it all over again though. Hope to hear from some other AIMD folks. Go USA!

David Davenport
Years Served: 3 but only about 1 on Indy
I was an MU3 during the 73-74 Med Cruise. Also played onboard when President Nixon attended a celebration in Norfolk in 72 or 73 before the Med trip. What a tremendous experience and opportunity to play on board for the Sun Rise port service visits, refuelings, smokers or rockin out on the mess decks and up in the forecastle. And of course everytime the Admiral needed a Band we were there.

Stephen "Stitch&qu
Years Served: 1974 to 1976
Hello Shipmates, I served on the Indy in the early 70's. I met alot of great people and I am still in touch with some to this day. I served in I Division and PAO under Chief Williams. I had an evening radio show and was TAD to Captain's driver and ships painting! I made the 1975 Med cruse. My thoughts and prayers to all who serve today in the greatest Navy in the world!

Joe Lewis Cruz AN
Years Served: 1991-1993
I served on Indy with VF-154 as a plane captain, I am in the reserves as a BM1 with Navy Cargo Handling Battalion Eight. Indy was a great ship sorry to see her decommissioned. I worked with Bromley, Ghee, Kanopa, Cruz, Rogers, Villano, Ebemeyer, in the Line Shack. (The House of Pain ) Hope you guy are okay, Take care to all whom served aboard her.

Frank D'Alonzo
Years Served: 1970-1972
I was attached to VA-65 out of NAS Oceana, VA. We were on board for Med and North Atlantic cruises during those two years. I was a commissaryman (cook), and the experience was fantastic. I was asked to re-up and become a plank-owner on the newly-built Nimitz, but I was married with a son at the time and was eager to get back home. The Navy years were some of the best in my life, and I still have close contact with a few of the guys I served with.

Michael Kierejewski
Years Served: 1990 to 1993
Still remember the first day i seen her and her huge size, wondered what i was doing here. But it was the best 3 years in the navy. The friends i made and the ports of call we went to were amazing. Still think and talk about her today.

GMT2 James Hill
Years Served: 1976-1976
Served in W Div. This is when we got our Blue nose by going above the Arctic Circle.

Jeffrey Frederick
Years Served: 1969- 1971
I was aboard the Indy from December 1969 till August 1971. Worked in the Personnel office as an SN and then PN3. Did discharges, separations and transfers. She was a great ship and I only remember the good times and all the great shipmates and my friends from X division.

Trent Faris
Years Served: 1994 to 1997
Served in V-3 Div. until Mid 1995... was one qual away from being Tractor King and I failed the depth perception test on my Flight Deck Pysical and Switched rates to AO. G-3 Div., also TAD with the Marine Detachment for 3 months as well.

Timothy Webb
Years Served: 1958 to 1962
I was in a 3 plane 30 man, detachment as an AT2 from VFP-62 on the second cruise of the USS Independence, CVA-62, in the Med.

(PK) Phil Morgan
Years Served: 1967-1971 VF-84 "Jolly Rogers"
Hope all is well at your end of the rainbow. Back in the day....................we had the times of our lives and it took us all this time to realize it. Hey, I would love to hear from anyone who was in VF-84 when I was.........

Bill Spradley
Years Served: 1965-67
I was an AT1 in VF-84 on board for the Westpac cruise in 65 and the medcruise in 66. I have made contact with a couple other Jolly Rogers and would like to hear from others.

Thomas J. Mueller
Years Served: 1981-1984
I served on board Indy in the V-1 division as a Yellow Shirt, Tractor Driver and Blue Shirt ( Fly 3) Some pretty incredible experiences that I wouldn't trade for anything. Met alot of cool dudes some of which I still keep in contact with. That flight deck is something else and I am very proud to have served ON the Indy. I reenlisted for 6 yrs to NAS Miramar / San Diego, Ca. and the USS Ranger CV-61

Years Served: 1960 TO 1963

Edward Hannon
Years Served: 1962 1965
i was in v-1 aircraft handler cva62 drove tractor spotting air craft at nite

Gary Thielecke LT
Years Served: 3.5
HS-14 from Jan 95 to Jul 98.

Kem Magill
Years Served: 4 years
I was in S-6 Division from 81-85 and enjoyed making new friends. Wish I would have kept in contact with all of them. :D Found Membership cards of my bowling team when we were in port, brought back good memories. Miss good friends Kennedy, Guffey, Fruge, and Cruz.

Buzz Needham.
Years Served: 28 July 1986 - 24 Feb 1989
The 2 1/2 years in command of Freedom, were the best in my career. I have vivid memories that persistantly return, almost daily, reagrding the great people and fun times we had bringing the old girl out of SLEP. Perhaps the fondest of those was the entry into San Diego,s harbor with all the tugs speewing water and the small boats making the OOD very nervous. Anyway, it would be great to hear from any of my shipmates ( from whom I have already received several e-mails)

Gary Cole
Years Served: 1978-1982
Plane Captain and Parachute Rigger with VA-87 Golden Warriors. Med and IO. Backup for the Nimitz during the Iran Hostage rescue (attempt) Memorable moments: Floating through the Suez Canal, Shell back initiation, Humpty Dumpty, and ye olde Champagne Trick de Napoli. Taking a Fiat Bus to Garmisch while a Porsche 911 and Ferrari raced through the Alps. Bloody Gonzo, Mate!

Tom Wagner
Years Served: 1973-1976
Served with VA-12 (A7-E aircraft) as an AE flight deck troubleshooter (Green Shirt). Made 2 cruises aboard Indy and met some fine people during that time. I have been working for the Dupont Co. in Ohio for the past 29 years but often think of my experience aboard Indy. Tom

Michael Dell
Years Served: 1974 - 1978
I spent four good years on board this vessel and made a lot of good friends. Unforunatly over the years had the only one I kept in touch with pass away. Thanks for the website.

walter quintrall
Years Served: 1995-1998

Rodney Gouine SH2
Years Served: 1979-81
Hey, S-3 Div lets hesr from you,hpw about that 9 month cruise and wasn't becoming ashellback interesting. Good luck and Fair seas (now) SSgt Rodney Gouine USAF (retired)

Bill Standridge
Years Served: 1977-1980
served on the INDY in g-3 div. (the world famous humpers), looking find bob cooley he worked in the sail loft, if anyone knows anything of him? looking to find others from these years on ship.

john beach
Years Served: 1983-87
hellow to all hts :D

gerald chaffee
Years Served: 1973-1977
I served four years as an ET. Made four Med cruises, saw many great places. My favorites were Athens, Barcelona and Naples. Made many good friends, however, I have lost touch with them. Lost contact with Don Sliger and David Nissley. Those were the good ole days. Sometimes I wish I could go back and relive them. But my memories will be with me for a lifetime. Thanks to everyone who made my experience a great one.

Thomas A. Campolettano
Years Served: 1964 - 1966
The Big I will always have a place in my heart. Many great Ports-of-Call, friends and memories. Certainly a home-away from home when overseas. What a beautiful sight she made from the liberty launch with her Stars & Stripes waving in the wind. America was always as close as the Indy at anchor. Very proud to have served on her as a member of Carrier Air Wing SEVEN, Fighter Squadron FORTY ONE (BLACK ACES). Request permission to come aboard, if only in memory.

Tom Villano
Years Served: 1966-1968
Worked on CAT 1 on the MED deployment. Great time and a great experience and education. Excellent way to mature

Robert Couture
Years Served: 1963-1966
I reported for duty onboard the Indy. on 19 May 1963. Made a Med. cruise and a WestPac cruise while aboard the Indy. I was a RM2/RM1 while I was aboard. Went to the decommissioning cermony. Sad to see he go.

James Moyer
Years Served: 2
Had a wild and crazy cruise. Ill never forget those years in Japan and the places we went. I worked on the NATO Seasparrow system. Life was so simple back then. Served onboard 1993-1995. I also served on the USS Reasoner, USS Ranger, and the USS Carl Vinson.

Jeremiah Eskins
Years Served: 1994-1997
No Message

Years Served: 1968-1969
I worked as a status board keeper and phone talker in Primary Flight with Robert Cromarty, Tom Cranston, (the shadow) Alan Mezger, Thomas Renaud (Fox), Robert Free, and several others. We served under Air Boss Cdr. Kriser, Cdr. Sy Dillinger, Cdr. Cunningham.

Ray Romero
Years Served: 1970-71
Airwing with VAH10 Vikings, A3B's. Caught up with the ship in Taranto, Italy. We were redesignated VAQ129 qt the end of that cruise. We retyurned to NAS Whidbey Island to transition to the all new EA6B Prowlers.

Years Served: 1971-1973

Years Served: 1959 1960

Charlie Shiner
Years Served: 66-70

Ronnie McNew
Years Served: 1980-1983
Served aboard Indy for 3.5 years. Served in 2MMR. BT3 Made Indian ocean cruise and Med cruise. Liberty in Perth Australia, Athens Greece and others. Looking back it was some of the best years of my like. Proud to serve!

Richard Kemp em1 c&e
Years Served: 1975-76-77
indy was in the yards at portsmouth, va. when i reported aboard.. organized confusion! boiler blew up when i was on hanger deck and i was troubleshooting fire door remote station. blew hatch open. went through yards and had the electronic package for refueling stations repaired. sfoms would only approve 22 instead of the 88 stations we had. of course the continuity system wouldn't work when disconnected to shut down refueling. phone rang on my 3 digit and i answered. voice said would like to have a meet in refuel office. i knew what was going to happen. took duplicates of past yards for ten years.( originals were locked up in captians office) after much yelling to several officers and chiefs that system was flawed, and money wasted over all those yard periods, agreed to test all carriers that had this system. after two weeks red letter came in to refueling shop to shut them down and have one man at pumps on sound powered phone, etc etc. loved the ports of call on my last cruise in the navy. retired in feb 1977, lots of good shipmates in my shop and e division. went to a vitae meeting last week in sprinfield mo. cl. oliver north signed my book! Great! R Kemp usn ret.

Larry R Miller
Years Served: 1994 - 1997
Served on Indy from '94 - '97 in Yokosuka. Was in IM3 for entire time. Looking to catch up with all the guys from the shop.

Years Served: Re: Plank owner Jan 1959 to March 1961
John Sharp Learned about people and life. Had a great time, met good friends.

Tim Strickland
Years Served: 3
Was onboard 91-93 and saw lots of cool places. I was young and didn't appreciate being in. Looking back, it was one of the best times of my life.

Marcel J. Neville SK3, Su
Years Served: 1064-66
we made history as we were the first ship from the eastcoast to serve in viet nam,from may 65-nov.65. we were relieved by the Enterprise we passed them in the indian ocean as we headed home to Norfolk,Va. our home port was Subic Bay,Philipines. made a lot of friends while on board, and had lots of fun as we visited various ports of call. malaysia, singapore,hong kong china, yokuska japan, my good buddy melvin tyree (rip)were road dogs for the 2 years i was on board, we both made SK3 together another friend was thomas desfernandes a brother from detroit, mich. if anyone knows his where abouts please let me know as i attended his wedding to sharon in 1965. iwas discharged and returned to cleveland following the death of my father other wise i was going to reinlist but i did stay out a few years rejoined the reserves and retired in 1992 as SK1 couldn't make chief as it was locked up tight.. but i still had fun. my two week acdutra took me to places like phila, little creek, new orleans, oakland, calif, newport, r.i., ocho rios, jamaca,(met ship), gitmo, cuba, halifax, nova scotia, my two(2) years on board the Indy we visited 14 differant countries. join the Navy and see the world literally. great fun to be had by all!!!!

Kem Magill
Years Served: 4 years
Hi. I was in S-6 Div for the years 1981 - 1985. If you know me, drop me a line. Be nice to hear from some old friends! AK2 Magill here!

FC1 Ken McClellan
Years Served: 1988-1990
FC1 in OEM division, worked on the CIWS Mt.22, what a great spot to watch flight ops! Sailed with her from Phili to San Diego where I went on to teach CIWS. Grand old ship.

Edward Hannon
Years Served: 1962 1965
served as ship company in v1 devision worked on the flight deck as a tractor driver

John Shuman
Years Served: 1969 - 1972
Served aboard the USS independence CVA 62 from 69-72, was in S-7 division. Made two trips to the Med, 1970-71 and 71-72. Had a great time, miss being out in the ocean with nothing but blue sky and water, and peace and quiet, except during flight ops.

john Hanlon SHSN
Years Served: 1982-1985
Was the best Ship & best time I served.

Paul McClelland
Years Served: 2
I was stationed in Sanford, Florida, Heavy Attack Squadron One. I went to sea on USS Independence 2 years 6 mos. for each year rest of the time was in Sanford, Fl. I heard of President Kennedy's assassination while aboard ship. I had a great time visiting the ports and especially Corfu, Greece. Met some great friends as well. It was great reading so many comments.

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  • Pierre Hinton on

    Assigned to the Independence Detail in November 1958 and was sent for detail prep training at Newport RI. Subsequently, served through commissioning. Was part of 3rd Division until separated on 31 July 1960.

  • Peggy Johnson on

    My husband was on the Uss Independence from 1971-1973. I would like to know if the Uss
    Independence ever went to Vietnam Nam during this time. Thank you in advance for your time.

  • Keith Maltz on

    Served on the Indy 70-71 seaman. Worked on sea and anchor detail, Sidecleaner. Met the Indy for the first time in Barcelona Spain. Flew there from Rota Spain. Loved to spend time on the flight deck when there were no flight ops. Went down to the broiler room, quite impressive. Had a buddy that took me for a peak of the bridge WOW! In dry dock went down to just gaze at the enormous beauty of her. One heck of a time!

  • Dennis Rose on

    Served 72- 73 miss the good times we had, only one med crus

  • joe on

    1963 t00 1965 1st division

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