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Years Served: 1963-65…:D :)

William J Anderson III

Years Served: 1942-1945…Gentlemen: My father, QM3 William F McGowan Jr, passed away in 1974. However, he raised me on the fond stories of his friends, shipmates and adventures aboard USS Radford. I was, and still am, incredibly proud of all of you, and consider his shipmates as my own. His bride, Ann, still lives in Rhode Island. Feel free to contact us! Respectfully, Major William F McGowan III, USMC ret

william f mcgowan III

Years Served: 1950-1951…Hello shipmates!

Russell Proctor

Years Served: 1964-1968…GuestbookMessage: to George Parsons IC2 I remember you and I on the IC crew with some of the guys, how is everything with you?

Robert Prater

Years Served: 1967-1969…USS Radford where I learned a lot about life, it was a time that helped shape my whole outlook and gave me values to live by. Great bunch of men and some not so great.

Richard Denton MM2

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