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Alan Westmorland
Years Served: 1944-1946
I was proud to serve with the crew of the USS Jenkins....and would do it again if given the chance!

Steve Golman
Years Served: 1967/1969
Great two years if had it to do over won't change a thing.

Carl Williams
Years Served: May 1961 - Aug 1964
Hello Shipmates - I left the Jenkins in 1964 and went to the USS Hamner (DD-718) in San Diego. I got out in 1966 after 11 years and came back to Texas. I retired from Lockheed-Martin in 1997

Glenn Lockhart
Years Served: 1952-1956
Have lot's of memories (Bad & Good)

Was DDE-447 those years

Friend of Jerry Sprigett
Years Served: 1962
My friend Jerry Springett, who served on the USS Jenkins in 1962, passed away in May 2009 of cancer. His widow Linda and I believe it's possibly due to radiation exposure. We have been told that Jerry was on the USS Jenkins at Johnston Island during Operation Dominic I. We need to substantiate he was on board since that would make him an atomic veteran, thus entitling his widow to benefits. Where would I find a list of crew members who served on the USS Jenkins in 1962, and whether or not the Jenkins was actually in the affected area? Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me, Harry Rice, at Thank you.

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    Earl Allen was in Navy in 1944 on the USS Jenkins. From North Creek, New York

  • Robert ziegler on

    Hello I’m looking for information about my grandfather George Robert daly any info would be great

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