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Welcome to the USS Taylor DD-468 Guestbook Forum


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Michael C. Wilson
Years Served: 1966 - 1967
From dry dock in Pearl to the shakedown cruise to Pago Pago.

Jim Cumberland
Years Served: 1955-1957
Lot of miles...lot of friends...lot of years ago..

Gary Cole
Years Served: 1964 - 1965
Would love to hear from any of the old Radio Gang or Operations Dept.

James C. Sodergren
Years Served: 1967 to decommissioning
Met the ol' girl on the gun line 1967. Was a great first Command. Lots of friends, lots of memories and a great experience. Would like to hear from old shipmates.

Roy L. lambert, PhD
Years Served: 1963 - 1967
I have many great memories from serving on the USS Taylor. It was a great ship with a great crew. Too bad these old war ships just can't go on forever, just like the crew members. At least we are left with the feeling of A Job Well Done.

Robert I. Eaton Jr. FC3/C
Years Served: 1952-53
I have delegated much of my time to the USS Hugh W. Hadley DD774 web site and reunion affairs.

Unfortunately I am now in my declining years and my health is not 100%. This is my way of saying that I just don't have time for another ship.

R.I. Eaton Jr. :)

Thomas Madison(Maverick)
Years Served: 1960-1963

Years Served: 1960-1963
Lots of memories, some real good, some real bad.

Otto Zipf
Years Served: 1955 - 1957

In my 20 years of active duty, USS TAYLOR (DDE 468) was by far my BEST and most enjoyable tour! It was the crew that made that possible, because it was the crew that made the ship!

If you want to connect up with more TAYLOR Sailors, contact me at:

Hope to hear from you! We have a reunion coming up again in 2010. Have one every 2 years.

15 May 2009

Walter Huntington BT3
Years Served: 10
Served on the USS Taylor from Oct 1960 to Mar 1962,

Jason Coutts
Years Served:
My mother in Law was going through my father in Laws effects. We found a bracelet that has USS Taylor DDE468 on the back. On the front a name with Japanese writing on the snide, is Allen Floyd. Does anyone have information to the person or family to return this momentum. Respectfully, Jason Coutts

Years Served: 3 1962-1965
known as danny by my shipmates. would like to touch bases with some of you.9W1BY9

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  • Jim Bowline EN3 on

    I am looking for guys who served on the USS Taylor 1964-65. I believe we operated in Yankee Station something to do with sand pans. I would like any info during that period I am trying for qualify for Blue waters. Anybody remember Gary Karnes, Bob Olwien, Burt Borden, Tom Enwald? Thank you so much

  • Bob Hammar on

    1952-1953 YNTSN USNR

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