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Bernard Barr (Rusty)
Years Served: 1954-1956

bill therrell
Years Served: 1963-1965

Ellis E. Underkoffler
Years Served: 1962=1965
RD1 - 01 Division

Mark C. Evdemon
Years Served: 1958--1960
On board summer of 58, RMSN. Transferred to another ship (USS Brough, DE-148) as RM2, summer of 1960. Haver attended reunions since 2001.

Years Served: 1965-1967


Years Served: 1962-1963
from boilerman school went to Beale October 1962. Did the Cuban
Crisis thing. The Beale was noted for surfacing a Russian Sub.
That was an exciting night. From the history I have read that one action
probly kept us out of World War 3. From the Beale I went to new
construction school April 1963. Put USS Conyngham DDG 17 in
commission. The Beale was the best ship i was on, officers and crewmen...

John Wunder
Years Served: 1954
FT2 3rd Division

Son of ETCM Charlie Wietz
Years Served: 1956-58 ??
I'm writing this for my Dad, whos passed Aug 07. He was the chief of the ET shop, I believe. He wa aboard for a Med cruise during the Suez Canal thing. He was also board when Chesapeak Bay froze over completely. He used to go to the reunions until he couldn't quite make it anymore. He sure loved the Navy evan after he retired with 32 years in.
Hope there is still a few shipmates that remember him.
Dale Wietzke

Phil Harth
Years Served: 1955-57
Was lucky to serve with great shipmates

Thomas G. Abbott Jr
Years Served: 1963-1966

Marcel Dawson
Years Served: 1960-1964 abord 1961-1964
!st Division, & CIC :D

John Lewis Rishel
Years Served: 1954 - 1957 on Beale
Sonarman 2nd class 3rd Division Remember John Wunder from the FT gang.

Harry L Haerr
Years Served: 1962--1965
Great time of my life. Came onboard out of MM School and left MM2. Only ship served on and couldn't have been better. Great Med cruise and will never forget the Cuban Blockage , especally the Russian Sub.. Great bunch of guys...

John Lewis Rishel
Years Served: on ship '54 - '57
Know Mark from reunions. Remember John Wunder from the ship.

Jerry Stucky
Years Served: 60-63 BM3
Those were some AMAZING years aboard the BEALE 60 to 63.. Even had the chance to look WW-III right in the eye, and they blinked..!! Have been friends with many of my former shipmates since we served together, and hope to see some of them at the reunion in Philadelphia this year (08).... Calm seas and fair winds to you all..

Dan Yadesky
Years Served: 1967-1968
Served on a Med Cruise. Was involved in the search for the submarine Scorpion. I was on the ship when it was in drydock in summer of 68 and it was decided to decommission it.

Dudley Mackey
Years Served: !963 -1965
Took my SN test on board, the day Kennedy was killed. Made a Med cruise and remember the long patrols off Cryprus.......The Beale was relieved as plane guard for the Enterprise by the Bainbridge, when they along with the Long Beach made their around the world cruise. The best liberty ever was when we hit Ft Lauerdale at spring break..... Worst was the Cattle Cars at Gitmo.........Lots of great times and lots of good shipmates............was indeed an adventure :D

Years Served: 1941-1943
Writing on behalf of my father who served proudly on the USS BEALE as a Fire Controlmen an Electronis Engineer. He is 87 years young and recounts many stories of the bravery and experiences he encounted during WWII. Looking for any other WWII Vets to share stories. He was in the Pacific and Asiatic Theaters and Nagasaki. Thank you to all who served, Kate Jones-daughter

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