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Edwin E Vineyard
Years Served: 1945
I went on the ship early in 1945 as a radioman striker. It was in dock for repairs from the kamikaze hit. I was a radioman on the Mullany when the war ended later in 1945. After some patrol duty, we went home through the Panama Canal back to Charleston where the ship went into mothballs. I was sent back across the country and assigned to the USS Cullman, an APA. Our duty was to bring troops back home. We went to Iwo and Okinawa, then Hawaii and brought 1,000 Marines home. That ship was in San Francisco bay anchorage when I was discharged in 1946.

patrick johnston
Years Served: visit to Fremantle May 1957.
The Mullany with three other destroyers visited Fremantle, Western Australia in May 1957. I was a 14-year-old boy who idolized the sailors and visited the ship every chance I had while she was in port. Anyone remember a Black sailor named Mo, or a small young guy called Mouse?

David Parkos
Years Served: 1969-1971
I was a DC-3. The Mullany was my home for almost 3 years. I was among the last crew to serve aboard the Mullany.

Harold Steffee
Years Served: 1959-63
This historic ship was my home at a time in my life when I was becoming a man and she did her part to make me a man and a good citizen.

Chuck Edwards
Years Served: 1967 - 1968
I served on the Mullany as a Machinist Mate from the fall of 1967 through the Westpac Cruise in 1968. I primarily worked as an evaporator operator and also was the Engineering Logroom Yeoman. I have many good memories of my time aboard this vessel. After we returned to San Diego, I requested brother duty and was transferred to the USS Hyman, DD732 (a reserve training ship) stationed in New Orleans.

Hal Shaffer EM3
Years Served: 1964-1966
Hal Shaffer EM3 1964 to 1966

Jim Miles
Years Served: 1966 'til January 1969
Boarded Muldoon January 66 assigned to R division, Louis Downs was CPO, worked originally with PO's Warner, Schultz, (Mark and Jon aka Onan) Woodwyk,Miller,Coppa,Mallard,Eye(disappeared at sea). the Bear bros. (Yogi & BooBoo) and others who were growing up at the same time as me. It is hard to believe that 40+ years have passed and all you guys have gotten older. But, as time goes by for all of us, it sure as hell beats the alternative. Does anybody remember the song we made up about the Mullany set to the tune of Sink the Bismarck?
They gotta sink the MULLANY before the day is through; for if they don't the war they lose, and their rice paddy too; The Mullany is the greatest ship that ever sailed the sea but, perhaps today she will be sunk by the VC.
Sixty barges they set steaming out into the sea, all loaded with 5 inchers and recoiling threes, it looked like a sure kill for the enemy but, the ole Muldoon wasn't about to be sunken out at sea

Raymond E Brown
Years Served:
I'm putting my name and info out there for my Dad. MM2 Scott Earl Brown. He served 1950 -1954.
My time in isn't worth noting. I received a medical during boot camp. Dad is doing well for his age, and is living in CT. Feel free to contact me and I can send the information on.

Bryan Nowak
Years Served: Grandpa Theordore Served
I did not serve on the Mullany (I am serving in the Army). My grandfather, Theodore 'Ted' Nowak did during WWII. He passed away a more than a few years ago now. I did not appreciate the contributions of the 'greatest generation' when I was growing up. I try to instill that into my kids now. They did not get to know their great-grandfather. Grandpa did not talk much about the war. Having been involved in one myself, I can certainly understand why.

-Bryan Nowak

Ted Johnson
Years Served: 1945
I'm signing this for my dad, O.W. (Dub) Johnson who served on the Mullany (Lt.) and was aboard at the time of the kamikaze attack in 1945. If there are any of his shipmates of that period, feel free to contact me. Dad is approaching his 86th birthday (August 27), a widower for about two years, but still doing well, living in Castro Valley, CA.

Donald St. Germain
Years Served: 59-63
Great ship,great crew,made a man and a sailor out of me

Bill Evenson,The Voice
Years Served: 1942 to 1945
Hey all..jut turned 88 and you guys said I would never last...Must have been that great NAVY food that did all these years.

Michael C. Tribble
Years Served: 1970 - 1971
I served about the Mullany during the last year of her service to our Navy. We decommissioned her and which her be recommissioned into the Taiwan Navy as there flag ship. It was a sad day but a great day for the Mullany.

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  • Donald Roy FTG3 on

    I was on the Mullany from December 1964 to October 1966. I was the sea detail helmsman. In June 1966 I helmed the ship down the Puget Sound and into the Columbia River [at Astoria Oregon] and up the Columbia then into the Willamette River thence to Portland. By the way I married Harold Steffee’s [an ET] wife’s cousin in 1986. Imagine my surprise when I met him [in Utah]. In discussing our Navy experiences he asked me what ship I was on. I said USS Mullany DD, and then he said “528”. Also he related that he worked for AT&T Long Lines after he got out, So did I. Small World. He is back in Missouri now. Now being March 2015.

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