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Michael Priest, SM2
Years Served: 1960 - 1963
I remember those years well.

Ron Keeler
Years Served: 1952-1954
Did you WWII guys know that we have a USS Trathen Association? Reunions, newsletters, ballcaps, etc.
I've met a lot of your shipmates at reunions. Probably the greatest of them was your exec, the late Andy Richards.

Jerry Haywood
Years Served: 1960-1962
I really miss the ole Trathen and all my ole shipmates.

Henry "Pen" P
Years Served: 1960 to 1962
Hard to believe that was almost 50 years ago. Part of the good old days.

Merritt Graves
Years Served: 63-65
I was on the TRATHEN when she was decommissioned. I was then sent to the GALVESTON to finish my Navy service.

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