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Henry Petker BT3
Years Served: Dec.1966-Sept.1968
Forward Fireroom. Does anyone remember the Road Runner Flag?

Fred Kear ET2
Years Served: Three
I served on the Sproston from late 1951 until September 1954. We had many reservists on board when I arrived. Those of us in the Electronics Technician gang saw two changes of crew in our group. Our shop was just above the starboard screw and just aft of the Operations group berthing quarter. All of us remember our tour of duty as three years of combat off the coast of Korea. We did carrier escort duty and shore bombardment with the 5 inch guns. Even the periods when we returned to Pearl Harbour for repair and upgrading were times of urgency for us. I deeply enjoyed serving on the Sproston during the Korean War. We had a choice of duty stations ou of ET School in Treasure Island and I chose to serve on the Sproston.

Years Served: August 1950 to September1953
I had the privilege of Re- commissioning the Sproston and was amoung the fist Sailors aboard in August of 1950. We didn't get boot leave because of the Korean War, but we were young and didn't even know where Korea was on the Map, but we got a grerat chance to find out as we spent the next 3 years in and out of Wonson Harbor. Plus 3 months on Eniwetok for the 'A Bomb test. Great experience, would I go through it again. Probably not, at my age!

Years Served: 1964 - 1965
Steve Gibson (Gibby) I served on the Sproston in 1964 - 1965 in Desron 5 Pearl Harbor... Radioman -- RM2 -- Many fond memories.... Now RM1 USN Retired...

Gary McAnelly
Years Served: 1696-1968
Henry I remember the Roadrunner Flag and the PA system playing the song I'm a Raodrunner Baby on the breakaway, after refueling.
Do you remember cleaning firesides and punching tubes underway, completely against Navy regulations. How about sprayig the ecomomizers from the top of the stack and that alful smell. Of course did an enlistment man, especially a BT have any regulations back then? Chief Gilson had no favorites, he loved us both the same.

David (Rowdy) Yates
Years Served: Late 1965 thru June 1967
Worked on the Deck Force. Stood watches on the bridge.GQ station was the forward 5 inch mount.
Hope all of you make it to this year's reunion in Boston.

Richard (Dick) Fisher
Years Served: July 1956 - July 1959
I went aboard the Sproston right out of Fire Control Technician school at Great Lakes, IL. Soon after I was promoted to FT3, then to FT2 a year later. I served for over a year as a Master At Arms (it got you to the head of the chow line). I remember when we first practiced with the then new submarine Nautilus. Then the Skipjack. They were so superior to our underwater fire control system and armament that we all knew we were goners of the Russians had anything like them. But, hey, the Sproston was home for three years and the memories are really good, but fading.

Quinn Mike
Years Served: 1963 - 1965
SHSN, Laundrymen with J Coker, and G Washington. Best times deck force with N Mitrano, J Johnson, B Gordon, K Flatten, and the ship's cook White. I was a loader on a 5 inch 38. I've kept in touch with Mitrano and Gordon, but I would like to hear from others. I can't make this year's reunion, but hopefully I will make it next year.

Smooth sailing,


barry georges
Years Served: 1963 1966
its great to herefrom you guys.i served in both firerooms. mangoonie was in charge in the aft fireroom and (hooch) eric vonruden in the forward fireroom. everyone take care :)

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