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Susan Ruhl
Years Served:
I am looking for information on my uncle who served on the USS Laub and was killed in action on May 23, 1944. His name was Earl William Waters. He was a fireman either 2nd or 3rd class. If someone can give me any information, I would appreciate it.

My mother who just died, was his sister.

Peter B
Years Served: 1943-1944
Susan, sorry for the loss of your Mom. Your uncle died in the collision but you probably know that. My Dad was there, he passed 4 years ago or I would ask him if he knew Earl. Dad never talked about the war but in his last years I interrogated him all the time and heard some stories. Of the collision he said it could've been avoided and "people died". In case you don't know, there are about a 1/2 dozen emails listed on the Laub roster at You might try dropping those guys a line, maybe one of them will know something.

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  • Dorsey H. Faught III on

    My dad (Dorsey Jr/Red or June) served on the Laub fro. 43 to 45. He was injured while serving. I have an unofficial history and list of crewman from a former Laub sailor who has since passed. I also have a picture of my Dad and three of his shipmates taken aboard the ship.

  • Suzanne on

    My Dad was on the USS Laub when it collided. He is 97 and still living alone. If you visit my facebook page under Suzanne Altrich Ranger you can see his last birthday picture and picture of when he had his brick laid on the Waltham common to honor his service in the Navy. He has written some stories about his time on the Laub and if anyone is interested I would be happy to copy them and send them to you. I have done it for others and they were happy to get them. He only started writing them a few years ago but his memory is still excellent. After the collision the ship was towed to Italy to be patched up and then to the Boston ship yard to be repaired. My Dad grew up on a farm in Minnesota and when the ship was towed to Boston he met my mother. They were married for 70 years. If the ship had not been hit they would have never met. I am not good at checking my email so the best way to contact me is through facebook. Suzanne Altrich Ranger

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