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Milton J. Brech
Years Served: 1951 to 1955
Reported aboard in Nov. of 1951 as an EMFA.Other electricians Chief Sanger (?), Fred Estridge EM1, Charles Bishop EM2, Thomas EM2, J A thomas EMFA, Benson EMFA,E Antczak IC Elect. all were aboard when I arrived. Bishop made EM1 and transfered,Thomas made EM1 and transfered, Sanger left the ship in late 1952 , J.A.Thomas, Benson and myself made EM2 by late 1954. R.Teseriero reported aboard in early 1954 as an EM2.I departed Gherardi in April of 1955, she was decommissioned in late 1955 and transfered to the moth ball fleet in Phila. Navy Yard. She was sunk as a target in 1973 in the Puerto Rican Trench. The cruiser that fired the shots that sank her was either the USS Roanoke or the New Port News.

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