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Welcome to the USS Ingersoll DD-652 Guestbook Forum


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James Moss
Years Served: 1945-1946
I often think of the crew that I served with.....mostly fond memories!

Thomas Wyatt
Years Served: 1945-1946
Good ship and good crew! Fond memories

Ronnie Emmulsen
Years Served: 1945-1946
Many years since serving on this great ship! Would love to hear from from shipmates from back in the day!

Robert (Bob) Bascue
Years Served: 1965, 1966
Off to Vietnam we went in 1965. But first we backed the old girl clear across San Diego Bay and into the bottom. I've often laughed about how that ship shook when we passed the last sea buoy, and sped up to 2/3 speed ahead! The Starboard shaft had an almost 8 off-center bend in it. So, after a night or two in drydock in Longbeach, we finally set sail for Vietnam, and our Destroyer Squadron. Heck, they were so far ahead of us, that it made no difference at all that we stopped all along the way for Japanese glass fishing net floats. The Captain must have had a billion of those things!
Anybody else who was e-mail is:

Cedric (Buzz) Levensaler
Years Served: 1951-1955
Hello Shipmates

Russell F. Hooper
Years Served: Feb 65 to Feb 68
Hello to all. Let's hope all will sign up.

Oscar Amoroso
Years Served: June 1966 to 1970 Decommissioning
How can I forget USS Ingersoll DD-652. My best shipboard tour of duty was on the Ingersoll. Lots of fun memories from the time I came on board in 1966 at 32nd Naval Station, San Diego to the sad decommissioning day in 1970. Hope I can attend one of the reunion someday and rejoin the old crew.

Ready Now The Ingersoll Motto

James Leslie McCallister
Years Served:
This post is to let others who served with my dad on the USS Ingersoll, that he sadly passed away this morning at the age of 70. He was with his wife Jane and his daughter Lisa and son-n-law Tony at his bedside.

He is survived by his wife, Jane, sons Vergal and Kenny, daughter Lisa and numerous brothers and sisters at home in Holcomb, Missouri.

He was full of life and had a great sense of humor. He was so proud of serving on your ship and he was proud to be a Veteran. He will be buried in the new Veterans Cemetary in Missouri. Godspeed Pop.

Your loving daughter Lisa...

Years Served: APRIL 69 FEB71

George Chartrand
Years Served: 1951 - 1955
I was in 'E' Division, Damage Control. Always will remember the world cruise (approximately 15 ports), including a 8 month tour in Korea. In Korea, we were assigned to escort the USS Manchester for 8 days off the coast of North Korea (Wonsan Harbor, Song-jin). Also enjoyed going thru the Suez Canal on the return trip home. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my ship - Phone: 386-532-8779

Tom Swift SK3
Years Served: 1964-1966
2 great years. Not many get to actually go all the way around the world and get paid (?) for it.

Gil (Gibby) Dettlaff
Years Served: 1952-1953
Went aboard the Mighty I right out of boot camp (Great Lakes) I left her Personnel man 3rd class after going to Korea via the Suez and returning thru the Panama Canal. Did 2 trips to Wonsan Harbor and the 38th Parallel with 2 battle wagons, the New Jersey and the Wisconsin. We were assigned to picket duty the entire deployment for the USS Lake Champlain CVA39. Lt. Mills was the XO during my time aboard. Greatest officer I ever served under.

Ray Geary
Years Served: 1967-70
Served as Sr Chief Machinist Mate. Interested in hearing from crew members that served during that time.

Lawrence Small BT3
Years Served: 1963-1967
Two Med Cruises, Tour in Vietnam via Panama and Suez Canal. Remember we shadowed a U-Boat for 24 hours off the coast of Road Island? would like to here from BT's and Machinest Mates from that time. Email me at (

Richard Lee Evans
Years Served: 8/18/1947 - 8/20/1951
Hello, I would like to find out any information you may have on my father Richard Lee Evans. Grade, Rate - Rank and Date of Appointment = FA 4-2-48 Branch USN Specialty Number of Symbol = FN-0042-25 Any information is much appreciated. Thank you, Grace Evans II

steve smith
Years Served: served on the Ingraham from 1952 till 1955
steve simitty smith BT3 FN.served on the Ingraham dd694 best dammed destroyer, in the navy.commander butler was the best C/O i have ever had the pleasure to sail with.great crew.

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