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Welcome to the USS Bearss DD-654 Guestbook Forum


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Bob Moss
Years Served: 1957-1959
I served in the Fprward and after fire rooms. My brother Harold was an Electricians Mate aboard at the same time.

Claude L. Abbott
Years Served: 1943-1945
My late father served in the fire room 1943-1945.

Arthur Brody
Years Served: 1955-1958
I served as an Electricians Mate on the Bearss from 1955 to 19558 with two Mediterranean cruises, a Northern Europe cruise and a Carribean Shake Down cruise. Good time and a good experience as it was a peace time era.I'd like to hear from some shipmates who server during that time period.

Ronald C. Vinyard, ET2
Years Served: 1956-1959
I went from boy to man, serving aboard that ship. And much as I thought I hated it at the time, I now look back on that service with many fond memories and a great deal of pride. Yes, it was peacetime, but had we been called to fight we would have without hesitation.
A few years ago, while visiting in Boston, I had the opportunity to take my wife aboard an old 2150-class tin can serving as a museum in the Boston Naval Yards. And tho it was officially closed that day, we found a maintenance man aboard who took us all around, mostly to CIC and to our living quartes back aft. It is impossible to describe the emotions I felt that day... the Bearss was my home for 38 months of my young life, and it was exactly like revisiting a home that you had lived in that long. I keep a picture of DD654 on my desk today, and look at it often.
OK, enough reminiscing. Would love to hear from any old shipmates, see how you been doing, and what the fishin's like where you're at.
Ron Vinyard
San Jose, California

Bobby Moss
Years Served: 1957 to 1959
I and my brother Harold were one of eight sets of brothers serving at that time. I was a BT3/2 and he was an EMfn/3rd. Loved the Bearss!
I did 22 years and retire as a LDO LT .

Dave Vincent
Years Served: 1960-1963
Came aboard and was put on deck crew 1st Div after her return from sea trials around Feb '60.
Moved to supply Div. as DK striker year and one half later. Made DK3 then was transferred to TAD at D & S Piers to handle payrolls soon after Ens Homer came aboard to assume Supply Officer, he hated handling all the money involved with regular and reserve payrolls especially when we went out with the 28 day reservists. Shortly before discharge spent 30 days at Portsmouth Naval Hospital, Pres Kennedy died while I was there. I recall one of the boys from engine room coming into the DK Office at hospital and mentioning Kennedy had been shot down, at first I thought he meant his plane.
USS Bearss was decommissioned in December about a week or so after I was discharged.
I recall the then acting Capt a Lt Olson, trying to convince me to reup. I didn't because I was POd about taking DK2 exam twice, not getting the rank because of quota limitations. Civilians were handling much of the payrolls on shore stations.

Robert K Evans
Years Served: 1955-1958
Dear Mates,
Miss you all.

Posey Miller
Years Served: 1943-1945
My Dad served on the USS Bearss from 1943-1945 during War War II. He was honorably discharged after serving his time. He discharged as Seaman First Class. My Dad is 82 years old. He has just recently had to move to assisted living. He is still of sound mind and he dearly loves to talk about the USS Bearss, DD-654. Daddy was 17 years old when joined the U.S. Navy. His first son was born while he was overseas. This service time is a great memory of my Dads. We are very proud that we still have our Dad and that he got to serve our great U.S. of A. May God Bless all of our brave men who have served and are at present serving our country.

Lanie Bates daughter of Posey P. Miller

Bill Edmundson
Years Served: 1954 - 1956
Proudly served on USS Bearss from 1954 to 1956, following boot camp, working up to RM2 before transferring to the first destroyer tender, USS Shenandoah, AD26, where I got my prize, the promotion to RM1. Bearss was a fine ship with a great crew. She weathered well in storms, and took us to great places around the world ... an experience like no other. I have a framed photo of Bearss hanging permanently in my den. Would like to hear from folks who served in the radio shack.
Bill Edmundson
Virginia Beach, VA

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