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billy w. craft
Years Served: june 1961 to jan.1962
served as a ship fitter. transfered on board after putting rodchester out of commission.

Fredrick F. Rinke
Years Served: 1960-1961
Fond memories serving on the USS Colahan I only wish that I had stayed with her.

Jim Abbs
Years Served: 1961-1962
Came out of FT school, made FT3, transfered after Berlin Crisis call up before the ship (a reserve trainer) mad 1962 trip to WestPac
Great time in Long Beach

Bob Castaneda SK3
Years Served: 1960
I spent my Reserve active duty on her From 5 Mar to 18 Apr 1960. Of all of the various types of ships that I served on during my Eight Years in the Navy Reserve the Colahan was the one I wanted to stay aboard, at the end of my two weeks. To all of the regulars that I made friends with I have forgotten you names now, but I'll never forget the shore leave I spent with you. All of you treated me like I was part of the regular crew. The only name I do remember of the regular crew is Wojtalewicz, SK 3. I sure wish that I would have kept in touch with him. I sometimes still wonder if he went back home or stayed in California. I guess another I’ll never forget this cruise, is because we off the coast of California, on maneuvers with the rest of the fleet and about 0400 HRS, we were hit by another ship. It cut a hole in our fantail just above the water line. It was the area of ET Storeroom that I had just inventoried. The next thing I know is that I’m in the storeroom with two of the regular ship’s crew shoving mattresses in the hole trying to keep the water from coming into the ship. I also remember the Doc bringing us some little bottles of medication to warm us up, but it never got to me, because they said I wasn’t old enough to drink this kind of medicine. I told them that I was 23 but they wouldn’t believe me. This was my last Sea cruise and it is one more reason while I’ll never forget my short time aboard the Colahan. God Blessed all of us that early morning, because none of the crew got hurt, and to all of us that our still around May God Bless You, and May God Bless America.

Years Served: 1945
I enlisted in the U.S. Navy in late December 1944 at St. Louis, Missouri and received training at Great Lakes Naval Training Center. I was not present for my high school graduation as I was with the outgoing units headed to the South Pacific. I served on the light cruiser U.S.S. Vicksburg CL86 and then transferred to the Colahan. Her last act in WWII was to enter Sagami Wan bay 27 August 1945 as harbor entrance control vessel for Tokyo Bay.

I would love to hear from any former shipmates or anyone that served aboard the Colahan.

Tom Groves
Years Served: May 1963 - October 1963
I came aboard on 5/10/63, a YN3 from the Rammin’ Sammy (USS Samuel N Moore DD-747). At that time I had less than 6 months left on active duty and thought of myself as somewhat of a 'short-timer'. The Colahan was always in port, except for 1 weekend cruise each month for the reservists assigned to her, and the customary 2-week summer cruise. I clearly remember the good chow, especially breakfast with ‘eggs to order’, and hanging out with the baker in the early a.m. for the fresh goodies. After serving on a “fleet” destroyer I thought this was a prime duty assignment, lots of liberty, etc. I completed my 2 years of active duty on 10/21/63, and was discharged on 3/29/66. I am married with 3 grown children, enjoying retirement in Buellton CA from 27 years in Material Management, with an ongoing (30+ years) career as a semi-professional bass guitarist, and very proud to have served my country aboard USS Colahan.

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