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Welcome to the USS Black DD-666 Guestbook Forum


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Ed Young
Years Served: 1959-1960
Living in south Mississippi now.

Eugene P. Cline
Years Served: 1967 - 1969
We hold a ship's reunion each year. Please contact Gene Cline @ 614-875-8412 if you do not know about our group.

Mel Craven
Years Served: nov 56 to march 60
Looking forward to the 9th annual reunion in St Louis

Paul H. Burket
Years Served: 1946 thru 1953
I returned from Korea in May 1951 and was assigned to the Black to put her back in commission. I was the engineer in the Captains Gig and my battle station was the air compressor in the Port boiler room to launch the torpedo's. I helped fire the boiler after I got my 2,200 pounds of air pressure built up. They said we ran 42 knots for a measured mile. The rooster tail we thru up astern was awsome. The water tender held the safety valve shut and we were several pounds of steam over the max. It was a trip I will never forget. Sure beat the 14 knots top speed on the Patrol Frigate and LSM I had been on. After re-commissioning I was released to inactive duty.

Paul H. Burket F1MOMM
Oklahoma City, OK

chris welch
Years Served: 1966 - 1968
I servered aboard in first division. the first year it was chip and paint but the second year I ran the boatswains locker. the Black was the fastest destroyer in the fleet.

fred huntington
Years Served: 1954-1958
i was a torpedoman on the black,came aboard 9/54 departed 11/58
went on to complete 20 yrs.retired 1972 as a chief torpedoman.

Jim Huntington
Years Served: 1955 1959
I am one of the 3 shipmates that got the Black reunion going in 1999. My Big Brother was on her to. 1953 to 1958 he retired in 1972 TMC. I was a Gunners mate. We live in Effingham, IL

Martin A. Hruz
Years Served: December 1963 - January 1967
The USS Black was my first surface ship. I say that because I was a reservist on a submarine, (SS-301) the Roncador. Still in high school, I went on my two weeks active. During my active service the Roncador took part in War Games, with some surface ships. I was assigned to tube #1 as my General Quarters Station, I fired off a fish, in which the Black was the target. Photos taken thtouh the periscope, were offered to the crew later. I bought one, saving it as a proud reminder of my first kill. I left the reserves, enlisting as Regular Navy, attending Boot Camp in San Diego. Upon graduation, I recieved orders to the USS Black (DD-666)! Which in itself is amazing. After aboard the Black, I looked at that picture and realized that the cross hairs of the scope, crossed right where I was assigned my first rack aboard the Black! I stuck for cook from first division. I spent 9 months as a mess cook, then got into Supply Div., passing the test for CS3. Fricker (CS1), Bonner (CS2), Santiago Andino (CSSN), Warner (CSSN), Richard Harding (CSSN), and myself did all we could, to ensure you could read news print, thru a slice of roast beef! :D I went aboard at 17 years old, and left at 21 years old. To the crew of the Black, I Thank You, for sharing these years with me. You are all so near and dear to me, to this day, I wish I could slice more roast beef for you all!

May I wish you all Fair Winds and Following Seas,
Your shipmate, Always,
Marty (Sad Sack)

Jerry Johnston
Years Served: 1967 - 1969
I served as a radioman aboard the USS Black, the fastest destroyer in the Pacific. RM1 Fred Johnson, RMC Ken Bass, RM3 Don Diehl, and many others served in the radio shack. Great memories, great cruises, great ship!! I am host of the reunion this year (2008) in St. louis, Missouri. See you all there.

Years Served: 1965-1968

Eugene P. Cline
Years Served: 1967 - 1969
Our annual reunion will be held in Oakland, CA, from 11 - 15 September 2012. West Coast personnel. This is your chance to have a wonderful reunion!!! We get better but we are a year older!!!! Please contact @ 614-875-8412 for further details. I will give you the e-mail for point of contact.

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  • Joey Lawyer on

    Was wanting information about fred Huntington my grandfather. I miss him a lot. Email the other email my dads thanks

  • Blaine Johnson on

    I was on the Black for a short time in 1959 as a Kiddy cruiser and was learning to become a radioman before going to radio school. It helped me a lot especially sleeping in emergency radio during training exersizes. The Captain was Author Murray Jr. and he was a cranky old fart and was always stealing my pencils. I knocked him down during a night operation and no lights other than infa red. He never knew who it was that did it. I really don’t remember anyone but if someone remembers me give me a holler.

  • Ed seager on

    Would like to connect with Ed Young.

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