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Welcome to the USS Halsey Powell DD-686 Guestbook Forum


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Don (Frank) Franklin
Years Served: 1962-65
I have a few bad memories of my years on the HP but most memories are good...especially the 63 WestPac cruise. It was great right up until the time we broke a shaft between Midway and Pearl Harbor and limped the rest of the way to Pearl. I also remember some great times in the Radio Shack and wonder what ever happened to some of those guys. There were some great characters on that ship and I still can picture the 686.

bob todd
Years Served: 1955 to 1958
I was an
EM3 I would love to hear from anyone on the ship at that time.

Jerry Adams
Years Served: 1953 - 1954
My service was 54 years ago. What can I say?

Gilbert J. Lege
Years Served: 1952-1954
Glad to be on board!!!


John Ewing
Years Served: 1953-1955
I'm not entirely sure what will be the result of all this, but I always enjoy hearing from HP folk...

Leonard H. Turner
Years Served: 1960 - 1961
Great memories of the Powell, especially the wes-pac cruise 60 into 61. Would like to make cointact with Tom Lingard. My Best Wishes to all who served aboard the Powell.

David Harrison
Years Served: 1963 to 1966
In was a cook cssn , I rember Wset Pac 63 we were cooking when that shaft went dlh131 gmail com

Len Bonneville
Years Served: 1957cto 1960
:) a lot of fond memories with the CIC crew, especially on all hands loading food supplies going past our open port hole into Combat info
center. We had some difficult times with the Taiwon straights but we ate well on the late night shifts .

K. Wade Toner
Years Served: 1955 to 1959
Hello Bob Todd. You and I are standing next to each other in the 1956
R Div cruisebook picture. Remember crossing the equator and our visit to Sidney, Aus. Good times.

Doug Eichman RD2
Years Served: 1962 - 1965
We always had extra grub in CIC although very little space to stash it. I remember the broken shaft and the long days in dry dock. Loved the West Pac time but don't miss the GIANT insects in Subic Bay.

jerre w dunsworth
Years Served: 1961 to 1961
had some good times, had some bad times aboard the powell. I would do it again. I sincerely hope that all you that served are healthy and doing ok. It's been a fast 50 years. best regards to each of you, JERRY DUNSWORTH, QM2

Richard Bourque
Years Served: 1973-1977
I was a BT on the Hamner during this time and had a great time! Not too sure how many guys that were there with me are out there that read this but if so, please feel free to contact me at Kevin Freeman, you old sea dog, please contact me if you see this!! Rich

Larry Kraus
Years Served: March 1970 - September 1971
I reported on Board the USS Hamner in March 1970 as a 3rd class Electricians Mate. Went on West Pac from Sept. 1970 to March 1971. I was separated from active duty in Sept. 1971 when the Hamner was in The Long Beach Shipyard for Overhaul. Great Duty! :)

William McCaslin
Years Served: 1977
Bill was only stationed on the Hamner for less than a year, in 1977 during it's reserve time in Bremerton. He was glad to be on a ship that knew what an FT did. I don't know if anyone remembers him, but I thought I'd let you know that Bill passed away in Feb. :(

Jim Benzin
Years Served: 70-71
Be happy to hear from any of my old shipmates from that year. I was looking at some old movies of our crossing of the Equator. That was a fun time.

William J. Howard Jr.
Years Served: 1977-1979
Served aboard as MK 11 gyro tech and NC2 plotter guru 77-79. The Old Gray ghost of the Oregon coast won a Battle E during that time also had a race with a Spuance class DD and won pulling away 37 knots and no smoke safeties tied down and balls to the wall Best crew I ever served with in the 21 years I served They don't make them like her anymore WHEN YOUR OUTTA FRAMS YOUR OUTTA CANS WILLIAM J. HOWARD IC1 (GOLD) ESWS CC

Larry Goulet
Years Served: 1974 - 1976
Was in 1 Engineroom and 3-M Coordinator for awhile. Two of the more memorable events for me were: living in the Royal Inn Hotel during the yards - how many Navy types got to do that? and the time Hamner, Orleck & McKean blew the Enterprise and her battlegroup outta the water during exercises off San Diego. And I think it was Admiral Tidd who said of the action If I wasn't there to see it, I wouldn't have believed it! Great crew - enlisted and zeros. Portland was great! But those transits down the Columbia - #$%&!! Anyone can get a hold of me at: Fair winds and following seas, Larry Goulet MMCS(SW) USN(ret)

Years Served: 65-68
I was on the hamner from 65-68. She was a great ship with a great crew. Miss all the guys from R gang

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  • Tom Clyde on

    I service on the Halsey Paul when she was in the reserve fleet .Iservice from Jan 67-July 67

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