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Steve Scales
Years Served: 4
Hi guys ,was on the Remey from 1954 to 1956.To this day I still think of all the places and things we did..GOOD TIMES.....

Ed Souza
Years Served: My father Edward V. Souza served 1943-45 as Chief Radioman
Hello Remey family:

I am beginning the process of securing a plankowner certificate for my mother in honor of my late father who served aboard during WWII. The navy says all planking was transferred to reunion groups and vet organizations. Has anyone received a plankowners certificate with planking in recent years? Who do I contact? The Naval Curator's Office says they no longer handle these requests. My mother is 82, and would be thrilled along with our family to honor our dad this way.

Ed Souza
son of late CRM Edward V. Souza

Al Seaman
Years Served: 2
On Board from Sept. 56 thru Sept 58

Oscar Johanson MM2
Years Served: 1952
I got transfered to the Remey in San Diego for the purpose of getting it seaworthy after it being in mothballs. After a satisfactory sea trial, we brought it to the East coast with a sister destroyer (which I don't remember the name of.........and which developed a crack in the hull, as I recall, and had to limp in to Charleston). Newport,RI was our home port for a time and then went to Boston where I left her, being discharged after 4 years.
Enjoyed making many new friends !


Richard F Phelps
Years Served: 55-57
Would enjoy hearing from old friends and shipmates

James Remey deNaples
Years Served:
God Bless all US Navy veterans, and especial those who served aboard the U.S.S. Remey DD688

alfred levy
Years Served: 1943 to 1946
hi my dad was on the remey and on the monssen dd 798 his ratings held was as,s2c,slc,flc,mm3c any one remember him would be fun to know my dad was so proud of the ships had told me storys he died in 1995

Years Served: 4 years 1954 1958
My Father ServiedOn The Remey....He Told Me He Went Around
The World On The Remey...I Don't No The.Year That They Made ThatVoyage? He Was A Torpedo Man..Maybe SomeoneWho Servied
On The RemeyWill Remembers Him....He Is Living In Florida Now..
God Bless.The Crew Of The Remey,

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  • Alan Casson on

    My uncle, Mathew Tomlinson, served on the USS Remey (DesRon 54) from 1943-1945. In his words, he was a Gunners Mate who wound up manning an AA gun. Save one memory, he refused to talk about his experiences. Understandable. Unfortunately, his stance resulted in a disservice to many, not the least of which, those who cared about him. Iā€™m hoping to gain some insight into his life during WWII for his wife (my aunt) while she still walks this realm. Any and all info is welcome.

  • Dick Phelps on

    I was in the same Division as Chico (as we called him) Sotomayor, I was a Sonarman on board 1955 til 1957 would like to hear from him he was a real funny shipmate.

  • Lisa Franchetti on

    My father, Edwin McKay, served on the Remey in the 1950s (1953 – 1957) and did 2 world cruises. He still shares his navy stories often. He’s mentioned some typhoons and adventures in the Suez Canal. Lots of fond memories. Curious if anyone is in Rhode Island?

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