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Vincent J. Lane, Lt. JG.
Years Served: 1953-1955
Damage Control Officer, Main Propulsion Asst., Engineer Officer

Jerry O'Sullivan
Years Served: 1952
Just served on a NROTC cruise to Antwerp, Lisbon and Cuba. Wonderful memories. Capt. Butler was the skipper.

Ray Padgett RD3
Years Served: 1962 to 1964

Radarman 3rd Class O Division

Paul McCarthy LT
Years Served: 1965-1967
First East coast squadron to go to Vietnam, Sailed via Panama Canal and returned via Suez Canal. Around the world trip. Long but interesting.

Herbie Ball SOG3/c
Years Served: 1961 to 1963
Served in Fox Division with Rick Morehouse, Terry Lowe, Ted Coggins, Richard Hannan, Richard Ault, Lt. Williman and some others I can't remember. Skipper was Capt. Donaldson and later Capt. Ferrante. On station for the Cuban Missile Crisis and Med Cruise in 1962. Loved it!!

Joseph Senko, SN
Years Served: 1966-1967
Deck Force :)

steve pomeroy rd2
Years Served: 1954-1958
great ship, great crew, top notch skipper. capt holmes drove the inky dink' like it was a high powered sports car and actually revolutionized the way that unreps and refueling hyae since been conducted. not to mention being the first to nail the nautilus.

donald businger
Years Served: 1969-1971
I was the Combat Information Center (CIC), Electronics Materials Control (EMC) and Intelligence Officer until the DD-694 was sold to the Greek Navy

Walter Ogden
Years Served: 1965 - 1968
Picked up the ship in the Boston Yards in 65 as a ICFN. Stayed aboard until May of '68. Left her as a IC2. Like Lt McCarthy I took her around the world and up thru the Ditch after a tour in Vietnam. Lots of memories, but I don't think I would want to do it again. Been trying to locate some of my old ship buddies like Sonarman Evans from Ind., Sonarman Seidel from Pa. and Fire Control tech Owen Kidd from Ohio. Any one with info on these guys please give me a shout. :)

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  • Frank Spencer RMSN on

    1965-1966 Viet Nam with Lt McCarthy — Pappy Turner, Fields, Sofield, Fitzpatrick
    and the whole crew Not to forget Bob 2nd Class

  • Richard J Seder FTG3 on

    Reported onboard in July 65. Left in October 67. Would also like to hear from shipmates. May be contacted at

  • Cesarini john on

    I was on board from 1965-1967. I was a GMG3. Ensign Cahill was my division officer during our tour in Vietnam. I made 3 Med. Cruises. our last Med. tour took us into the Black Sea. I would love to hear from some of my shipmates from 2nd. Division.

  • Jack Bigley on

    I also reported aboard in charlestown navy yard in 65, Like Lt Mc carthy said it was a long but interesting cruise . Lt Mc carthy was my division officer I’m not sure he remembers me. I was a bt in forward fireroom.

  • Thomas P. McLaughlin on

    Does anyone from the Ingraham
    remember my father.
    Thomas P. McLaughlin
    possibly aboard around
    1956,1957, 1958? MM3?

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