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Welcome to the USS Ault DD-698 Guestbook Forum


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Jimmy Herod
Years Served: 1970 - 1071
Glad to see a guestbook.

David C. Kingsley
Years Served: 68-71
Radarman on the Ault. After discharge I rode the GI Bill to be graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 75 and Princeton Theological Seminary in 78. Have been a Presbyterian minister for the last 30yrs.
Loved my time on the Ault because of the good people who served on her.

Mike Mills
Years Served: 65-67
Had lots of good times on the old lady and some infamous moments as part of the Magnificent Seven.

John Hinson
Years Served: 1967-1971
I served as a radarman on the USS Ault for a couple of years before being transferred to the USS Bigelow. I remember being on board the USS Ault as we took her into Galveston, TX for her 'retirement'.

Someone had set up a loudspeaker system dockside, and they were playing the song 'Galveston' by Glen Campbell. The people of Galveston (and Houston) were friendly and made me feel at home.

At the time I had no idea that Galveston would one day become my home. My partner and I lived there for several years before moving to our ranch in central Texas, where I telecommute as a mainframe computer programmer for a Fortune 500 company.

I often think of my old shipmate buddies & hope that they have had good lives.

Dana Butcher
Years Served: 62-64
Electrician's Mate. Some of the greatest times of my life were cruising on the Ault! I boarded the week she came out of Boston after FRAM conversion. I am a consulting Mechanical Design Engineer these days.

William Sneedse
Years Served: 1958-1961
all e-mails welcome nick name (tealeaves) went to med. & st. lawrence seaway

Years Served: 1959-1960
Was a GM3 on Mt. 52, was phone talker for Chief Boatson Mate for Anchor detail. Was the first ship sence WW2 to go into the Black Sea. Got back to the states just in time to go through a hurricane,wouldnt have missed it for the world.

Arthur "Smitty&quo
Years Served: 2
I served on the Ault 65-67 as a Sonarma 2nd class.

What a great bunch of guys and we kicked some serious booty on the gunline in Vietnam!

Ferdinand A. Dix
Years Served: January 1963 to April 1966

I went aboard Ault in Boston as a SK1. Was there until I went to shore duty in April 1966. Have often wondered what has happened to several shipmates, especially in Supply Department. In the last month have located two of them as well as two brothers of one them who were also on the Ault.

I am now retired and live in northeast Texas. Hope to see several of you at the reunion in San Antonio

Jerry Barbour
Years Served: 1964-67
I was on the Ault when she went to Vietnam

Years Served: Dec.1954 to Sept1957
Came aboard the Ault just after her world cruise of 1954 As EM3 thy put me in the due to shortage of I.C. men.Did 2Med cruses we got locked in Red Sea for two extra Mo.when Egypt closed the Canal.Had great Shipmates and no regrets .

John Daugherty
Years Served: 1959-1960
FT-3 Fox Div. Made Med cruise and into the Black Sea. Lots of great ports of call! Still keep intouch with a couple of old ship mates.

Walt Johnson
Years Served: 1964 To Nov. 1966
My nick name was Little John on ship. I came aboard in Naples in 64 & left the ship in Gitmo Nov. of 66 while on shake down. I work for Whirlpool Corp. in Findlay, OH for 40 years now. I am looking for John Pinkerton if anyone has any leads.

Carl Young
Years Served: 5.5 Years
Took her out of dry dock in the early 60's, went to Gitmo and took Med. cruise. Wound up at the Naval Academy for my final years in the Navy. Enjoyed my time in the service and enjoyed the camaraderie of my shipmates

Bill Conner
Years Served: Oct 66 - Jan 68
I was a boilerman , just out of A school, when I first went aboard the Ault at MayPort Florida. I will never forget the Vietnam cruise we made in 67. It was suppose to be around the world cruise but the six day war closed the Suez and we only made a half way round the world cruise. I look at the cruise book occasionally and I still remember the crew mates as if it was yesterday. I will never forget Sanchez , Steve (coonass) Slocum . Hendrics. etc. Anyone who served on the 67 vietnam cruise I would like to hear from. I still live near Roanoke, Virginia where I came back to, after my Navy days.

Neil R Carlson
Years Served: 1960-1962
I served in the FFR as a BT. Since I was the junior PO I had a great deal of SP duty in The Med. After leaving the Navy I was able to finish my under graduate studies through the GI bill. I worked as a Regulatory Officer for the Michigan Department of Consumer and Industry Services for 35 years retiring in 1997. I can remember the following BTs, (please excuse my spelling) Overby,Overstreet ,Graham,Stover,Phluger,Awalt ,Holdren,Singer ,Beckmann,Gerlack,Marty,Stroud,Leslie,Gatien,Collins. My stint aboard 698 was a good tour,although,I complained at the time. I remain very proud of my Naval service

Years Served: 1965 TO 1967

Byron Marse
Years Served: 1965
Served aboard Ault in 1965 thru Dec.'66. Was then transfered to Jonas Inghram & served there until separation in May '67. (Just before the westpac cruise.) I was a MM3 . I'm wondering does anyone know of the whereabouts of Donald Vineyard (was also an MM3)or of a Cpo,last name Greenleaf. Any help would be appreciated. ( e-mail me @

chuck pinyerd rd2/os2
Years Served: 1970-1973
I was on the Ault in Galveston and besides being a radarman I was her postal clerk. After my time I and my wife came back to Bellevue, Ohio. Our daughter was born in Galveston while i was on the Ault.I became a Rural Mail Carrier and have retired with more than 30 years. :D

Robert Rainey
Years Served: Nov. 1966 to Oct.31, 1968
After discharge from the Ault on Halloween 1968 I first went back to Brooklyn N.Y. and worked for a short time for United Airlines. I than was appointed to the Fire Dept. N.Y. City where I served for over 31 years. I retired as a Captain/Company Commander of Engine 26 near Times Square, Manhattan on July 17, 2000. On 9/11/01 and after I worked at the World Trade Center attack site doing search and recovery. Also since that time I have been working for the Counseling Service Unit of the F.D.N.Y. as a Counselor to firefighters, their familes and the widows of our fallen firefighters. I now live in Monroe N.Y. just northwest of N.Y. city. Shipmates I would love to keep in touch via E-Mail BOB RAINEY

Richard Davis
Years Served: 1960-1962
I served on USS Ault 1960-1962 as a SN and BM3 in the First Deck Division. I left the Ault for the USS Saratoga in 1962. I left the Navy in 1963 entered US Army In 1964, Retired from Army in 1982 as a CW4 Attack Helicopter Pilot. I have very fond memories of the Navy the USS Ault and her crew especially the two Med cruises I participated in.

Bradshaw, Kenneth D
Years Served: 1965-1968
Loved the Ault. Left as FTG2 and later retired as CDR. Now practicing as Attorney in Utah and PhD College Professor. Rember the summer in Charleston, SC in the shipyard (and the forced change of command after many of the chiefs went AWOL??)? Like others of you, I remember with pride our time in Nam where, as Smitty said, we did, kick some serious booty on the gunline. Med Cruise in '68 - and then home to chase the lost submarine Brandywine, Brandywine: this is White Fang, Over but alas, the Scorpion did not respond: Eternal Patrol!

Terry W. "Van&quot
Years Served: 2
Came aboard USS Ault in January 1955 as ETSN (shortly after her world cruise). Went to/from Caribbean many times. One refurbish period in Portsmouth Shipyards (where career BMC cleaned ship one night). With Port and Starboard liberty in 1956, went to/from Mediteranean which included Rhodes, Kiel, Gibraltar, Istanbul, Naples, 6 weeks of heat in the Persian Gulf & Sea of Oman, Azores, Hurricane Ethel, and Bermuda. (Lost sonar dome in the Suez Canal.) In the Persian Gulf, I signed up for shore duty. Transfered off ship in January 1957 as ET2, and finished up 4 years at NAS Miramar with 5-out-of-6 liberty. Served with George Comatas, ET3, on USS Ault (he recently died). Also, must have served with Bill Duffy (IC) but can't place the face.

David S. Buck
Years Served: 1960-1962
I came on in 1960 as a BM and left as a SM in 1962. Do not remember much else other than we sailed out of Norfolk.

Lawrence (Larry) Mantta
Years Served: 1961-1963
I served on Ault as an EN2 in A Gang, R Division. I remember many and am in touch with Jack Sheldon, Mike Harshbarger, Neil Carlson and have spoken with Wyatt Quiller on the phone. I left the Navy from the Ault and re-enlisted after building cars in Detroit for a while and went on diesel submarines and was in the sub force for most of my career. I retired from the Navy in 1979 as an ENCS(SS), and then worked as a civilian for the Navy for 20 more years retiring as a mechanical engineering technician GS-11 in 1999. I am now fully retired and lifing in Michigan's Upper Peninsula where I was born and raised.

Joseph Schultz
Years Served: 1967
I posted an entry a couple weeks ago but dont see it in the guest book. Iwas a GMG2 when i reported aboard and made GMG1 during the west pack cruise. I was mount capt for Mt 52 for GQ. Yes we really gave charlie HELL. and I loved every minute of it. It was long hours,hard work but the best duty in my 20 years in the Navy. FTG Barbour-were on the same line of photos in the cruise book. Any one from the 2nd. Division -send me a E-mail Hey Mike Biss you out there? I live in Newport News, Va.

Bert Jeffries
Years Served: 1968
QM2...served on the Ault in 1968 and played touch football on the Ault's team. Went to the Atlantic Coast Championship playoffs in Norfolk where we got stomped by much bigger ships, and the Marine base team. The Ault was a very good ship and I am proud to have been part of her crew.

Clair D. Romick
Years Served: Jan. 53-Apr.56
Made many cruises to the Caribbean, includind Havana, Cuba before Castro took over. That was good liberty. We made the world cruise with a tour in Korean waters, where we collided with the USS Hainsworth while on ASW patrol,. The Ault lost approx. 20 ft. of her bow. We had to be towed backwards to Yokosuka shipyard where we spent 3 mos. in drydock. More liberty than money.Continued around the world, saw many beautiful places. Don't regret any time spent on the Ault. We've been having reunions for about the last 8 yrs. Anyone wanting information, contact Scotty McLean at

Jimmy Herod
Years Served: 1970 to 1971
I just finished reading about the Ault and the Hainsworth. I find it interesting that the Ault relived the Hainsworth in Galveston. I went aboard while she was in the Charleston, SC yards. We then rode it back to Galveston. Whenever we went to Sea/Anchor detail, we played Glen Campbell. There will always be a special place in my memories for that song. Duty on a reserve can was a good time. I enjoyed meeting all the people that came on for the weekends and the summer cruises.

Mike Harshbarger
Years Served: June 1961 to September 11,1963
I came aboard in June at Norfolk VA and sailed for the Med for 7monthes,returned to the states in March '62. Sailed for Boston naval ship yards for FRAM II overhaul. Until March '63 then to Gtmo for sea trials. Then to may port FL and Joined DESRON22 I was discharged in September of '63. During my time on the Ault I became aquainted with Jack Sheldon, Larry Mantta, Eugene Theodore, Bob Hall and Carl Hoag. I was on the IC gang. I was recently in touch and visited Bruce Heldstab who now lives in Bemidji, MN. Others with whom I keep in touch are Jack Sheldon, Larry Mantta, I'm now retired and enjoy camping.

Robert K. Olsen
Years Served: 68-72
Made a north Atlantic cruise in fall of 68, we ended up in the med. when trouble broke out in Lebanon. Decommissioned her in Galveston in Jan. of 70. I understand that she was cut up for scrap.

Sneedse W.S.
Years Served: 1958-1960
all e-mails welcome nick name (tealeaves) went to med. and st. Lawrence seaway

Larry Mantta
Years Served: 1961-1963
In 1974, Ault was at the inactive ships facility in Philadelphia, PA waiting to be sold for scrap. At that time I was stationed at ComSubGruTwo Staff in Groton, CT. I was sent on a detail to get miscellanious parts off of inactive ships with six helpers. We were getting materiel that the drydock on Holy Loch, Scotland needed. I think it was the Los Alamos. Anyway were looking for battle lanterns, deckplates, sound powered phones and alot of other things. We boarded the Ault with our tools and my crew went to work and I started looking aroung. In the R division berthing space back aft where once was my home, I raised the lid on the footlocker that I used to use. I went into shock! On the bottom insidse of the lid was a piece of masking tape with my name clearly on it that I put on there probably after the yards in Boston when we got our FRAM overhaul. It said MANTTA, EN2, USN. I was one of the last crewmembers to go aboard! Those inactive ships sure are dreary when it is dark and there is no equipment running. You can hear a wrench drop from a long way! Larry Mantta, ENCS(SS), (SW), USN, Retired

Jack Sheldon
Years Served: 1961-1964
Came aboard Ault in July 1961 fresh out of EM School Great Lakes and sailed for the Med one week later. Talk about getting your sea legs. On return followed the same pattern as Mike Harshbarger except made a second Med cruise from December 1963 until July 1964. Discharged in Mayport as an EM2. Heard the ault was scrapped in Baltimore in 1976. Have lived my whole life and still am in Baltimore. Still keep in touch with Mike Harsbarger, Larry Mantta, Dana Butcher. Interesting note: My next door neighbor was Exec. officer aboard the Hanesworth (one of our squadron ships) the same time I was on the ault in Norfolk. We still swap old salt tales. He retired a captain and is a great old gentleman.

Years Served: 2
I was aboard from 1963 thru Dec 1964, EM3. I was a kiddie cruiser. I boarded the Ault in Mayport just after the FRAM II conversion, and the very next day we left for trials. I was sick as a dog, but I learned quick. I had been in touch with Larry Mantta, and Jack Sheldon until I lost their email addresses when I retired. I forget when it was, but I recall a St. Lawrence Seaway cruise, a Med Cruise, and a couple to Gitmo. I am a retired Mechanical Engineer, and am now busy with 4 grandchildren, running, freelance design work, and watching my IRA dwindle.

Years Served: SEPT. 1963-AUG 1966

Howard Lacey
Years Served: July 1959 to December 1960
Reported to the Ault in Wisconsin in July 1959 on the St Lawrence Seaway opening. Was the Supply Officer, Was on the Ault when it was the first armed warship to enter the Black Sea since WW II in February 1960. Departed the Ault the end of December 1960. Many fond memories. There is an Ault reunion every year around the first weekend of May. You can contact me at I went on to serve 4 years of active duty and 27 more years in the reserves. I retired as a Captain and am enjoying retirement.

Philip Brandt
Years Served: 2 years
I was on the Ault from June 1971 to March 1973 and got a three month early out. Finished college at Texas A&M and drilled with the reserves on the Ault for two years. Was an ETR3 class at the time - not a very good one at that. Does anyone remember the skipper's name who shacked up with a honey in Jamaica at the Holiday Inn and when we left port at sunset had us steam by the hotel on the beach and ordered up the 5 guns to fire star illuminating shells - I think his former command was Vietnam with a Mekong Delta patrol command? Oh by the way he was a tad inebriated and he was talked out of it.

Years Served: 1965-1968
I was on the Ault from oct 65 thru apr 68, when I re-enlisted for orders to Naples Italy. I was a GMG3. I remember FTG Bradshaw, GMG Duck, GMG Lopez, GMG alverez, GMG Garcia, GMG Joseph, GMG Johnson GMGC Godwin, GMGCS Hill, and GMG1 Schultz. In 1971, I cross rated over to the SEABEES and retired in 1986 as a Utilitiesman first class(UT-1) Hey , Joe Schultz I have been trying to contact you since I found this site (9 NOV 2010) and found your message. YES , I AM OUT HERE. MY PHONE # IS 940-235-5190 i currently live in Wichita Falls TX ANYONE WHO REMEMBERS ME , E-MAIL OR CALL , ITS BEEN OVER 40 YEARS MIKE BISS

Larry Mantta
Years Served: 1961-1963
I regret to inform my former shipmates that Mike Harshbarger passed away due to complications with cancer and dementia. Mike was an outstanding Sailor, Shipmate and friend of many and will be missed by all that knew him.

Leon Kennedy
Years Served: 1965-1971
Served on the USS Ault DD 698 (1966-1968). Then finished my career on the USS English DD 696 and USS Conway. Went to Vietnam on USS Ault 1967. Served with a great crew, think of all them often.

chuck pinyerd rd/os2
Years Served: 1970-1973
Just to let you all know mona and i moved to shepherdsville ky in january 2012. Jimmy herod do you remember funky jim funkhouser. Go to see all the posts.

Richard Arnold
Years Served: 1965-1969
A cook on the Ault.Went to Viet Nam 1967.Got transferred to shore duty 1968 to the naval training center at Illinois as an instructor.Got discharged October 1969.

Leon Kennedy
Years Served: 1965-1971
Served on U.S.S. Ault 1966-1968. Discharged 1971, CS1. Finished my career on U.S.S. English and U.S.S. Conway. Went to Vietnam aboard the U.S.S. Ault 1967. Had a good friend named Dick Arnold on U.S.S. Ault. He was a CS2.

Rich Piccinini
Years Served: 1961-1964
I rode the Ault from Mayport up to boston for fram. I was an RD and loved the life as long as we were in port. Was in Cuba at a bad time but otherwise fared OK. After the Navy went in to the insurance business and at 68 still going strong. Love to hear from anyone who was aboard at the same time.

Larry Mantta
Years Served: 1961-1963
I recently seen in the Fleet Reserve magazine obit's that Kenneth Jeno has passed away. He was a MM2 in the forward engine room from the 50's into the mid 60's.

Larry Mantta
Years Served: 1961-1963
Neil Carlson, BT3, served on board Ault from 1960-1962, passed away from cancer. He worked in the forward fireroom. He was 75 years old.

Lawrence E. Atwood
Years Served: 1954 - 1958
I was an MM2 in the after engine room. She was a great ship we had a lot of good cruises. I was on board when we went thru the Suez canal and got stuckin the Red Sea. IT WAS HOT. You guys should come to the Ship reunions we have,

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  • Richard Plummer on

    My father Richard Plummer served on the USS Houston 1941 to 1944. He passed away. I would love to find a plaque of the ship from that time.

  • EN5 Kenneth L. Baker on

    I (EN5 Ken L. Baker) Finished DASH (Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter) school in DamNeck, Virginia on Dec.1,1967. Assigned to the U.S.S. Ault on December 1967 to August 1969. So many years ago that I forgot many shipmates from the AS Division. Lt. Houlihan, was a good officer as I recall. In Dash Div. EN1 Wyrostik was my boss, one of the AT’s was AT2 Fury and another ET2 Richard Hager from my memory. ET2 Hager starting losing weight like crazy, come to find out he was Diabetic and was discharged. The Skipper Commander Brady was a good Captain. However, the new CO after Commander Brady left was abrasive and the XO too. Hated to leave the grand old ship but my Dad left a farm for me to take care of. One thing for sure I was proud of that vessel. Retired as a Texas State Game Warden Captain after 41 years of service there. In later years I saw the U.S. Ault in Galveston, Texas. She was assigned as a Navy Reserve ship before she was decommissioned in 1973. My book that I am writing of my state service will include the military years aboard the Ault. One thing to note about the U.S.S. Ault is that the ship’s plaque and service that can be found displayed at the Admiral Nimitz Pacific War Museum in Fredericksburg, Texas. Capt. Ken L. Baker (retired) Corpus Christi, Texas

  • Scott Rowan on

    Was on Ault from Dec 63 thru Dec65. Made 2 Two Med cruises. Great ship, great crew. Graduated Temple Univ., finished Navy as QM2. Did reserve cruises on USS Wright, Snowden and Sablefish.

  • Tom Massaro on

    Served aboard from Jan 63 to Sept65.two med cruises ,St Lawrence Seaway cruise to Montreal. Great bunch of shipmates- still looking for Bruce Herring.Jim Leahy, Joe Montgomery and Tom McNeely are knob to be deceased-I’m sure there are more I’m now retired from the Telephone Company. Was a Torpedoman aboard the Ault(TM3)

  • Ron Ferko Sk2 JAn 1953 tO MAy 1956 on

    I had similar experiences as Clair Romeck. Many trips to Caribbean and GTMO.
    Then the trip around the world, Korean waters, the collision and time in dry dock. In Japan. Stop earlier at historic Midway Island, crossing the equator to become a shell back, two famous canals, great stops in the Med sea. It was a great growing up experience with 4-5 great life long friends. Jay Goldstein and Glenn Jester have passed. It is some time hard to believe that I spent over 3 years on the Ault sailing the worlds seas. Glad I did!

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