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Welcome to the USS Borie DD-704 Guestbook Forum


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Robert Merritt
Years Served: Grandson of the late Kenneth Lee Merritt
My grandfather was one of the men killed in the Kamikaze attack on the gun battery. I have been tracking the Borie 704 for the family.

Roger Gotcher
Years Served: 1962-1964
I served on the USS Borie DD704 from 1962 to 1964. The Borie was involved in the Cuban blockade. The Borie did her part during those days in Cuban waters. The Borie was instrumental in tracking and surfacing a Russian sub. Orders were given to search all ships going into Cuba. The Borie did so and searched ships at sea with loaded arms.We have never been so close to nuclear war as we were in those few days of October of 1962. Many friends were made on the Borie and to this day I still have contact with a few of my Navy buddies.

Owen (Skip) McOmber
Years Served: 1970-1972
Picked up the Borie in her port in Alexandria Virginia, she was a reserve tin can at that time. We had a couple of great cruises and had a great crew. We sailed into the perfect storm in the winter of 1971 and started taking on water, ordered to Ft. Lauderdale Fla at Easter break time. She came into port still completely covered in ice. The whole city came down to see the 'ice ship'. made all the papers, deck crew chipped ice for a week. RD gang had GREAT shore leave.She eventually had some mechanical problem and we took her to Phili to decommission her. She was sold to Argentinia and I heard she servered in the Fulken war. Had a great time on her, great RD gang on board.

Robert Bean
Years Served: 1958-1961
After discharge, I used my Veterans Benefits and attended college and attained a Degree Electronic Engineering. I Worked for Eastman Kodak for 10 years and then accepted a position with General Radio Co. employed with them for 16 years. I then accepted a a position as a Systems Engineer with Raytheon Corp. in Tucson, Az. and subsequentially retired in 2003. I hold an Advanced Class Ham Radio License and a advid golfer. I volunteer, as a trained Coach in the 1st Tee Golf Program funded thru the Tucson Conquistores and the PGA.

Randy Thompson
Years Served: 1966-1969
STG2 - made Med and WestPac cruises.
After leaving the Navy, I joined IBM and retired 1n 1999 after 30 years.
I am currently working with a new company in the IT Disaster Recovery business. I guess that I'll really retire one of these days.
I rebuild old John Deere tractors for fun...

Gary Brudelie
Years Served: May-66 to July-69
The Borie was my first home away from home. Was RD 2 when I left the ship in 69. Had great good will cruises to the North Atlantic and Mediteranian, and a not so good will cruise to Viet Nam. I also had a couple of cruises to the Caribbean. The Borie was my life for 38 months, and I treasure the memories and friendships I found there.

Years Served: 1966-1969
Hi, just received an e-mail to this link to sign on.So here I am. I served on the Borie from 1966-1969 as a FTG2 but actually was the lead tech
for the DASH unit.Did the WesPac tour. What a nice boat ride that was (Not Really) but was quite we an experince for someone in their very early twenties. Now live in CT and work for Sun MicroSystems. Hope to some day retire .

William (Sonny) Dixon
Years Served: 1963- 1964
USS Borie DD-704 1963- 1964 Where are you guys? Sonny Dixon QM3

Mac[Slippers] MacKenzie
Years Served: 1948-1952 Korea Sept.1950-June1951
With Reny D'Antonio -Daggers- raided Officers stash of booze on Med cruise and hid thruout vent system etc. Any one find it??

James R. Cena RM2 (Boats)
Years Served: 1962~1966
Tin-Can duty doesn't get any better than this. Looking back on 20yr career it was my finest duty bar none and mostly due to the troops I served aboard with and still communicate and attend reunions with. Boats...

Doug Harrod
Years Served: 1964-1966
SOG3 -I went to Europe and through the Suez Canal into the Red Sea on the Borie. I have many memories of that time of my life. I went back to school and became a counselor after one hitch in the navy. I am now retired and live in rural Oregon.

Wayne funderburk
Years Served: Brother in law served: earnest a cogdell jr...aka Sonny
My brother in law served on the Borie from 63 to 67. Was friends with Dennis Nelson and Jay Jernigan. Sonny was a cook.....very mouthy. He was from Gastonia NC and lived in Camden SC. Died April 24, 2013. You can call me at 704-813-5242 (Wayne) or call his daughter @ 704-616-9628 (Lisa).

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  • NIck DC 2. R- DIv on

    Does any one remember the dates of the west PAC cruise ?
    I served on borie 1969-1971. Great memories πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ€™

  • Ronnie mullins/sa on

    Went aboard the USS Borie in Norfolk,va 1969,discharged in 1970 in Alexandra,va on the Potomac.

  • Sherril Robertson Jarrell on

    Edgar Robertson, deceased. My father served on the Borie in 1943, when it was attacked on Nov. 1, 1943. He passed away in 1991. His rank was CM2c.


    1962-1964 I was aboard the Borie during the Cuban blockade as described by Roger Gotcher. Roger and I enlisted in the USNR while in high school and were sent to the Borie as our first duty station. I reenlisted while aboard in order to go to class A school for Hospital Corpsman. I was in Vietnam 67-68 as a FMF corpsman and heard later that the Borie was off the coast of Vietnam during this time period, small world.

  • Jose Callangan on

    I caught up with Borie in Rota in 1967 as a new recruit. I was assigned in the officers’ wardroom. Made Carribean cruise and Vietnam campaign in Feb – Nov 1968. Borie was my home away from home!

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