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Welcome to the USS Harlan R Dickson DD-708 Guestbook Forum


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Years Served: 1951-1954

Arthur D.Morstatter
Years Served: 6-24-1943 / 1-18-1946
I am the eldest son of Arthur D.Morstatter.My father served on the USS Harlan R Dickson from 1942 to 1946.My father was from Decatur,Illinois.He passed away on April 13,1983 at the age of 56 two days before his 57 birthday.I am the oldest son, my name is Arthur D.Morstatter Jr. Are father had 16 kids all by the same mother.We would like to find out if any of his old shipmates are still living.We would like to talk to anyone them.Buy E-Mail or by phone.Phone 217-520-1042.Thank you very much.Arthur D Morstatter,Jr

Allen Lipscher
Years Served: Reserve Crew, 1969-1972
Served as ASW Office, Gunnery and XO in Boston.. Made some great friends in both the regular crew and reserves.

Shipmates Stick Together

David McBride
Years Served: 1970-1972
Had fun serving on the Harlan R. Dickson (Dickey Boat). I first worked with 1st Division and then went to the ships office. It amazed me that she could not stay out more than three days without something breaking down, and we would have to pull into port.

Pete Foley
Years Served: 1970 - 72
Reiired from being Athletic Director and Swimming Coach after 35 years at Weston HS last summer. Still living in the greater Boston area.

Gerald Barringer
Years Served: 1958-1960
Ships barber

Nick Sclafani
Years Served: 65-68
They were fun times, even though it was 144 degrees in the Aft Boiler room, while sitting off the coast of Cuba, but Liberty in San Juan made up for it. Sleeping on deck and chillin' on the fan tail was great, hated Norfolk Virginia though, that town should be wiped off the map. REMEMBER TO VOTE DEMOCRAT IN NOVEMBER!

Joe Guarino
Years Served: 1958-1960
Joined John W. Weeks in GITMO in Dec 1964 as a LTJG to replace the DCA who had been transferred for medical reasons. Was tranferred off in the Spring of 1965 when the former DCA rejoined the ship in Norfolk. Enjoyed my first experience in refresher training at GITMO. Great ship and CO, Capt. Fitzgerald, though my tour was brief.

Richard Carey
Years Served: 1970 - 1973
Served as ETN2 with some of you. Enjoyed the two week training cruises. I remember when the engines died during the start of transiting the Cape Cod canal. Remember going aground on the sand bar? I have (somewhere) some movies I took on board. I will try to get them converted to digital. Where can I upload them to?

William J. Bell, Jr.
Years Served: March 1956 to December 1957
Was Aboard the USS Harlan R. Dickson DD708 when we helped evacuate 166I Israeli Citizens From Haifia, Israel during the 1956 Israel and Egypt conflict. we took these individuals to Suda Bay Crete.

James Mack (Sandy) Saunde
Years Served: 1951-1954
James M. Saunders served proudly aboard the Harlan R Dickson and enjoyed the many reunions he attended. He died October 23, 2007 and is buried at the Gerald B. Solomon National Cemetery in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Bill Kemp
Years Served: 1959-1961
Made a Med tour as an RD3 on the famous Dirty Dick lost our skipper during the cruise for hoisting the house flag. On return from a GTMO cruise we almost sunk and suffered alot of damage. Got repaired in Boston. I worked with RD1 Shultz and steaming buddy RD3 Sweeney from Providence R.I. Would like to hear from old crew members.

Dan Sullivan SHB3
Years Served: 68/70
I was ships barber/laundreyman Lacy pitts was my 1'st class awesome guy. I hung with Rod Sweeney and Price. great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ted Murl Walker
Years Served: 1945-1946
I'm Ted Walker's daughter. Daddy passed away in December 2005. We found a package of letters from a girl back home addressed to him on the Dickson. Interesting historical tidbits such as I'm glad you did not have to be involved in the nuclear tests. Daddy's twin brother, Fred, also served with him. They left high school in Erwin, TN to join the Navy. Daddy was an EM3C (Electrician's Mate 3rd Class is what he told me.) After the war and a few years of college, he moved to Newport News, VA and worked at the shipyard and remained in Newport News the rest of his life. Anybody out there remember the twins?

Joe Puleo
Years Served: 1970-1972
I was on board the Harlan R. as a Shipfitter 3rd class! I remember the time we ran aground at Sandwich, Ma. We listed side ways about 30 degrees and leaning more!Wow what an experience! With no air conditioning hated to go to hot places like Florida or Gitmo etc. A Special hello to Chief Sam Smalledge EMC **Paul McIntyre DC3**Ken Cornell SF3**to mention a few guys! Serving aboard the Harlan R. Dickson was good duty! Glad it's over! Regards to all that served from 70-72 !

John Riddle
Years Served: 1970 - 1972
The Harlan R Dixon was my first ship after A school where they tried to teach me to be a Quartermaster. Of course, after 8 weeks as a mess cook when I reported for duty on the ship, I quickly forgot most of what they were trying to teach me. :) I am the author of 34 books and have worked as a ghostwriter on numerous projects. I am also the Founder of I Love To Write Day, a grassroots campaign I launched in 2002 to have people of all ages practice writing every November 15. Visit to learn more. John Riddle Author and Ghostwriter Bear, Delaware

Charlie Gray MM3/c
Years Served: 1959-1962
Sure you don't recognize the name. I served on board the USS Compton DD- 705. Just wanted to say hi to a few fellow Desron 12ers. Charlie Gray MM3/C 1959-1962

Terry Smelcer
Years Served: 1969 - 1970
I remember the grounding at Cape Cod because we lost our power and had no steering. I worked in the ships office with Dave McBride

Years Served: 1965-67
My dad, Cdr James Leo Harrison, was CO 1965-67. He passed away Sept. 9, 2007. I am extremely proud of his years of service to our country, and miss him dearly. I have acquired his extensive collection of photos, 35mm slides and other career memorabilia, and hope later this year to begin scanning these to create electronic records, and then assemble them chronologically. I would be pleased to share these and would like to solicit assistance in identifying people, places, events (and stories...) and dates portrayed. 'Till then, Fair Winds and Following Sea to all, especially those with whom he served.

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  • William Richard Osborn on

    From the Artic Ocean to Valparaiso, Chile, both canals (
    Suez and Panama) . Red Sea, Shatt-Al -Arab River (Iran and Iraq). We were everywhere, well almost everywhere, during my time 1956-1958 aboard the Dickson, DD708. Lots of memories.

  • Rick Regan on

    My Dad, Cdr. William B Regan proceeded your father as CO of the H.R. Dickson 1967-1969

  • George Springer on

    Served a short tour in late 68-early 69. Stayed aboard as regular crew as we went to reserve status. SK3. Transferred to USS Boston while at south annex in Boston for west pac cruise.
    On Boston for about 6 months then transferred to civilian.

  • Wayne Agee on

    Served on board 13 months Feb 1963 to March 1964. Did what was supposed to be the last of the 6 month cruises. MM3 FWD Eng Room. Lots of good times Remember Merle Floyd MM2, Louis Facinto MMFN,Engineering Officer was Mr. Duncan(a mustang) very cool Guy.

  • John Thomas Merrill on

    My dad was in the Navy approx 63-67. Served about the Harlan R Dickson and worked in the boiler room. He lives in Spartanburg SC. Speaks of his time in the Navy with much fondness and appreciation.

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