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Jon Clawson EN3
Years Served: 1962-1963
Left USN June 1963. Worked as construction electrician out of IBEW Local 48 in Portland, Or. for 35 years. Retired at age 56 (1997) and moved to Cagayan De Oro city, Philippines. It is my my wife's hometown. We have been married 46 years and have 2 grown children who live in Portland.

Joe LaLopa
Years Served: unknown
I am Joe LaLopas' daughter. Unfortunately he passed away April 12, 2005. He had many fond memories of his Navy days and buddies and would tell us many stories. He was proud to have served on the tin can as he called it. I have his photo of the USS Wiltsie that I =have had restored. I am sure he would have wanted to post! God Bless all of you!

Proud Daughter,
Nancy LaLopa Hill

John Thomas Hopkins
Years Served: April 1958 thru March 1962
I am retired now, living in Spokane Valley, Washington.

rOBERT o'dONNELL cwo usn(
Years Served: 1967-68
I served with COMDESRON SEVEN and the Wiltsie was one of our destroyers in our squadron. I was very impressed with the Captain at the time. He was a reservist and a professor in civilian life called into active duty for Vietnam. We were in the Gulf of Tonkin together.

The Wiltsie was well run and had plenty of pride in their accomplishments.

Robert H Pittman
Years Served: 1959 to Nov. 1962
I served under Captain W.S.Slocum and two other captains , one of them referred as crazy Jake. Went to many countries. Paroled the Gulf of Siam, now called the Gulf of Thailand in the South China sea. I am retired on Logan Martin Lakes, (Coosa River) in Ragland, Alabama.

Bob Laubinger RD2
Years Served: 1967-1969
Two Westpac tours, lots of gunline-loved Hong Kong, and Subic.
E-mail: blaubinger@yahoo.com

Paul List
Years Served: 1958-1960
My tour in the fire control group on the Wiltsie was the beginning of my 50-year career as a physicist, specializing in microwave engineering. Am still working in the industry and loving every minute of it. Residing in the Sacramento, CA area.

Russell Spalti
Years Served: 67-69
Proudly served on the Wiltsie through WestPac's and Crossing the Line 24 Feb 68. Started out BM and wound up RD. In the 68-69 cruise book I'm the guy bidding fond farewell with sea bag on shoulder. Like to hear from old shipmates. I ended up being a career Marine and retired with disability in 94.

Bill Wangen
Years Served: 1951-1954
Hi, I am Bill's daughter, Kathy. Bill passed away from mesothelioma on April 22, 2009. He worked in the boiler room, if you, or anyone you know worked in the boiler room, please call me (206) 618-2586 or e-mail me at kathybeckes@gmail.com. I know my Dad was very proud to serve his Country. Thank you, Kathy

Ronald Newell
Years Served: 1963-1968
Stationed aboard the USS Wiltsie in 1965-66. I was in the gun gang, 2nd Div. First Class Sam Houston was the Senior Gunners' Mate.

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  • Jer Lingo says...

    1963-1966 BT3 After Fireroom.
    Hot… many watches Afterfireroom. Chief Curry greatest Chief I served with. Great crew of Men. Vietnam ’65 ’66. We used Chevy for bumper one night off San Diego. Miss some of you guys. Nicodemus Easter comes to mind. Lord bless you all, Jer

    October 10, 2018

  • Edward Naglich says...

    Service a board 74 – 76
    Aft boiler room and oil king shack

    October 09, 2018

  • Geoffrey W. Kern says...

    YNSN aboard 1973-74

    The crew who got awarded the CAR.

    The day I was transferred from the USS Saratoga to Wiltsie (on line) by helicopter, VC watching on shore, as I was lowered from helicopter in boatswain’s chair, soon as my feet hit the deck, we were fired upon. That day the entire crew was awarded the Combat Action Ribbon.

    May 08, 2018

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