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Welcome to the USS Theodore E Chandler DD-717 Guestbook Forum


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John Huckabee
Years Served: 65/66
came onboard just before deploying to Japan

Roger Osborne
Years Served: 1967
came aboard 1967 airlifted by helicopter from the Forrestal just hours before the flight deck she blew left the 717 couple months later to danang to run boats on the perfume river

Larry Seekman
Years Served: 1957
Came on board in spring of 57 while ship was in drydock at Long Beach. I was TE2 and while I was senior petty officer in our division, division officer said I would just be on my own and report directly to him because I was so young (19 and looked 16).

I was the mailman. We sailed to the far east in the fall of 57 and made port in Fiji and Melbourne, Australia. From there we went to someplace like Borneo and also visited Guam on our way to Japan. I was able to go ashore and meet my buddies on Guam. I was there for a year and a half prior to my assignment on the Chandler.

I received a transfer to Main Navy in Washington, D.C. shortly after that and left the Chandler near the end of 57.

Things I remember most while on board were:

Meeting my first wife in Anaheim while we were in Long Beach. A guy named Ted was from Anaheim and his buddy was my wife's brother.

Buying a 1947 Plymouth Club Coupe and driving home on leave with another Grand Rapids guy. It took us 49 hours to get home. Of course we took turns driving and drove straight through. Unfortunately this was at the same time the ship went to Seattle so we missed that trip.

Falling in love with a beautiful girl in Melbourne. We corresponded for a few months then, realizing that we would probably never see each other again, we lost touch.

Meeting another beautiful Eurasian girl in Fiji. We were asked to leave a British pub because they said she was half-caste. She had olive skin, green eyes, dark hair and was stunning. We had such a great time that I was late getting back to the ship and was written up. Good thing I didn't miss the ship or I would have been in big trouble.

When I got my transfer orders to Washington D.C. I was boasting to someone that I really had to extend in order to take the transfer but someone missed it. Dumb me. That person ratted on me and I had to extend a year after all. Live and learn.

If anyone remembers me let me know.

Larry Seekman

Roger Arnold
Years Served: 1962 To 1964
Came on to the Chandler as an IC1 in Feb. 1962 and left in Feb. 1964. Served as the E Division Leading Petty Officer. Joined the Reserve and retired as a CTM1 in Dec. 1990. Retired from the local telephone company with 31 + years in 1996 and did consulting all over the country for the next 10 years, finally hanging it all up in Jan. 2006. Great ride while it lasted.

Ted Smyth
Years Served: 55-57

I served on the Chandler from early 1956 to about August 1957. Made one cruse over seas . We were the first ships into Brisbane Australia since the II world war. Have been to one ships reunion when it was in Laughlin , Nev. I have been in contact with 2 guys from the ship other then that. From what I see, this could really be a great site to communicate on. Cheers , from Iowa
Ted :D

Randy Gunderson
Years Served: 1968-1969
I was originally assigned to WD division, then move to the Log Room Yeoman job and left as a YN3.

Henry H. Armstrong
Years Served: September 1950 through July 1954
I would be interested in contacting any of the old ET gang who were aboard the Chandler 1951 through 1954. Also, I would like to get a copy of the first (as far as I know) cruse book which was published in 1953 or early 1954. I had one but it has been lost somehow during my many moves in my business years. If anyone has a copy, I would gladly pay for electronic copy.


Steve Reinert
Years Served: 71 to 75
One of the best times I've spent in the Navy. Any ship mates out there drop me a line.

Mac (Ralph) Magee
Years Served: 1957-1960
I served on the deck force initially, ran the motor whale boat as Coxswain, did the usual deck force chores, then got into the radio gang. Made 3 Westpac cruises, contributed photos and artwork to the Cruisebook. Still looking' for Eckley, Burdick, Hart, Manthey, Scammon, Simmons and others. The TEC (Underway Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas) was a great place to call home! My first exposure to Navy life and I loved it. Later, after re-enlisting, I was sent to London, England, for 3 years of shore duty, then back to San Diego, into COMNAVAIRPAC Staff. Joined the Tin Can Sailors Assoc., and am a licensed amateur radio operator (N6LRG). Tin Can Sailors meet on a net every Wednesday, 7258, at 9:00 a.m, Pacific Time. If you know me, please drop an email.


Karl Rau
Years Served: 2
I served on the T.E.Chandler for two years (1956 and 1957). I came aboard directly from pipe fitter school in Norfolk,VA as FA and left as PO third. Was transferred to the Gregory until separated in 1959.

Years Served: 66 - 68
Joined ship in combat zone via helo transfer in fall of 66. Advanced to BT2 and worked in forward fireroom before appointment as Ships Oil King. Served thru westpac deployment and departed the ship in Hawaii while she was en route to Long Beach. Best duty of my 8 year naval career.

Jim Petty
Years Served: 1959-1960
Enjoyed my time aboard the Chandler.. Fond memories of the Signal Gang, Mike Morrow, Jube Morrison, Charles Briggs. Also Sam McCall from my hometown of San Angelo, TX.

kent davis
Years Served: 1961 to 1963
Came aboard the chandler as it was completing fram overhaul at hunters point naval shipyard served as radioman leaving the as a rm3 returning home to wash state to go to work for GTE as cable splicer and finally as network ops and data service tech retiring after 36 yrs of service

Roy Barlow
Years Served: 1964 - 1969
Served as Eng Log Rm Yeoman, Top Watch AER, Eng Rm Supervisor.

Years Served: 1948-1957

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  • Benito Garcia on

    was homeported in Yokosuka on the T.E.,Chandler DD-717 from 66 to 68.

  • Steve Derreberry on

    Went aboard Chandler as a RMSN the early part of 1956 made both trips to Australia Brisbane and Melbourne Transferred to Fleet Weather Facility Yokosuka a RM3. stayed 4 years and promoted to RM2 and RM1 transferred to USS Cacapon AO52 then Navistar Charleston S then USS Annapolis AGMR1 for 1r months then transfer to USS Hancock CVA 19 made one more Westpark cruise on Hancock then retired on a disability retirement in 1968. Miss being in the Navy for 13 years then worked for the FAA for 37 years as a computer operator computer operator supervisor and data systems specialist. Promoted by the region as lead data systems specialist that covered northern California down t Paso. Robles calif. Area had 3 major airports, SFO, OAK and SJC.

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