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Carl Williams
Years Served: Oct 1964 - Jul 1966
Hello Shipmates - I got out in 1966 after 11 years and came back to Texas. I retired from Lockheed-Martin in 1997.

Jerry Bullock
Years Served: 1974-1975
I picked up the Hamner after C class on gyro-compasses in Great Lakes. It was either an oiler en route on a WestPac tour, or the Hamner. It was a reserve can and we went to Hawaii with a shipload of reserve sailors, and returned with a different group of reserve sailors.

Enjoyed my short time on the Hamner.

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Warren Littrell
Years Served: 1961-1963
There are nothing but good memories from my time I served on the Hamner. Destroyer Squadron 12 was a group of great ships. I am living in Grayslake, Illinois with my wife and son. I will always remember my days aboard the Hamner and the men in the after engineroom. Anchors Aweigh!

Laverne Josey
Years Served: August 1964 - December 1966
I was a Damage Controlman 1st Class during my time no board. I retired from the Navy in November 1977 as a Lt. Would certainly like to commuincate with some of my old shipmates. Can anyone remember our WesPac Cruise in 1965? She really was a fine vessel. I enjoyed my shipmates and time served onboard her.

glynn revefre
Years Served: 1961-1966
Hello old crew. I served on the USS Hamner out of RD-A school while the Hamner was in fram in SF. Stayed my whole tad. RD3. Looking for buddies, David Carey, Roy Robinson, and any of the rest of the gang. Reach out.

And yes I do remember the 65 Wes Pac cruise as well as the 63 one as well..

Glynn RD-3

Rudy E. Nelson
Years Served: 1962-1966
I also had a great time on the old lady. I still live the san francisco bay area and would love to hear from my old shipmates.

Robert Heiser
Years Served: I joined in 60 and got out in 1965
I joined in 60 and got out in Bremington, Wash in 65. I was released from the USS Morton DD 948 in San Diego and went aboard the USS Hamner in 64. I stayed aboard her for six months as she was going overseas and I didn't have much time to go before getting out. I left her in Nov of 64 and went to the USS Watts to help put her out of commission. I was a I/C3 when aboard the Hamner. Would like to hear from some of the guys and bring back memories.

Frank O'Neil
Years Served: 62-63
I left the USS Los Angeles CA-135 July 62 because she was deploying to Westpac and I would not have enough time to serve on her before my enlistment was up. I transfereed to the Hamner in July 62, while she was going through her frame program in San Francisco. I was assigned to the Asroc Launcher as a GM3. Again I discharged before her deployment to Westpac on April 17, 63. I'm living in the hill country of Texas close to Adm. Nimitz's home town of Fredericksburg. I retired after 35 years from the Houston Police Department. The installation of the Asroc Launcher system was a great experience for me. I've always enjoyed being a part of something new and different. I live on a ranch and stay pretty busy in my retirement. If any of you remember me, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Frank O'Neil (Sarge)

Jim Franks
Years Served: 1971-1975
I had a great time on the Hamner and met many freinds. I served on her from 71-75 and worked in Main Control as well as the Aft Engine Room.

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Served 66-68. Machinist mate

Wayne Torrey

Josey and Malley made one heck of a crew back in the DC / Shipfitter’s shop, . . . If you recall an electrician named Olivere, . . . that’s me. Came on in May 64, . . . did the 65 WestPac, . . . me and Arthur George Carter (EM1) both volunteered and got sent to ’Nam, . . . wound up serving together for 9 months down in the delta with PBR boats. Came back and finished out my time on the Wiltsie DD716, . . . but my time on the Hamner was the time I really enjoyed the most. Worked with Riggins, Peregrino, and Engebretson, . . . as well as a EM2 we called Curley, . . . and Sally Simmons, . . .

Dwight Cimino

Does anyone remember RMC Frank Mazzola being transferred from USS Buck to the Hamner while she was at sea?

Diana mazzola

I heard Dave Carey lives in SD. Robinson went back to N Carolina. Attend the reunion & see what you can learn.

Dave Bolton

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