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Donald N. Clark
Years Served: 1959
I served T.A.D. for two weeks (from the USS. Lansing DER 388) during Operation Hardtack, and did the weather workups and forecasts for the Atomic blasts. I also served T.A.D. on the USS Bradford DD-??? on another series of blasts during Operation Hardtack...

Douglas Perret Starr
Years Served: 1950-1951
Sonarman 2/c, 05 Oct 1950 - May 1951

I'm still teaching full time at Texas A&M University. First wife Millie died 2004, married Carolyn April 2008.

Jerry E Ward
Years Served: 1958-1962
I was in A gang.

Years Served: 2 YRS

Rm2 H.E. Pepper
Years Served: 1967-1970
Served two tours of duty in Vietnam on the USS Walke. Was glad to get back home - I was not a lifer!

Richard Williamson
Years Served: 54-57
Secretary/Treasurer USS Walke Association, with over 550 members. We have a reunion every year. MR2 54-57

Ray Barger
Years Served: 1955-1956
I was the Gunnery Yeoman, YN3, on the Walke for a year and a half, and was transferred to the U.S.S. Worcester (light cruiser) until discharged in 1957.

Bruce Fairweather
Years Served: 69 -71
Chief Electrician. Decommissioned her in Seattle. Bubble gum and baling wire kept her afloat the last few years. BUSHIPS finally put her out of her misery. Served on seven other ships so at my age I am afraid the crews are a blur. Remember a MMC Chico Cordero and a BTC Bob Bullet.

charles hahn
Years Served: 1951-1953
On the Uss Walke during the Korean war 1951-1953

James Carver
Years Served: 1964-1968
I was on the Walke for three cruises to WESTPAC and did gunfire shore bomb support on several occasions. I was a FT3 when I was discharged in March of 1968. Would love to hear from any old salts who served on the good old Walke On The Wild Side.

William (Bill) Gurner
Years Served: 1954-1955
I was damage control in 1954-1955. I departed the ship in December 1955 in the Phillipines. I retired from the Army Reserve, as a SFC, in 1992 and from Boeing in 1995.

Charles Hahn
Years Served: 1951-1952
Served in the Korean war 1951-1953

Craig Kennedy
Years Served: 1964-1965
Came from the Pineapple fleet in April '64. Extended four months to go to Westpac in '65 as I had never been there. One of the best times of my life. Keep in contact with several of my shipmates from OI division.

John P Keating
Years Served: 1969-1971
Fire Control Technician 3rd class on USS WALKE DD-723 FROM 1969-1971. Went from SN to Third class on the tour to Vietnam for 9 months with my brother Patrick on-board. Loved every minute on the Walke until we went to Washington state to put her to sleep.

Garet Wollman RD3
Years Served: 1956 t0 end 0f 1958
Looking for Kenny Hill

Ralph Hudnall
Years Served: 1968 - 1970
My first ship out of TM 'A' school. WesPac criuse, gun line duty, plane guard duty. Lorig, Thigpen, Sabo, Weed, Hawk, Chief Radke, Chief Harper, Meedle, Donham, Heller, Stubbs, Pepper, Gorham, Louige (sp?),Willie, Chenowith, Lt. Stalker, Elder, the Flot Club... just to name a few items off the top of my head. Walked on the wild side many times. Put her rest in Bremerton, WA.

Years Served: SEPTEMBER 1961 TO SEPTEMBER 1963
Would like to hear from anyone who served during that time to see if our memories are still with us.

Years Served: 1950-1952

Joe Kirchharr
Years Served: 1950-1954
IN 1st division deck force and below decks as a snipe. would like to hear from anyone.

richard sowa
Years Served: 1959-1961
Came aboard in 59 after being bounced out of store keepers school (San Diego) Walke tied up to buoy in harbor .yanked out of receiving station late at nite had air dale stripes on my jumper (not mine) caused quite a stir with the crew, i had no clue. I was doing great in school till i found a little place called (Tijuana) Who knows i could have been a contender.Spent my whole hitch in 2nd div (deck force) best 3 years of my life. Great ship Great crew havent been arrested in 50 years ,so i feel i learned something .Have a web page for the old girl http:mysite.verizon.net/vzexoy4p/usswalkedd723 check it out.Walke association looking for new crew members lets give her a full crew again 2009 reunion will be in Detroit.We cant stand on her decks again,but we can honor her by saying we are part of the crew again.Good luck and God Bless and NEVER FORGET THE ONES STILL ON PATROL.

Years Served: 1959 to 1962
Came aboard in San Diego one nite had air dale stripes on (was at receiving station) had to borrow jumper caused quite a stir.Spent my whole hitch in 2nd division 1 trip to west pac May 1960 great times great memories.Have a web-page for the ship hope anyone that reads this gets a chance to see it.GOD_BLESS our veterans. http://mysite.verizon.net/vzexoy4p/usswalkedd723

Don Burch
Years Served: October 1965 to February 1968
OI division from RDSN just out of A school to RD2. Departed Walke in Sasebo, Japan 29 February 1968 to return to civilian life.

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  • BILL KRAUS says...

    SERVED 1945-1946

    February 22, 2017

  • John Gonzales says...

    Served aboard the Walke from 1965 to 1967. Worked in 1st Div. Did one tour in Wes-Pac. Anyone who was onboard during that time period, could they please contact me. I was Port Lookout for GQ. VA is claiming that the Walke only worked as fire support in 1969, in the Delta. Well I remember being in Da Nang harbor and firing WP up onto Monkey Mountain. Dropping Long Range Recon guys way up north. Providing fire support at night for some guys that were pinned down. I also recall seeing planes spraying AO very close to the shore line. I’ve come down with peripheral nerve pain, that is on the list of one of the ailments one can come down with. Thanks.

    January 08, 2017

  • bill cashman says...

    1958 deck force,1959 sonar gang,great ship great crew.

    July 14, 2015

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