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Welcome to the USS Laffey DD-724 Guestbook Forum


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John Grolsh
Years Served: 1946-1947
Proud to have served on the USS Laffey in the day! Good memories!


JD Bossard
Years Served: 6/62 to 8/64
Plan on attending another work party in the near future, the Laffey and her crew are always the Best!

Ron "Jeff" Je
Years Served: 1962 - 1965
I was on the USS Laffey from 1962 to 1965, then, I left and lived in a small town called Hopewell VA. about 2 hours away from there got married and we hade two kids. I can't for the life of me remenber anyone's name. I will tell you more if you can remember me.

Later Jeff

Jim Kennedy
Years Served: 1967
I was a TM3 on the 1967 Med. cruise.

Fred Nardei
Years Served: 1960-1962
I send greetings to my Laffey shipmates. My wife of 44 years Mary Ann is dying of cancer and we would appreciate it if you would keep us in your prayers. I have nothing but admiration for my Laffey family and look forward to seeing all of you in the future.
Warmest Regards,
Fred Nardei

duke hale
Years Served: 1944-1947
My father Thomas H. Hale, who passed away in 1983 at only 55 from a rare form of cancer was on the Laffey at at the Bekini Bomb Tests after WW II...just wondering if any of you served with him or were friends with him?

Would be very good to hear from you.


Duke Hale

Calvin L. Bowen
Years Served: 1946/1947
I served as replacement crew member on the Laffey immediately after it was rebuilt from the kamikaze attacks near Iwo jima...I boarded in San Diego in april 1946 and we left for Pearl Harbor immediately destined for Bikini Atoll for atomic bombs #4 and 5...This was known as Operation Crossroads...We were at Bikini longer than most because we spent a month or so afterward patroling the area to map migration of the radioactivity in the sea water from the two bombs...We then came back to San Francisco at Hunters Point for dry dock and repair...The yard workmen left the shipyard when we entered and refused to come near us...They eventually agreed to work on the ship if provided new clothing every day...the highly radioactive barnacles from our keel were placed in 55 gal. barrels and taken out beyond the Golden Gate bridge and left on some islands...I believe we received large amounts of radiation but the government disagrees...Most of my buddies are gone...I was a fire controlman FC3 at the time

Robert Koenig
Years Served: 1969/1970
I served on board the Laffey 69 and 70. I was in A gang of R division. I was an third class engine man and love to drink and have fun. It was the best two years of my life. EN2 Bob Koenig, Here's to Dennis Koch MM2 gone but not forgotten.

Dave Stange
Years Served: 1970-1972
Came aboard the morning that Laffey deployed for the Med. April 1970. Transferred to 2nd Class Diver Training Sept 1972. After serving 22 years in the NAV, I still fondly remember Laffey. She was my favorite ship. Great crew & a helluva bunch of partiers!! Viva Malta!

Tom Filbrun
Years Served: 1969 to 1971
Finished school on the GI Bill. Married 34 yrs. Three grand daughters 8, 5, 3. Twin grandsons arriving in Dec. Would love to hear from Ed Almendinger, Dennis Colusci, Frank Shade, etc.

Dudley Young
Years Served: Early 70's
I was a signalman second class on the Laffey in the early 70's. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Philip Winston
Years Served:
Captain F. Julian Becton was my uncle, and I loved him dearly. My mother was Virginia Becton and our home in Memphis was Uncle Julian's Tennessee Home. One of my most cherished possessions is a signed copy of the Laffey painting, In Harm's Way. My brother, Julian, and I both have copies. I treasure the memories of him and the experiences he shared with us. We both followed our father and Uncle Julian's steps into the Navy, and always reached for the stars you guys placed in the sky on those fatefull days on the Laffey. The Admiral led two crews, one on the Aaron Ward and then the Laffey. He loved you all and expressed that many times. May God's kindest blessings always be with you. Phil Winston

Donald Tucker
Years Served: March 1957-July 1959
Reported aboard the Laffey in March 1957 as Seaman Apprentice and transferred to the USS Wallace L. Lind, DD-703, in July 1959 as a Disbursing Clerk Third. Have visited the Laffey numerous times at Patriot's Point. She will always be my ship.

Susan Thames
Years Served: 1952-1956
My father-in-law, Franklin Bill Thames and his brother, Arthur Lee Tony Thames from Samson, AL served on the USS Laffey DD-724 from 1952-1956 and completed two world tours. My father-in-law passed away in 1999. Before his passing, he talked fondly of his memories in the Navy. My husband, children and I toured the ship last April in Patriot's Point....a very moving experience.

john hei
Years Served: 2yr
This is to Jim Kennedy, I came aboard the Laffy upon its return from the 67 Med cruise. I later became your stricker an took over the torpedo room after you left. I would like to talk to you . John Hei

john hei
Years Served: 2yr
This is to Jim Kennedy, I came aboard the Laffey upon its return from the 67 Med cruise. I later became your stricker an took over the torpedo room after you left. I would like to talk to you . John Hei

Russ Pergram
Years Served: 1968-1972
Was gmg3 on Laffey.Remember the hurricane off Hatteras? The day we collided with another ship in the Atlantic on the way to the med? Served in the 52 mount and operated the vds sonar on the fantail. Remember the band playing Lonely Bull as we docked in Spain. Good times!

Rick Rose
Years Served: 1967
Was assigned to the USS Laffey as a Naval Academy midshipman in the summer of 1967. The experience convinced me that tin-cans was the place to be. My thanks to all the great sailors who helped me learn about the real navy.

Glen Radder
Years Served: 1944-1945
Am proud of my crew mates and of the vets now keeping our ship in such good shape. keep up the good job. she deserves it

William "Bill&quot
Years Served: 1951 & 1952
I came aboard the Laffey straight out of Boot Camp - Great Lakes - with a number of others in 1952 and the Laffey was fresh out of mothballs. We sailed south to Mexico and then through the Panama Canal and to Norfolk where the ship underwent outfitting to bring her up to date and after a cruise to Gitmo, we started on a 'round the world cruis and a tour of duty in Korea. In Wonson Harbor, North Korea, we were engaged in the longest ship to shore battle of the Korean War and were not damaged during the battle. We had to go out of the harbor the next day after being relieved by another destroyer and replenish our ammo. We resumed our station in the harbor and later went back to Japan. We left Japan for the cruise around the world and returned to Norfolk via the Suez Canal and a cruise in ther Med. I transferred to the USS Prichett DD 561 in January and made a second trip around the world and a second trip to Korea. I have visited the ship many times since she was docked in Charleston and am very proud to have served on her and very proud to see her looking so good there in the harbor.

Years Served: 62 THRU 65
jeff you were in the QM shack with Fawcett as Qm2 I went to Hopewell with you on a few weekends one was the day JFK got wacked...been a while mate

Years Served:
ok ... i c.....Ill be back hey Ron hi do you remember Schaffer

kenneth rohloff
Years Served: 1968-1972
Served on Laffey from Sept 1968 till Nov 31, 1971 as an electrician in R Gang. I certainly learned alot about life while aboard and gained tremendous self confidence which has served me well throughout life so far. EM2/C Ken Rohloff PS...Remember the Tony Balony sandwich hold...Ohm-deo Bubba Tu!!!

Sonny Walker
Years Served: 1960-63
I was an RM2 on Laffey from 60-63. Came aboard at 17 and left at 21. Am president of Laffey Association. We are proud of our ship and will keep working on her as long as we can to keep her looking good at Patriots Point in Charleston, SC. I also gave Bossard his nickname Billy the Boot.

Years Served: 1962

Don Ambrose
Years Served: 1967-1969
Served as a Sonar Technicion and played in the ships band. Have been working as an Emergency Medical Helicopter Pilot in 29 states for many years, and recently retired in the summer of 2009. I have stayed in touch with Dennis Colusci for many years and would like to hear from anyone else. It really doen't seem that long ago. Feel free to Email or call me at 763-428-8466. Later....

Michael D. Farinella
Years Served: June 1968-March 1973
I was transferred from the USS Mullinnix DD-944 to the USS Laffey in 1970. Served aboard the Laffey from late 1970, when it became a reserve trainer out of Alexandria, to March 1973. I was a Sonarman STG2 when I left the Navy in 1973. I have been living in Minnesota ever since. I have been looking for other Sonarmen and Torpedomen who served on the Laffey when I did.

JD Bossard
Years Served: 6/62-8/64
You will just have to forgive the Laffey Association President for not posting the Association website Once again Billy the Boot must cover his butt. Darn 2nd Class RM's

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  • Charles Cook on

    Served on Laffey from October1954 to October 1955. Assigned ship’s office by XO Cummins. Worked closely with legal officer LTJG Crawford. Transferred to 15th Naval District staff, Panama Canal Zone, Fort Amador.

  • Donald W. DeArment on

    Served 2 years l955 and 1956 on the USS LAFFEY DD-724. Many friends and pleasant memories in the Radio Shack and on liberty. Would love to hear from shipmates.

  • Craig Keith on

    I was Communications Officer from September 1969 to April 1971. I went from Laffey to the staff of COMSERVRON 9 in the western Pacific. After my three years, I went to art school in Washington D.C. to learn about graphic design. I have had my own studio in Alexandria, VA since 1982 and am now gradually retiring. Check out my website at

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