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A. D. Harrison
Years Served: 1967-1968
Living in Madison, Alabama.

Kent Smith
Years Served: 1964-1966
SM3, Cleveland Heights OH

Alan Brubaker
Years Served: 1

Served for a short time prior to being released from 2 years of active duty. Was transferred from USS Hoel (DDG-13). We are now living in the state of Wyoming - semi retired.

Search KO7X for additional information.

John Vogler
Years Served: 1968-1970
QM3 on Swenson, now living in Oroville, CA

R J Butler
Years Served: 4
I live in Lexington,MO

edward e. rose
Years Served: 1952-1956
i now live in oloathe Kansas

Joe Coker mm2
Years Served: nov.1955 till nov 1958
Hello ship mates
I'm a blue water ten can sailor,bilge diving snipe,a shell back.
3years in engine rooms.3 west pac 56,57,58,Auckland New Zealand,1958.
Its been over 50 years,but seems like yesterday.thank god for the navy i loved. joe coker mm2

Dave Foskette
Years Served: 1964/1965/1966
SN served on John A. Bole DD 755 in WestPac then on the Lyman K. Swenson DD 729 for the return trip to Nam. Enjoyed more than 7 trips to Hawaii, Guam, Midway, Japan, China Taiwan among other ports. What a great way to travel for free. There's no better food than Navy chow!

Mark Ryan
Years Served: 66-68
GMGSN during the time of Thorson's Raiders. Left to go to river boats in Vietnam for 1 1/2 years, retired from reserves as AOC.
Teaching in Minnesota

Years Served: 1958 - 1960
E3. Living in Saint Paul, MN.

Ed Froelich
Years Served: 1956 Far East Cruise 1955-1956
8) Hi Gang, Hopefully we can stick together after being on that Great Ship Swenson. Since the ship is gone, we have to hold the place in our history where she lived. I see Ed Rose and Joe Coker have signed the log here, maybe we can e-mail and keep in contact. Have any Cruise Pic's ? God Bless America, she needs it. resultsr@charter.net Carson City, NV.

Joe Attisano
Years Served: 1960-1963
Two years in westpac was great duty.

Years Served: 1961-63
Joe Attisano! I remember that guy like it was yesterday. I have many pleasant memories of serving on the LKS and would love to hear from any old shipmates. Does anyone know where Chief Gentile Havard is? Dick Winwood RM2

Johnny Leos
Years Served: 1965
served my last year in the Navy aboard the Swenson as a DC2, graet ship and crew

L. B. (Bill) Seagraves
Years Served: May 1944 to Jan. 46 on Swenson.
RM 3/C

Dan Carey
Years Served: 1961-1963
Great memories. Both of the Foster brothers that served on the LKS from 1961 to 1963 are deceased. I'm not sure when Jack died but Alfred died in 2008 I miss them both.

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  • Kenneth Purifoy says...

    Anyone around who served aboard during 1967-1968?
    I was an SM2 & our LPO was SM1 Johnson

    September 20, 2017

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