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Welcome to the USS Collett DD-730 Guestbook Forum


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Jim Reid
Years Served: May 1966 to July 68
great ship great crew

Albert (wop) Wapstra Sm1
Years Served: 1960-1964
U.s.s. Collett DD-730 my 1st ship. The best ship/crew '60-'64 and command in a 20 year career.

Bill (Shorty) Abshire
Years Served: Oct 1951 to Nov 1954
Just wanted to say hi to my ole shipmates. I've been in touch with Karl Klein and E.O. Smith and Murvin (Windwalker) Darnell. Let me hear from you if you remember me. Always, a shipmate.

Gene Michaelson
Years Served: 1968-70
Reported for duty aboard the Colllett in March 1968 in Yokosuka Japan. Served until Sept. 1970. Great crew made some life long friends

William A Meadows
Years Served: 1966-1969
Served aboard from 1966 Until Feb, 1969

Julious (Windy) Windham
Years Served: Jan. 1946/March 1049
Would like to hear from any and all ship mates. We enjoyed the 2008 reunion in Erwin, Texas.

Jerry Mendenhall
Years Served: February, 1952-July, 1955
The Collett was my first and only assignment after radar school. I went aboard as a seaman first and was discharged as a petty officer first class.

It was quite a ride , and I made a lot of friends during those 3 and 1/2 years. Have lost touch with most of them, and if they read this, please email me.

Pete Hora
Years Served: 1966-1968
Only tin can sailors and astronauts know what weightlessness was

Floyd Wright
Years Served: 1954-1955
Served as Ships Poastal Clerk

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