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Lyle Coursen
Years Served: 2
I signed in for my brother as he died in 1960 while in the navy. I have been trying to get hold of some shipmates with no luck. Hope this type of sign in is OK. Betty Reese

Years Served: 1961 THRU 1964
After leaving the Navy, I became a Police Officer in San Bernardino, for several years. Not enough money in that line of work to justify being shot at, cussed at, spit at, etc., etc. I came back to Northern Calif. and started a Burglar Alarm Co. and have been doing that for 31 years.
Now Semi-retired with my Son and Granddaughter active in the Company.,. We have 17 employees--enough so that I can pretty well dog it every day. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!! :

Ronald Jones
Years Served: 1962-1966
Hello to all, This is Jonsey, checking in, R-Gang 1963-1966 After leaving the Navy, went back to work, Defense contractors, Foundries, Warehouses, finally ended up in Prison, spent 30 years, Retired (fooled ya) as Correctional Captain from Calif Dept of Corrections, Now living in Louisiana, (Love them Hurricaines) Now I do what I want when I want, it sure is nice, play a little Ham radio, Investigate, kidnapping, missing kids, and Cold case work for National Center for Missing and Exploiated Children. Traveling between Maine and Alaska. Have a 25 ac. place here, raise Black Angus Beef, nothing big about 22 head, keeps the meat locker full. Between that and Chasing the granddaughter around ( she and the wife are now in England working on her music and writing songs. Don't know when they will be back, but its quite here :D Well that's about it for now, like to hear from some of you so e-mail me -Best to all- Jonsey

Don Gash
Years Served: 1952-1953
Shipmates, Fond memories! May God protect and bless America!

Richard Keefe
Years Served: 1944 1946
Been a long time and I guess most of the fellows have passed on
Art Johanson still have the picture of you and I in Chins by the rickshaw
Hope to hear from anyone.

Kurt Richard Jacobi
Years Served: 1962-1966
In loving memory (1944-2007)

Joseph Park
Years Served: 1957-58
I was Radioman 2nd class on one cruise to Australia and Orient


Wade Sanders
Years Served: 1966 - 1969
I was DCA and R Division Officer aboard Maddox from 66 - late 67 under Tom McGlaughlin. My Division Officer was Carl Richno. I served one deployment where I encountered and fell in love with a Swift Boat. I volunteered and was selected and served a year in country, mostly in the Delta involved in SEALORDS. After the Navy, I went to Law School, stayed in the Reserves and retired a Captain, a Mustang like my Dad. From 1993 - 98 I served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy. Today I am Senior Advisor to the Lieutenant Governor of California for Military and Veterans Affairs. By the time I got to Maddox, she was a well aged lady and literally held together by promise and spit. She had lots of guns and every time she fired them, it was a toss-up whether we caused more damage to ourselves than the enemy.

She was a good ship, though, and part of a Navy that is long gone.

Years Served: 1961 - 1964
WAS A RM3-2 ON THW Maddox. got off in hi west baerbwra point of two years to b school for a year to Hawaii for 3 more years to the east coast until retired as rm1 now living in Texas

Tim Morrison IC3
Years Served: 1.5 on Maddox - Just prior to becoming a reserve trainer
Things are good with me and mine. Like to hear from others.

Herbert Linley
Years Served: 1963-1967
Herb (Wane) Linley GMG3. Would like to hear from shipmates.

Harrell Lambert
Years Served: 1954
After discharge I spent 16 yrs in Navy Reserve, became tool & die maker in auto industry and President of local union in Toledo, OH. Have been retired 15 years now and live by two man made lakes in West KY. Life is good. Would love to hear from anyone.

Robert J Jarry
Years Served: 1944-1946
I am a plank holder. water tender 3rd class.We joined the 3rd fleet at Pearl Harbor and sailed all the way to Japan for the surrender.

George R. Earl
Years Served: 1954 thru 1960
went aboard the USS Maddox in 1955 saw a lot of the far east and Brisbane , Australia cross the Equator twice ran the captain gig and during that time the starboard 3 inch 50 was my gun. While paroling the Formosa Straits we saw a abandon Junk and was ordered to sink it Hit it with the first shot after that couldn't hit it again finally we ran over it. Second division was my home. After Australia the Ex officer ( whom I think was a great man ) knew I wanted off the ship he told me he was getting transferred to Washington to finish out his career and if I wanted off I was to find a swap and he would approve it and when we got to Sasebo, Japan I went aboard the USS Peacock and swap with a sailor that wanted to come home , I then became a Mine Sweep Sailor. See My Web site Thank You

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  • William Gladney ETN2 on

    Feb. 1965 to Oct. 1967

  • Loyd Watkins on
    Served on the USS Maddox …. from 1967 to 1969 first division Loyd Watkins
  • Gus Pantelides on

    Served aboard the USS Maddox from ’67 – ’69. Great captain, great crew and many good memories. Did our Vietnam tour in ’68 during the Tet Offensive, steaming with the battleship New Jersey, then below the DMZ on carrier patrol.
    Enjoyed our ports of call in Hawaii, Midway, Guam, Sasebo Japan, Hong Kong and our home port of Subic Bay. I was honored to serve aboard the Maddox with some great shipmates while serving our country.

  • Richard Bomgardner on


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