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Dave Koehler
Years Served: 1965/1966
Went aboard June 65 just out of A school.
Westpac 65/66

Gary Barnett - BT
Years Served: 68-69
Left North Chicago NTC and went aboard to deploy to WESPAC .
We were the last crew before SHE went out of commision.

Dennis Vinson - ST1
Years Served: 1962-1966
Four good years on the Small, including 2 year WESTPAC deployment from 1964 to 1966.

Visit the USS Ernest G. Small website at

Martin Bock
Years Served: 1961 - 1963
Ping Jockey along with Magoo, Mouse, Jim Cox, Tex Franks, Bob Carriker and other misfits

Chet Goldman
Years Served: 1953-1955

Years Served: 1958 to November 1961 two westpac trips

Loran Slothower
Years Served: 4
MM3, 01/66 to 09/69

I was one of the last to leave the USS Brush before decom.

Robert E Cannon, YN3
Years Served: September 1965 to December 1966
Met alot of great people. Lost contact with all after a few years after discharge.

David Magana, LTjg
Years Served: 1963 -1965
The years aboard the Brush were very significant for me. We had a great crew and I would like to connect with those who served in that time period.

Albert Warren Faulk, Jr
Years Served: Son of Albert Sr who was on the original crew as a radarman
Deceased 1996. Had sharp memories of his time on board.

Don "Benny" B
Years Served: 1966-1967
Served in Vietnam as a radar man. Rank RD3. Would like to find some of my shipmates.

Durward L. Adkisson
Years Served: 1965 thru 1967
I was on the USS Brush in 1966. During that time, a typhoon or hurricane hit and it caused me to have stress related problems. I does not know the name of the hurricane/typhoon or what month. I guess that it occurred July -August 1966. Does anyone remember this occurrence and could describe the events to help me in my claim ?

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  • Duane Street on

    My Grandfather was injured when the USS BRUSH hit a mine. Found many photos of when he served. Looking to see where I should upload.

  • Maria on

    Looking for anyone who remembers my dad Michael Scalamonti

  • Patrick PIneapple Kahawaiolaa SM3 β€˜65-β€˜67 on

    Best time for a Young sailor from Hawaii

  • Johnny Mansell on

    Im ,the wife of Johnny Mansell, Who served on the Uss Brush from 1962 to 1964,trying to locate members of his time served,he passed on July 29th 2016,of cancer,and many major issues,,he was a signalman, and sonar cleaner as a deck painter as im sure most painted while there,i would like so much to hear from some who were in this time period with him,

  • James Wehmeier on

    Some of the hardest and yet best 2yrs. of my life. 9/65 – 9/67. And to Durward Adkisson, I do remember the hurricane/cyclone. After we left Sasebo Japan. I was down painting the chain locker woth spray paint. Never been so sickπŸ˜₯

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