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Welcome to the USS Samuel N Moore DD-747 Guestbook Forum


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Bob Culver
Years Served: 1944-1946
The Rammin Sammy went into commission in the Brooklyn Navy Yard on June 24, 1944. I have redone our War Record Book produced right after World War II. I am presently working with Pierson Shelton of the USS Blue and David Openheimer of the USS DeHaven on procuring a Presidential Unit Citation for DesDiv 61's raid into Tokyo Bay on july 22, 1945.

Gerald R. Wasik
Years Served: 1968-1969
After serving on DD747 was transferred to U.S.S. New Jersey and was later transferred to U.S.S. Leonard F. Mason DD852.I was discharged in 1971 and returned home to Brooklyn N.Y.
After a couple of years I was hired by the New York City Subways as a Signal maintainer.I completed 25.6 years of service and at age 50 retired.I now work as a consultant to a large construction company installing/modernizing the signal system of the N.Y.C.subway.
I was married in 1973 have two children,three grandchildren.I'm still married and reside on eastern Long Island,N.Y.

Bernard Seal (Bernie)
Years Served: 1957-1958
I came aboard after serving 3 years on the USS Walker DDE-517. Both were great ships to have served on. Sure would like to meet some of the guys that I served with.

David Blomstrom
Years Served: June 1956-June 1957
I transferred to the Rammin' Sammy from the USS Baltimore (CA-68) after that ship was decommissioned in May, 1956. SH3 Henkle was transferred with me. I was a SK3 when I transferred in and made SK2 while on the DD-747.

I have attended 3 reunions but none in recent years. Have never heard anything more about my fellow sailor Henkle.

William E Anson
Years Served: 1961-1962
I went aboard the Rammin Sammy right out of boot camp in early 1961. I was on the deck force for about 2 months and realized that was not for me. I then was able to get into the Radio Shack. I made 2 Westpac cruise's and was on board during Operation Dominic. I got out of the Navy Dec 1962. I came back in in Aug 1965 and was assigned aboard the USS ST Paul (CA-73). Within two years I went from SN to RM2. We went to Vietnam in 1966 and 1967. I got out of the Navy in 1973.

Tom Groves
Years Served: 1962-1963
My childhood buddy & I enlisted at the Santa Barbara CA Naval Reserve Center 3/30/60, during our senior year at Carpinteria CA High School. I went to reserve boot camp in San Diego for 2 weeks in June '61, after a so-so year in Jr. College. I reported for active duty 11/1/61, at Long Beach Naval Station - left San Diego on a troop transport (with a bunch of soldiers on board) 12/10/61, with orders to report to the Rammin' Sammy. I ate Christmas dinner at the Yokosuka Naval Station, and eventually landed aboard USS Yorktown New Years' Eve, a passenger on a mail plane from Atsugi NAS. When the squadron arrived at Okinawa on 1/3/62 I finally reported aboard USS Samuel N Moore, a raw & inexperienced SA. The XO gave me a chance to be a YN striker after a month on the deck force, and I received my crow (YN3) 11/16/62. I was on board during Operation Dominic. I was transferred 5/10/63 to USS Colahan (DD-658) ferrying reservists on weekend and 2-week cruises. I was separated from Active Duty 10/21/63 & discharged 3/29/66. I am married with 3 grown children, retired from 27 years in Material Management, still play bass guitar semi-professionally and proud to be a Rammin' Sammy alumnus.

Don Martin
Years Served: 1959-1961
I went aboard the Moore right after boot camp in November of 1959. I went on the Wes Pack Cruise in January 1960. i remember going ashore in Yosuka (sp), Sasebo, Hong Kong, Subic Bay, Manila, and Okinawa, I also remember the Yorktown firing their 5 inch guns at us and hitting us with target ammo, Pearl Harbor and going past the USS Arizona, and feeding the sharks off the sip in Alongapew, Phillines. The guys I hung out with were Larry Edens, Richard Threw, and Rick Quam.

After the Navy I went to college and got my degree and spent 40 plus years in the field of Recreation & Parks. I've been married for 44 years and have two children and 3 grand children. I live in La Quinta, CA and usually spend my summers RVing.

Don Martin, GMSN, 59-61

Tom Pettit
Years Served: 1964-65
I am currently the President of our Samuel N Moore Association and we have scheduled our annual reunion in Charleston, SC for September.

Tom Pettit
Years Served: 1963-64
A correction to my previous note -- I served on the Moore from 63-64 and the date of our reunion scheduled in Charleston, SC is
September 9-13, 2009. Please feel free to contact me at 540-434-4029
for further details...

John R Boyd
Years Served: 1965-1966
I was a Radioman. I was stationed in Kodiak, Alaska for two years. Before that.i was extended for 3 months while serving in the Tonkin Gulf. My time was up but i stayed aboard until Long Beach, CA.

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  • Dennis Palmer on

    Served onboard 65 – 67. FTG

  • Gary Waddell on

    Served from 1965 to 1969 made 3tours to Vietnam doing carrier escort and bombing for ground troops SH 3 served all over the ship qualified helmsman and lead helmsman lower handling room and Gun mount spent Christmas anchored in Vung Tu harbor hope to here from some old ship mates

  • Otto leininger on

    Served on the Moore 67 and 68 made 2 deployments to vietnam. Operation sea dragon forestall fire. Shore bombardment and plane guard. Great ship and crew.

  • Jim Stuehler on

    1954-58, EM1 when discharged.

    Would like to hear from anyone who served on Rammin Sammy during that time.

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