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Welcome to the USS Frank E Evans DD-754 Guestbook Forum


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Gregory H Humphrey
Years Served: 1964, 1965 ,1966
My brother Dwight D Humphrey also served on the Evans with me in 1965 and 1966 we both left the Navy in June of 1966.

Andrew Washington
Years Served: Approximately 6 months, from April 1949 - October 1949
As a crew member on the Evans, we brought her out of mothballs in the spring of 1949. I served in the engine room at the time. After 3 months in Hunter's Point, San Francisco, we returned to San Diego. After arriving in San Diego, I was transferred from the Evans to attend Radio School at the Naval Training Center in San Diego. Following radio school, I was assigned to the USS Rogers, DDR 876. There were a few guys I knew during my six months on board the Evans, but, unfortunately, I don't remember any of them by name.

Leonard Ruffalo
Years Served: 1961 - 1963
Had a great Wespac cruise in 1962.

Roger Seeley
Years Served: Nov.22, 1963-Jan. 15, 1966
Just logged in to say Hey! to Greg Humphrey. Good to know old shipmates are still around.
Roger Seeley HTCM/MDV USN (ret.)

William Needham
Years Served: 66-67
She was a good ol girl. Spent a lot of peaceful time out at sea on fantail when not on
duty. (EM)discharged in Oct 67

Milton R.Foster
Years Served: 1956-1958
I was honored to have the chance to serve on the Frank E.
Evans.We had a great crew we all served with pride.My thoughts are always with my shipmates who lost thier life in the fatal accident.God Bless America MAY THE NAME fRANK E. EVANS DD754 LIVE FOREVER.
A proud shipmate
EN3Milton R.Foster

Ed Churchill
Years Served: 1965-1967
Served as Comm Officer. Had a great division of guys. Enjoyed our deployments very much. Left about six months before the collision, but still knew almost everyone lost. Attended a get togather with some of the crew when they got back. Glad many of my friends made it.

Robert Jack
Years Served: 1965
Transfered to the USS Isle Royal AD29 in 1966

Doug Runion
Years Served: 1/66-9/68
My first tin can out of bootcamp. Lost some good friends. Retired 6/86 as STGC SW.

Forris Hudkins
Years Served: 1967-1968
Evans was a great ship with a great crew! I quite happy to serve as chief radioman aboard her. I transferred the day we completed refresher training before she sailed to WESTPAC for the last time. I knew all who when down with her, but two. E-Mail:

Nelson E Evans
Years Served: 1956 to 1960
I served on the Evans for approx. three years as QM-3. Have lost touch with all the shipmates I served with. The Evans was a great ship, It was as I look back the best time of my life. God bless those who lost thier lives and there familys.

Jerry Stephenson
Years Served: 1962
I served No. 2 Fireroom in 1962 after completing BTB school. Swapped to USS Dixie AD-14 while in Sasebo. A good ship with a good crew. Bell was BTC, Baggy and Bruhner were also after fireroom types I like to see or hear from. Retired BTC 1979 12 years active 10 as USNR

Dale J. McKeand (Mac) BT3
Years Served: Dec. 1967 to June 1969
Honor to the seventy-four that we lost June 3, 1969.

Jack Wimsett
Years Served: 1967-1969
survivor of june-3-1969. 1st div night sunk,forward half. lest we forget the 74 lost.the Evans was the best ship...

Ronald Barlow
Years Served: 1969
I have been compiling a photographic essay of the life of RD3 Con Wesley Wes Warnock, who went down with the Frank E Evans on 3 June, 1969. I knew Wes as a child and began research for this project while serving as teacher and principal at the small high school in Pineland, Texas which Wes attended. I would appreciate any and all remembrances of Wes, whether they are appropriate for print or not, and will handle them with discretion, so as to only treat his memory with dignity and respect. I have made several presentations over the past several years at Veterans Day and Memorial Day ceremonies and would like to continue adding to the presentation. The program is in Powerpoint format and I would be glad to share it with any of Wes' friends. It contains many photographs. Wes' only sister has aided me in this project, but (40 years later) is still unable to adequately cope with the fact that she convinced Wes to enlist in the Navy. Ronald Barlow 409-381-1900

Carl Blanchard
Years Served:
Aboard Evans 1953-56, from RMSN to RM2. Great memories. Three tours of the Far East. Grew up on the Evans, from age 18-21. Due to insufficient staffing, was put into unusual responsibilities for my young age, giving me experience which helped me move into a long career I certainly never imagined in those days. Once I got through the first couple of years with mess cooking, etc., actually grew to enjoy the life. Thought seriously about making the Navy my career. But I married very young and was concerned that my marriage would suffer if I stayed in. I credit my experience on the Evans with laying the foundation which helped me, while supporting an increasingly large family, to earn B.A., Masters, and Doctoral degrees. And I had quit high school at age 17, passing a GED equivalent while in the Navy. I am indebted to the Evans and the USN! My email address is Would love to hear from shipmates.

Larry Sutton
Years Served: 1965 - 1968
This was my first assignment in a 23 year naval career. Retired in 1988 as a Chief Ocean Systems Technician (Analyst). I will never forget the many outstanding shipmates from the Evans, especially those close friends who were lost at sea exactly 45 years ago today. My brother, Jerry, also served aboard the Evans.

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  • William Culbertson-Sullivan on

    I served on the Evans from Nov. 1964-June 1968 and was then honorably discharged. Hello to all my shipmates and good friends. A special tribute to those men who lost their lives June 3rd 1969. Would like to hear from any shipmates.

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