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Welcome to the USS John A Bole DD-755 Guestbook Forum


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Dave Foskette
Years Served: 1962/1963/1964
E-3 SN, served as deckhand in WestPac on board the Bole and had many great experiences in the Far East until bad on board accident during training exercises of the coast of Calif in 64. Was able to locate & thank a fellow shipmate for saving my life & preventing me from going over the side unconcious 40 years after the accident. Sadly we lost my shipmate Kris Kringler to cancer awhile back but not before I'd had my chance to thank him.

James Stewart Williams
Years Served: June, 1944 to July 19436
I am pleased to be entered in the guestbook of the USS JOHN A BOLE (DD755)

Years Served: 1966, 67, 68, 69, 70
I served on the Bole as an MM3. Picked up the ship in Subic in '66 after SP duty in Olongapo. Started out working in the scullery and ended up in Main Control on the throttles...and that's where I stayed.
I flew airplanes in any port I could, and was a parachutist. When I brought my chutes and other skydiving gear aboard ship, it was always good for a chuckle. The Navy is great at finding the right rate for you. I did interview at the Naval Parachute Test Center at El Centro...but I'd have to extend... Nope, not for me.
Transferred to the Edson DD-946 in '69, then briefly on the Battleship New Jersey before discharge in '70, then started flying for a living. I just changed one control board for another.
Had great times with all my shipmates!! (Especially Earnie and Wimpy)

Blue Skies,

Chris Behl MM3

Paul A. Philbrick
Years Served: 1965-1969 Radioman Second Class
I had 3 1/2 good years aboard the Bole. 2 Westpac cruises. We were on our way to Australia for R&R when the USS Pueblo was captured. Crossed the Equator one day and went back across the next day on our way to the Sea of Japan. I remember recieving the top secret message telling the Captain to get our asses up there. Ahh, the good times, San Francisco, San Diego, Honolulu, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Olongopo, Singapore.

Mike Manry
Years Served: Father was Plankowner
Signing in the guestbook for my father BT1C Robert Manry. He was a plankowner and served on the Bole until his discharge Not sure of dates). I too was a Tin Can Sailor on the Francis Hammond DE-1067 from '69 to '73 with a tour to Nam in '72.

Carl Fillingim
Years Served: 1951 - 1955
Discharged in May, 1955 after 3 Korean cruises aboard the USS John A. Bole. Radarman 2nd class.

Jack Sullivan STG3
Years Served: 1962 - 1965
I was there when Dave Foskette nearly got washed overboard. He tried to break all of the starboard side lifeline stanchions as he smashed into them with his body, we heard he broke most of his bones and may not survive. Bad scene. Nobody was supposed to be outside during a storm. I remember Kris Kringler, he was a good guy, hilarious disposition. Sorry to hear of his passing.

I came aboard the Bole when I flunked Sonar 'A' school 4 weeks before it ended. It took me 18 months of hard labor on Bole's deck force before I could get recommended to take the Sonar 3rd class test. Thank GOD I passed and got promoted! I don't paint, even now and never. I did three Westpacs on Bole and enjoyed the liberty immensely, especially in foreign ports but, 4 years was enough for this lifetime. Now days I am a Manufacturing Engineering Supervisor at Bell Helicopter in Fort Worth, Texas and a quarterhorse enthusiast in my other life. My wife and I (who I met and married while stationed onboard the Bole) live rurally where nobody even knows what red lead is. We have horses, bllodhounds, and 3 wild kids who never served in the military. I am still happy I decided not to re-enlist. :D

Jim Anderson
Years Served: 1963-1967
I was an MM3 while on the Bole, served with Joe Commero, Ron Shipley, Jack Clyborne, Joe Pike and others in Main Control. Several Wespac cruises, went to Kuala Lompur Malaysia, and Viet Nam and other places. Had a Great time with Great people.

John J. Girardi
Years Served: 1952 to 1953
I served one year as a Teleman (Mail Man/Typist). The year was 1952 to 1953. Many good memories of the Opertions division. It was an honor to service on this ship. Memories of dedicated radio and radar men.

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  • Mel Hartley on

    I served on John A Bole in 66, 67, 68
    I was MM1 in charge of after engine room. I remember you Jim Anderson, also Shipley, Clyborne, Joey Commero, Brooks, John Hartley and probaby more if I think harder. I retired as MMC and now live with my wife in southern Utah. Good memories of John A. some bad too, I remember when my MM2 Charlie Gahn went on leave and was killed in auto accident. Good times though, but I wouldn’t want to do it again.

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