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Welcome to the USS Putnam DD-757 Guestbook Forum


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Dennis E. Foster
Years Served: 1965-1967
It's nice to hear from old Shipmates once in awhile, I know sometimes it is hard to remember so long ago, but as I look through the list of names I recall quite a few. I was a BT3 in 1967 when I left the Putnam went to Illinois for a couple of months rejoined and went to San Diego. In 1970 I returned to Norfolk, Va on shore duty, then went to Philly for b-school, ended up on the Sylvania AFS 2 Left the Navy in 1973.

Darrell Loomis
Years Served: 1969-1971
I arrived on the Putnam in Oct. 69 just before it went in to the yards in Baltimore. I was one of the original crew that went to New Orleans.

Bill Johns
Years Served: 1952 - 1955
Hello shipmates

David Holmes
Years Served: 1972 to 1975
Hello everyone, I was on the USS Putnam from 1972 to the decommission then transferred to the USS William C. Lawe. I was an Engineman 3rd class, (A gang) so we were around most everyone on the ship. A gang kept you all happy and comfortable.

Years Served: Jan 1965 - Feb 1968
Ship Mates
I hope you are well. I was an STG3 from 65 to 68 and was ship's librarian for a while. I am fat and happy living in NJ.
I hope to attend the reunion in norfolk nest Sept.
see you soon
David Epler

Bud Baxter
Years Served: 1968-69
Was STG2 on board & made lots of lasting friends. Currently live in Virginia Beach, VA and will be at the reunion. My email address is

Don LePorte
Years Served: 1951
It was an experience

Years Served: 29-US NAVY
Sorry to inform you that on April 13, 2007, my father, Chief Petty Officer Milton Franklin Lewis passed away at his home from CHF & COPD.
He was on the Putnum and served in the US Navy for 29 years.

He will be greatly missed by us all!
Thank you,

Linda Moorefield

Warren Savage
Years Served: 1958 to 1961
Wishing all Putnam Shipmates the BEST of HEALTH
I wlii be at our 2009 Reunion in Norfolk , VA

Years Served: 1963 - 1965
I came aboard after the ship got it's FRAM job at the New York ship yard.

Bill Hansen
Years Served: 1972 - 1975
:) Greetings former Putnam crew members. I came aboard Putnam in 1972 when she was in New Orleans and was on her when we decommissioned her. I was a Boiler Tech Fireman when I came on, then made BT3 the following year. I also was transferred to the William C. Lawe DD763 afterwards. I worked in the aft fireroom and let me tell you, I don't miss that heat anymore,ha. BT3 Bill Hansen

bill semeraro
Years Served: 1961 to 1963
i joined the Putnam in 61 and left the next day on a med cruise it was a great experience i left while it was in the Brooklyn navy yard for duty in Newport RI aboard the USS the Sullivan's dd 535

Fred Price
Years Served: 1962-1965
I served 62-65 on Putnam. Joined Putnam while she was in Brooklyn Navy Yard for Fram II. Navy then was very rough and tumble, unlike today.The yard birds at Brooklyn were the beat people on earth.

J.T. brown
Years Served: 1966-1969
Served on board as an FTGC--would be great to hear from any CPOs who served with me--also any FTs, GMs or SOs.

George McMath
Years Served: 1965-1971
I made ET2 while on board. Was on Putnam '67-'68. Best memories are spending Christmas-New Year in Monte Carlo and meeting Princess Grace and her children; also the Shellback cruise to Rio in the summer of '68. Great Ship, great crew, awesome experiences. Am planning to be at reunion in Norfolk.

Don McGee
Years Served: 1946-1948
Went aboard in Dec 46, made 3rd class on Med cruise. Swapped with another RM3 from COMOPDEVFOR staff on USS ADIRONDACK in Feb 48 Would like to hear from him if he is still around.. Don't recall his name.... Retired in 69 as LCDR...

Don Gioia
Years Served: 1953-1955
The friendship of shipmates still exists today at REUNIONS and thru E-mails. Hope to see you in Norfolk in 2009?

Wayne Hubbel
Years Served: 1963-1965
Joined the Putnam in Norfolk in '63 as a Fireman. Made MM3 and became the Water King sometime in '64. Left the ship and the Navy in June of '65.

bill gummer
Years Served: 1958-1962
see you all in Norfolk Sept. 17 thru 21

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  • John McFarland on

    Reported aboard as FTGSN in 1963 and transferred in 1966 as FTG2 while in the yards in Portsmouth. Retired in 1987 as NCCM. Was leading FT when I transferred. LCDR Joe Buggy was my XO and was responsible in my enlistment.

  • Tiffiany Stone on

    I am trying to find my stepfather’s shipmates. He was on the Putnam feom 1966-1968. His name is Raymond Haughey and he worked in fireroom 1. Please feel free to email me at lilyannasmommaATtvnDOTnet. Thank you.

  • tom solder etn2 on

    God Bless any of us still around. 1966 thru 1969. So happy to read notes from guys I knew, others before and after who shared a life none of us will likely forget.
    Anyone know dates in Portsmouth shipyard?
    Ok to email me. Tom


    I served 1966-1970. on board Putnam from 1967 to 1969 . like McMath said i enjoyed christmass & new years in MONTE CARLO (in fact stood bow watch at midnight) I left the PUTNAM in 68-69 gefore transferto reserve fleet at New Orlesns. I was a en3 working on the DASH helocopters

  • Denny Strickland on

    Served on the Putnam from 1971 to 1973:
    I was in the Signal Gang. The Putnam was my second ship. Served on four others during a 30 year span. Retired in 1997 and now live in Central Florida.

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