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Welcome to the USS John W Thomason DD-760 Guestbook Forum


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Randolph Hamerdinger
Years Served: 1953-55
I served as an ETSN-ET3 in the years stated above.

I am presently retired in Las Vegas, NV. :D I have not been in touch with any of my ship mates.

Jens Zorn
Years Served: 1952-53
I was on Guam for two years and then went aboard the Thomason as ET2 for the last eight months before mustering out in mid 1953. Went on to college (Miami U, Ohio) and graduate school (Yale) to work in physics; since 1962 have been on the faculty of University of Michigan. Am currently entering retirement in order to spend full time on commemorative sculpture.

I did get together with Tony Tommasi in 1961 and in 1994, shortly before he died. Otherwise no reunions to report; I would welcome messages from former shipmates, particularly the electronics gang and those with whom I bunked in the cookstewards compartment . (John Meek, are you out there?)

Jens (JC) Zorn

Ronald Farnquist
Years Served: 1955 - 1958
Hello Shipmates, I was abord the JWT for my whole hitch in the USN. My work station was the aft engine room as a MM3. Had lots of fun many years ago. Would like to hear from anyone from the engine room gang or wherever. I now live in Grand Haven Michigan. My name is Ronald Farnquist.

L.L. Ballard
Years Served: 1950-1952
I was the Fire Control then Gunery Officer. Cdr G. P. Chung-Hoon was the Captain and Cdr D.L.G. King the Exec. Later as a civilian I worked aboard the USS Norton Sound AVM-1. Just after I left in 1955, Capt. Chung-Hoon took command of AVM-1. I corresponded with his wife several years later and was told that the Admiral had just died. I guess having a collision with the USS Buck doesn't keep a Chinese-Hawaiian who plays football barefoot from making Admiral

William R. Farnquist
Years Served: 1956/1957
I came aboard the John W. Thomason in 1956. I served in the forward engine room as FN. I was on one oversea cruise. I was released from service in 1957. I was a draftee. My brother Ronald was on the same ship. It was a real memorable experience.

William Boyer
Years Served: 1960-1963
Made one WestPac cruise on the JWT in 1961. JWT was a fine ship and when I went aboard it had just come out of the yards with the FRAM II overhaul. Came aboard as a RDSN and left as a RD2. Retired in 1980.

Burton Pauly
Years Served: 1953-1957
Hello there folks;

Well I was on the old can at the end of the Korean conflict until 1957 when I left the Navy. I didn't stay out long. I enlisted again in the same year, and stayed for 20 and retired . My last duty was the J.F.K.
the aircraft carrier. Phone# 6158894832 .

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  • Al Robertson on

    My father -in-law is Peterson, Melvin R. He served on the USS John W. Thomason during the Korean War in the engine room. If you remember him and have any stories the family would greatly appreciate them. Mel will be turning 90 on 3 May.
    Thank you,

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