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Fair, Harold T.
Years Served: 1958-1960
Went aboard as ETSN and left as ET2. At that time, knew every body on board. With Henley, RM1 and a few others, we had a great country band.
Ah, memories.


Ron Niccum QM1
Years Served: 1963-1965
The USS Buck was part of a great career. Served as precision helmsman and Assistant to the Navigator. Left the Buck to become an NTC San Diego Instructor.

Walter Willis
Years Served: WWll for 3 1/2 years
My father served on the Buck in the Pacific during WWll.

He often spoke of the great men on that ship that fought with him in very horrific battles.

He passed away about 10 years ago in Delaware at the age of 76/75.
He lied about his age so he would be able to join the fight to help save this great nation from further harm.

Thank you all for remembering their heroism as young men that risked their lives for us to keep us free and free from harm.

We need more leaders like them in Washington DC to protect us from the coming financial storm. They know the real meaning of the word sacrifice.

May God bless all our men and woman that have given so much of themselves to protect this country.

Your Bud,
Walt Willis

Shepherd, Ronald R IC/2c
Years Served: 1959-1962
On board at Hunters Point, out of boot camp San Diego, April 1959. Served from IC/FA to IC/2c. Served with Carlos Pena, IC/2c, Howard Trumbell, IC/1c, etc, in IC Room. Transfered to NUKE program, Nov. 1962. Harold Fair is a familiar name.

Jim Mudge ETN2
Years Served: 1966-1969
I made two Westpac cruises on the Buck during the Vietnam war. I have some great memories, mostly of shore leaves in some exotic places. I would love to hear from anyone who served during that time period.

Thomas Webber
Years Served: 1967-1969
We did kick some ass during Viet Nam. Great ship, Great crew!

Terry Mason
Years Served: 1973-1974
Served on the U.S.S. Buck DD761 in the mid seventies. We were just getting ready to go on a Westpac Cruise when they decommissioned it from active Duty and turned it into a Trainer. What GREAT Duty that was, although I would liked have gotton to Olongapo and Toyko one more time. Had some great time with Charlie Lentz and old Roy Kirby.

Jimmy Johnson
Years Served: 1956-1959
Went aboard as ETSN and left ET2. Two westpac cruises on Buck and then transferred to Braine DD630 for one cruise. Great ships.

Gary Nelson
Years Served: 1956-1958
I was aboard USS BUCK from 1956 to 1958.
Would love to hear from any of my commrads that were on board.

Years Served: Aug. 1959 to Jan. 1961
I went on the Buck as a seaman and I left as a CSSN. I went on to serve for 10 yrs. and I got out. I still wish that I would have finished it. I loved the Navy until I got married, then I just didn't like it anymore.

Mike Winchester
Years Served: 1968-71
Reported aboard Haloween night 1968 , ETR2 assigned to the DASH ASW helo crew and the 5 gun crew. Stayed until the DASH were taken off then went to the ET gang as LPO, about the time the Buck became a reserve trainer going to Mexico and Canada. Got off Haloween night 1971 and transferred to NAS Treasure Island in the Bay area. Great ship to serve on, the third with the name in the US Navy and the last which was fitting for a 3rd generation Navy man. I have made it to one reunion many years ago and we had plankowners through the decom crew, look forward to another some day and keep in touch with some the crew via the net.

Gene "Wooly"
Years Served: 1953-1957
Combined rating of Qm and Sm during my tour. I was primarily a signalman. Got out, married, divorced, Bachlor's degree, married, Master's degree, taught high school for 30 years, retired, built an RV-8 aircraft (7.5 years constructing), and fly every chance I get. Replaced Sandy Sanchez (Texas) as hemsman for general quarters, fueling along side, entering and egressing port. Have attended several ships reunions and enjoyed each one, especially the Washington, D.C. gathering. I find the memorial service recognizing deceased shipmates especially meaningful whether I served with them or not. We are a larger family than I thought. There have been no signalmen in attendance for the '53-'57 years. Sandy Sanchez has passed as has Kenny Lang. Puss Lowery and Gordon Dale Strader are still vertical, and I'd like to make contact with.....................

Robert Ruemmele
Years Served: 1952-1954
I served as ship's cook from 1952-1954 and am not aware of any casualties from my cooking. Retired from Sears and Roebuck after 32 years. Enjoy fishing. Reside in Waterloo, IA with wife and children. Would like to hear from former shipmates. Can still remember watching Sergeant York movie several time and going into drydock after getting torpedoed near Mare Island.

Jim Ivey
Years Served: 1961-1962
Went aboard the Buck in '61, went through FRAM in Long Beach, I was in the gun gang with Belcher, Wilson, Sharp, Branson, Wells and many others. Well remember Rickman, Lomax, Pettingil, Boykin etc. I was in charge of the VDS after FRAM and had a wonderful time serving with all the guys I got to know. I grew up in the Navy and owe just being here to my time spent there. I left the Buck when she headed to the Queens fair in Seattle in Oct of '62. I returned to Florida and have been here since.

Lawrence E. Williams
Years Served: 1963-1965
I was an ICFN and on a very eventful Westpac cruise called Operation Viet Cong. We had a great crew and I enjoyed my time on her.

Glen Bakken
Years Served: 67-68
Served aboard the uss buck from jan 67- aug 68. I was a GM.. Looking to hear from anybody in that time frame.

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I have a cruise book from a friend who recently passed on. 1957 Buckaneers. Is there a contact for a ship association out there?

Mike H

Does anyone have a contact for a USS Buck association? I have a cruise book from 1957 I’d pass along to a new home if someone is interested…



I was a seaman boatswains mate in 1969 during her west pac cruise , does anyone have information on the typhoon we rode through were the exterior bridge windows blew out , the 5 inch 38 gun barrel got bent and other damages.

Mark Annis Coleman

HI my Father served on the USS Buck DD 761 from 1958- 1962 His Name is Wesley Leroy Ferbert I’m trying to find out what Rate my Father was when He served in the Navy. I was an MSSN like my Uncle Carl that also served on the Buck at the same time as my father did. If anyone knows what is Rate was this is my facebook page please post it there thank you https://www.facebook.com/monty.ferbert

Monty R Ferbert

Was a BM from late 67-68. Went to signal school in San Diego and was assigned to USS King DLG-10. Remember a friend by the last name of Nunez from Arizona. Became a teacher & put in 35 years to education. Presently , the VFW Chaplain for our post.

Rogelio Reyna

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