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Welcome to the USS Keppler DD-765 Guestbook Forum


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William Belber
Years Served: 1950-1951
looking for John Westbrook BT1

Frank A Klemser
Years Served: 1957-1960
MM2 Forward Engine Room

Years Served: 1957 TO 1960

Charles Cuthbert
Years Served: 4/4/1948--4/2/1952
Fwd & aft firerooms--Am in contact with,Art Primm,Bob Alcott,J Rucker--Knew John Westbrook BT 1 a lifer probably retired Chief PO-- Searching for D Sheehan,Shorty Graff ---Had contact with Art Sans??? any fireroom gang--48 to 52 ??-- C.C.

Thomas Breward
Years Served: 1960-1963
Came abord in Nov.1960 untill July 1963 then transferred to the U.S.S. Yosemite AD 19 because the Keppler was going down south and I was getting discharged in Dec. Had a great time with everyone on board.I have been retired for nine years from law enforcement in Florida,and at this time my wife and i are full time rvers.

James Penny
Years Served: Dec 1956 to June 1958
Came onboard just before the South American cruise. Initially was the Main Propulsion Officer, then became the Damage Control Officer, when Bill Hinks became Engineering Officer. Served under CDR P.T. Glennon, then CDR Largess. The Med cruise in 1957 took us into the Persian Gulf, where we sure needed air conditioning. Was transferred to the Schools Command, Newport when we were in the Boston Naval Shipyard.

Robert S (Bob) Duggan, Jr
Years Served: 1946 - 1948
I was an ET2 on the Keppler '46-'48. After graduating from Georgia Tech, I served '51-'53 as Electronics Officer on USS Rowe DD-564. Retired 1968 as LCDR. Spent 32 years as electronics engineer with Lockheed here in Atlanta.

John F. Robinson
Years Served: 1969-1971
Great years and a great crew.

arthur kelly bt3
Years Served: 1960-1961
Great Ship

Les Meyers
Years Served: 1961-1962
the mighty gray was one good ship. wish I was young enough again to be back on her, I would have done things different.

Gordon P. Kock
Years Served: 1960-1963
To the old Sonar Gang: All that pinging finally paid off in the Cuban Crisis, hey? Best wishes to all those I sailed with from 1961 - 1963.

Years Served: 1954
VISIT MY KEPPLER CREW ROSTER - WEBSITE - listed on the website of the USS ROOKS. KEPPLER CREW ROSTERS are BELOW the RED LINE - 1947 to June 1972 Art Aubrey BT3 1954 203/323-2769 65 Myano Lane Stamford CT 06902-4503

Roger D. Eagle
Years Served: 1961-1962

william (wheats) wheatley
Years Served: 12/23/65-11/1/68
mighty K nam66-67 great ship great crew many fond memories

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  • Paul Pederson on

    SOG2 1960-62…some of the sonar “gang”…..McLeod, Albright, Husenga, Meredith, Earl, Savage, Larson. Short list from memory. Great chief….Bailey. Would appreciate hearing from any/all.

  • Stephen Mooney on

    The 2019 USS Keppler Reunion will take place aboard the Norwegian Dawn – sailing from New York City on a 7-night cruise to New England and Canada. For information contact Steve Mooney at

  • Stephen Mooney on

    Stephen “Steve” Mooney
    Years Served Jan 1970 – Decommissioning 1972
    ETSA – ETN3

    Great ship great crew. Visit our Facebook page.

    Also visit for cruise books .
    I’m the reunion coordinator for information on 2017
    contact me at or if you
    have memories and photos of the “Mighty K”
    Call sign “Budweiser”

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