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Johnny Adams
Years Served: 1952-1953
My father is actually the one who served aboard the USS Gurke. I am siging this in his memory.

Jerry Welshans
Years Served: 1951-1955
Would be glad to hear from any of my old shipmates. Thanks, Jerry

Thomas Ramsay
Years Served: 1960
We were in transit on the USS Gurke DD 783 headed for our duty ship in Yokosuka Japan, the USS Jupiter AVS8. There were seven of us just out of boot camp. We boarded the Gurke in early 1960 in San Diego CA. All of us were seaman apprentices. I will try to remember the names, Thomas L. Ramsay, Raymond H. Miller, Charles Pratt, Nick Petruskin, Fred Cannahan, Mike Martinez, and Massingham. Thanks for the great site.

Gary Sims
Years Served: Nov. 1969-Aug. 1971
I think the Gurke crew was like family , it wasn't like the cruiser I also
served on. I was a cook aboard the Gurke , and sailed 3 hurricanes on
her. A proud ship .

Frank Noyes
Years Served: 1957 -1961
I was a radar man on the Gurke from late 57 to early 61 I was a 2nd class radarman when I was discharged.I remamber haveing a parakete that was fond on the life line one morning in port we kept him in the CIC shack on tell he got out the door and flew away. we had him about two years.

James Woodward
Years Served: dad was onboard
My dad was on board in the radio room I was hopeing to find someone that remembered him and might have some pictures.I lost him to Cancer in 95 and lost all picture shortly there after. IF anyone remebers him please drope me a note at THANKS

Thomas Michaelson
Years Served: Sept 1964 to August 1966
I am very proud to have served on such a wonderful ship with a great group of shipmates. Would sure enjoy hearing from some of them.

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  • Wayne Torrey on

    Served 1964-66. Machinist mate

  • Clyde Sanford MMC on

    Years aboard 1968 to 1972
    We had a great crew and our two tours to Viet Nam waters were very memorable, made more so by the all the great members of the Chiefs Quarters and the very professional crew of the “A” gang. Thanks guys for making me look good.


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