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John K. Stephenson
Years Served: 1964 - 1968
I was in the DASH program during this period. Went aboard as AT-1 and Made Chief while on board. I retired in 1979 after 24 years as AVCM and spent 20 years with GTE in Massachussetts and retired in Arkansas.

Years Served: 1960-1964

Richard W. Blake
Years Served: 1967-1968
I reported to the Henderson in 1967 and was assigned to WH Division (DASH) where John Stephenson was the petty officer in charge. Upon his promotion to Chief, I took his place as division PO. In December 1968 I was transferred to the USS Arnold J. Isbell DD-869. I was honorably discharged in July 1971 and went to work for Pacific Telephone Company until 1984 when my job went to AT&T. I retired in 1999 in Aurora, Colorado, settled in Salida, Colorado and now RV with my wife.

Bill Mayne
Years Served: I reported aboard on nov 1972 -1975
i reported aboard the hendy maru in november 1972 in subic bay and we went on a 15 month gun line duty off the coast of viet nam i was a boatswains mate 3rd class and was the division yeoman. under chief smith there was bm2 everett bm2 dempsy bm1santos bm3weisgerber. i took my nomal eaos and got out in 75 in san diego instead of long beach which was our home port. ohh i almost forgot my best friend wes maugans BM3 some one get in touch with me at my e-mail address or call me at 801 250 7810

Leo Walker
Years Served: 1971-1975
Reported aboard in Nov. '71 fresh out of boot camp and spent my whole enlistment aboard. Recently have found several shipmates and put up a blog at WDBuds.Wordpress.com. There are also several people registered over at www.Destroyers.org, home of the Tin Can Sailors.

Chester Lizak
Years Served: 1969 to 1972
Was on 4 west pacs Left the Hendy Dec.20,1972 off the coast of Viet Nam. Took a Helio to the USS Niagra Falls and then flew from there into Da Nang. It was a Hell of a night there.. Caught a C-130 out the next day to Subic and caught a helo to Clark air base as soon as we got off C-130. Another night at Clark then an old 707 (wasn't old then) to Travis in California with stops for fuel at Guam and Hawaii. Made it home on Dec.24,1972 in time for Christmas.... That's my story and I am sticking to it..... :D

Gary Troxel
Years Served: 1960-62
Came aboard as reserve Seaman when the ship came back from Wespac. Signal Bridge boys sent me to school and I left the ship as SM3 to continued my music career. Was always interested in firing the automatic weapons and on my last day aboard, coming back to Long Beach, the word was passed all ahnds who would like to fire the Thompson Sub Machine Gun, lay aft to the fantail wouldn't you know it, I had the duty on the Bridge. I'm still trying to get over it. Loved being underway!

Gary Troxel
Years Served: 1960-62
Webmaster, how do I contact Bill Mayne and Chester Lizak? Thanks, Gary

Walter W. McKeever
Years Served: 4
SK2 Walter W. McKeever - I was storekeeper on the USS Henderson from 1966 to 1969. I left the Hendy on October 3, 1969 which was 39 years ago.

I live on a farm/ranch in southeast Oklahoma at Valliant on the beautiful banks of Clear Creek.

Would love to hear from guys I knew on the ship during this period.

Ted Hay
Years Served: 1966-1969
I came on board in November of 66 after a year of schooling. Left for wespac in January I was a radioman and enjoyed the air conditioning all the time. Made 2 wespac trips and traveled up and down the California cost before I got out in 69 in Valajo

Tom Laurin
Years Served: 1977-1979
I came aboard in December '77 right out of C school (just in time for sandblasting @ Long Beach Naval Shipyard) and served until November '79, after which I transferred to shore duty in Coronado. Remembering WA division (ping-jockey or not): Derek Lovett, Jeff Thompson, Ron Hall, Dave Brodehl, Mike Brown, Chief Worrell ... the big cruise to Newport, Oregon; Seattle; San Diego; Manzanillo; Acapulco!

Carl Brady
Years Served: 1961 - 1963
The Henderson was the first ship I served on after being commissioned. I was an ET on a couple of other DDs before being selected for NESEP. After the Henderson, I served another 14 years, retiring in 1977. Then was in the GE marine gas turbine business in Evendale, OH for 20 years. Now live in Frederick, CO. (I remember Gary Troxel. I believe Larry Kinzie was his division officer.)

Matt Harrison
Years Served: My dad was on board in the Gulf of Tonkin
Hey everyone. I'm trying to learn more about my Dad. His name was Stuart Curtis Harrison from CA. He died in 1985 when I was 4 and I don't really know much about him. I know he served on the Henderson in the Gulf of Tonkin. I think his job had something to do with either electronics or radar, again I'm not really sure. If anybody might remember him Id love to hear some stories or anything you can remember about my Pop. You can email me @ pluguglie435@yahoo.com if you may know anything about him. Thanks for your time! Matt Harrison, Raleigh NC

Years Served: 1959-1961
I remember Gary Troxel. He was striking for signalman, I was striking for radar. I left in 1961 for RD A school and retired as a CWO3 in 1990. Had a good life in the Navy. I got out of the Navy briefly as a first class and when I came back in 1966, I was sent to the Hendy Maru again after the fram job and she was homeported in Long Beach. Went to a reunion a few years back and met a few shipmates I had served with. Ken

Charles Roe
Years Served: 1970-1974
Was on board in the forward fireroom. went on one West-Pac from Nov. 1972 to June 1973. Was known as rowboat.

Al Meeds
Years Served: 1954-1957
I went aboard in October,1954 and got off in April 1957. I was a BT and served in both fire rooms. Mr Al Tilley was Eng. Officer and the BT chiefs were Dennett and Hayes. We had a great time and I would enjoy hearing from any one who served aboard. We have a reunion each year so think about attending as it is a hoot!!!!

Phil Metzger
Years Served: Jan. 1972 to June 1973 active, Sept. 1973 to 1975 reserve.
I was a sonarman E4. I came aboard in Jan. of 72. We went into dry dock pretty soon after that in Long Beach. In Nov. of 72 we went on a Wespac till June of 73. I came back to the Hendy as a Reservist till 75. I have had contact with John Ramsey who lives in Colorado. It would be nice to hear from other shipmates.

Billy Silcox
Years Served: 1962-1964
Wonder where Leonard Hoffman and Johnny Debacher went after service. Does anyone know?

Billy Silcox
Years Served: 1962-1964
Just went to Henderson reunion in Nashville,Tennessee and had a great time meeting with some of my old friends and making new ones from earlier years spent on the Henderson...I would encourage those that missed this years reunion to join the reunion next year in Reno, Nevada. Everyday is a treasure and it is always nice to share it with an old shipmate.

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Years on the USS Henderson 1964-1964. RM3 I went to 3 or 4 ship regions. (Tenn. , Reno and Missouri). Sent all of my old Radiomen buddies a Henderson hat. Also Sent Gary Troxel a hat.
I spent most of my life in Irving, TX

James Bartunek

First ship out of bootcamp. Sept. 66 to June 67. Made the Westpac and transferred upon returning to go through SEAR and combat training at Coronado and Camp Pendleton, then off to 13 months in Vietnam. I remember BM2 Colemire. I ran into him later on in my Navy career on the Uss Nashville. He was an NCC. I retired in 1990 as CTO1.

Rodney Murphy

I remember Chet Lizak, Charles Roe, and David Billheimer

Kenneth Pitts

Served as RM 3 on Hendy Maru late 1966 to Oct 68 when we returned from West Pack to Long Beach

JIm McGlasson

I remember Gary Troxel, Mike Salenero, John Hastings, Mike Sheehan, Smiley, Rose, and John Cathey…..On the Henderson 1958 to 1961. I’m not living in the states since 2017…….

Bart Vertrees GM

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