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Welcome to the USS Eversole DD-789 Guestbook Forum


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Daniel Gerhart
Years Served: 1959
Like to hear from any shipmates

Richard M Schaeffer
Years Served: Sept 1957 till Oct 1958
Was a SKSN. WW Deacon and then TJ Budack were the Supply Officers. I was aboard when we made the 1957/1958 WESPAC cruise.

larry d. hearon
Years Served: 1968 thru 1971
hi folks,
would like to hear from folks that served during that time

Chet "OLY" Ol
Years Served: 1970 to 1973
Hey L. Hearon, good to see your still around,, I'm still in touch with Fred Criner, Rick Shanley, Gary Mitchell (Mitch), but Denny Kearney passed away about 5 years ago,,, drop me an e-mail if you get this,,,

Douglas L Fifer
Years Served: 1955-1958
Any body left out there? I was an RD at the time in the OI Division, E-4 on to E-6. Retired in 1972.

Allan Stewart
Years Served: 1963-1966
for reunion information, crew list, Eversole hats and shirts contact Tom Trainham

Larry D. Hearon
Years Served: 1968 thru 1971
Hello Everyone!

Mike Roberts
Years Served: 72-73
I was an EW in the ET gang. Spent most of my time in CIC with the RD's Just want to say hi to all that made Joltin Joe's final WestPac.

Ernest Baumbach
Years Served: March 1953 to March 1957
Would like to talk to some old shipmates! radioman

Carl Kimler (kim)
Years Served: 1969-1971
hello to ship mates

Roy Barnard
Years Served: 1968-1970
If anyone took the West Pac cruise that left long beach in Oct 1969 drop me a line. I was a QM.

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  • Richard Schaeffer on

    Trying to locate Richard D Nelson DKSN aboard 1957 to 1960. Thanks

  • Mike Spaulding on

    Served from 70 thru 71. I always loved Olongapo City, Philippines. Hi everybody. I was in the after gunpoint during GQ.

  • Steve Voss on

    Also served CIC ‘69-‘71

  • Steve Voss on

    Also served CIC ‘70- ‘73

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