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Welcome to the USS Shelton DD-790 Guestbook Forum


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Ray (Tex) Wells
Years Served: 1965-1967
Hope this finds all of you well and eating good.

Winton R. Sears
Years Served: 1961 1962
anyone out there from those years 1961to1962

Mr Jessie Carmicheal
Years Served: 1965-1967
This was the best ship in the fleet, I really missed the 'SHELTONIERS' when I was transferred to 'Boots On Dirt' in Chu Lai Vietnam.

Russ Adams
Years Served: 1965 - 1967
Looking for ET buddies during mid 1960's

Melvin "Ray"
Years Served: 1963-1967
It's great to see this guestbook up. After looking back through the years to remember my life as a Radarman on the Shelton it is mostly good memories. 2 trips across the equator was especially fun. Looking for some of my Radar shipmates. Let's hear from you.
Ray Sampson

PERRY, Raymond MM2
Years Served: 1961-1963
I reported aboard the Shelton just after she got out of drydock in Long Beach, CA. She just got out of a FRAM job and the whole ship was painted terra cotta. No hull number! As a MMFA and never been to sea, I panic because I couldn't find my ship, until I asked one of the sailors on the pier if he knew where the Shelton was tied up. He pointed to the ship with no hull number. I reported to the OOD, after getting over all the lines coming from the pier to the Shelton, and amidst all the chipping hammers and human traffic the OOD sent me to the ship's barracks. Eventually my work station was the AFT engineroom, with the rest of the snipes.

Walter Muller
Years Served: March 1970 April 1973 Decom
Boarded ship in Hawaii from AD 36. Worked in first div. About a year later transferred to S div. as a cook. Made 3 wespacs and got out 4 months early at decom. Retired last year after putting in 25 yrs at the Marathon refinery in Garyville, La.

SH2 Morehead, Frank
Years Served: Spring 1970 til Sep. 1970
Hello, Loved the Shelton. It was my Second DD to serve on. I was on the USS Rogers DD 876 from 1967 to spring of 1970. Hope to you from some of you. Frank

Marc Gibson
Years Served: 71-Nov 72
Served as a Engineman. Left ship in Da Nang at end of 4 year duty. Worked as a MAC Tool distributor for many years and currently a Home Inspector for the last 9 years. Have traveled around the USA on a Harley. Remember good times on the Shelton.

EN3 William Devers Jr.
Years Served: 1970
This is the son of EN3 William Devers Jr. My name is YN1(SS) William Devers III (1999-PRES). Dad served on SHELTON...a few years ago... :P ... Dad always talks fondly of SHELTON.

Years Served: KOREAN WAR
Looking for any info or friends related to USS Shelton DD790 during the Korean War. My dad (Emmett) recently passed and am trying to gather info for a scrapbook. Would love to hear from any of his friends/mates. Thank you Rhonda

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  • Paul Smith on

    Foward Fireroom 1965 to 1969 …WOW

  • Gregory Donalson on

    Served on the Shelton in 1969 as a PC3.

  • Bud Duskin on

    Was on the Shelton D D 790 in1960 to 1962

  • Steve on

    S Wright EM3

    Loved every moment on the Shelton.
    Years 56-57

  • Jerry Sullivan on

    Served September 62 – June 64 YN2 Young kid out of high school – first day on deck force, called to XO office on second.
    I was a reserve Usually kept on deck force 3-6 months but of all the new guys, I COULD TYPE and they needed someone in ship’s office. Oh yeah. Remember Shesniak, YN2 from the Bronx. I was his protégé. I was SA, in 3 months, SN. 6 more months, YN3 and 1 YR after that, YN2.
    GQ station – director. New just about all the crew. Remember Cuban crisis. Trip to Russia. Goodwill tour to Africa, Aden Arabia (Yemen), Madagascar, Pango Pango?. Don’t forget Hong Kong. 138 SP arrests. Set some kind of record. The Commodore. Phillipines What was the name of that beer. I got alcohol poisoning. Taiwan. Crossing the Line. Good times. But ….. How about that super typhoon that almost sunk us. I was on the bridge with the Capt (Schwitters) 42 degree rolls. By the way, that name was dangerous for a Yeoman. One of the yeoman in office mistyped communication with Admiral. Gone. Fortunately Quartermaster took him under his wing. Russians who almost boarded us. Chinese that fired on us on Taiwan Straights. Strait of Hormuz when visiting Aden. A snipe on our goodwill tour to Africa beat up a local priest in Mombasa. (the Admiral requested his presence on carrier where there was a Brig that could accommodate him for a lengthy time. ) I almost had my head lopped off in Philippines during a riot. And I almost forgot, THE COFFIN when crossing the line. Only some of us had that pleasure. LTJG Ansley was first, I was last. Captain saved my life. Had them get me out and throw the torture chamber overboard. I still have dreams, wake up kicking and screaming. Sometimes young minds get overloaded. Too much to handle. Enough. Overall, it was an interesting, enjoyable experience on the Shelton. Helped me make some wise decisions about my life and what I should do with it. You probably don’t remember all these things. I was with the Captain and XO a lot, so I saw and heard a lot of stuff. Radarman were informative. Wendell ? after navy tour I went on to be a minister.

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