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Bart Bobbitt
Years Served: 1956 to 1959
My first ship; a good one. Cdr. Sam Moore was the skipper. Came aboard as a SA and left as an FT2.

Met RAdm. Sam Moore when he visited USS Jouett DLG-29 in the Tonkin Gulf late 1968 when I was a CPO on her. We talked a bit about the old Cush Maru and her crew of the late 1950's.

Teel, Harold
Years Served: 1957-1961
Enlisted in Navy in 1956. went to boot camp Jan.-17-1957 aT great lakes.
Served one year at Bowling Air Force Base. Washington DC. Went aboard
USS Cushing DD797, april 1958. was a cook and baker on two west pac tours. served in the Tiwan Straites in 1958 and 1959. was Honerable Discharged in 1961, with a service connected Disability.

Bob Hamner
Years Served: 1953-1954
I was with DesDiv 282 on board Prichett (DD-561) during the Korean conflict and later filled a vacant billet for two years on the Cushing. DesDiv 282 made a world cruise. Edited Cruise Book on Prichett.

Boarded Cushing as YNSN and departed as YN2. Later attended OCS and became an ENSIGN. Later served on USS Newell (DER 322) at Pearl, USS Los Angeles (CA-135) with TF77 in the Far East and USS Okinawa (LPH-3). Served in Vietnam on board Okinawa and with the Marine Landing Forces. Made 17 assault landings in North Vietnam. Retired as LCDR in 1970

Ed Haskell
Years Served: 1957-1960
My first destroyer and best. MMFN when I reported aboard in 1957. Left as MM2 November 1960 right after arriving in Portsmouth for decommissioning. Reenlisted in 1962 and retired MCPO in 1977. The USS Cushing and crew was my best sea duty. Remember MAA raiding movies on the fantail at sea for having no hats during the transient to Portsmouth and dress white inspection in Mazatlan when ships laundry was sent ashore and the white came back pressed down the front. The entire crew was short-timers for the transient.

Diane Lapars
Years Served: My Dad served in 1939 - 1943
My dad served on the USS Cushing as the Store Room coordinator (title unknown) and a manned a machine gun. When the ship sank he and other men swam to shore all night helping others who were not strong swimmers. Once on shore they hid from the Japs for 6 months. Those back home in the USA believed them to be dead, but they were listed as MIA. Some became stricken with Malaria, Dingy or Yellow Fever. The Phillipine families hid our troops from the Japs and nursed those like my father back to health. The US troops rescued the survivors from the Phillipine Island and brought them back to the USA to be reunited with families. My father lived to be only 50. He died in six weeks after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.
I would like information about the next reunion. I tried to attend the USS Cushing's reunion 2 yrs ago but it was around the time of my mother's death.
I have lots of pictures and articles that were collected from a relative who is a consultant for the military. He handles the release of old top secret information. I would love to share all this info with you.. If I can figure out how to scan all this and put it on a disc i will be glad to make copies and send it to someone..
Thank you for listening.
My contact info is Diane Lapars, 4736 East 93 St. Garfield Hts. Oh 44125.
Phone is 216-341-2165

Charles Clough
Years Served: 1956 to 1959
Served on deck force and later as YN3. Loved that old ship as it was my first ship. Later served on USS Bryce Canyon. I remember Bart Bobbitt when he came aboard out of basic training. Changed my surname to Mason after returning to civilian life.

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