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Rush F Montgomery
Years Served: 1970 - 1973
My first ship and it was a great learning experience. Made the North Atlantic cruise to Amsterdam and Copenhagen on her....and all those
GITMO cruises after coming out of the shipyard at Philly.......and after
the North Atlantic cruise.

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  • Dave rist on

    I was on board from 1971 to I got out in 1972. I was an ht2. I first came on board in the shipyard in Philly. Then we home ported in Norfolk. I went to Gitmo twice and the North Atlantic cruise.

  • Bob Miller on

    I went aboard in 1962 as a fireman and when I left the quaterdeck I was a BT ,also and stayed until march,I think,1969 and went to shore duty. It is good that you became a teacher and still are. My older brother was a teacher for over 40 years.We definitely need teachers,Good teachers for our kids.

  • Donald Sparks on

    I reported aboard in early 78 as a BT, went for two years then got out and returned home to Haughton, Louisiana. I graduated from LSU Shreveport in 1995 with a BA in education with a minor in mathematics, Iā€™m still teaching to this day!

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