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Larry Bowdren
Years Served: DER-213 from 09/48 to approx 04/50. In USN FROM 48 TO 73
Most pleased to find info on DER-213...My first ship right out of Boot Camp. Home port was South Boston Shipyard.. Got underway every day with class of Radar students out oif Fargo Bldg. I retired after 25 yrs of active service as an 05.. The POWELL was great!!! Would like to hear from shipmates...
Larry Bowdren
S Div...

Marcia (Miller) Laughman
Years Served: Father served 1957-?
My father, William G. Miller, served in the Navy Reserves on the William T. Powell and I'm doing a special plaque for him for his birthday in May. I would love to find other shipmates and memorilbilia for this project if anyone has any pictures or newspaper clippings of the ship and shipmates I would be so ever appreciative in this adventure!! Thank you!!

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