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Kevin Burke RM2
Years Served: 1967-70
Operation Deep Freeze 1967-68. Havana guard patrol for USNS Sgt. Mueller(an intelligence vessel) 1968-70. Refitted for intellegence operations Portsmouth naval shipyard 1970. Decommissioned c. 1973.

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  • Adrian Wilkins on

    You could at least get the ship’s designation correct DER 390 a radar picket destroyer on which I was Damage Control and Repair Officer including on Operation Deepfreeze , 65-66

  • William T Munson on

    served onboard ’64 as a sonar trainee with larry slicker and jesse dudoit – did radar picket assignment off Dog Rocks watching for Russian jets flying out of Cuba. Got transferred to Little Rock, Goldsborough DDG20 (Viet Nam – Operation Sea Dragon – 1968 – shore bombardment) and USS Turner. Left navy after 10 years in June 1973. Still alive after all these years!

  • charles ortenzio on

    DK2, Served from October 64 to Jan.67, Including Operation Deepfreeze, 65-66, Ship moved to Key West, Fla Summer 66.

    Back to inactive duty, Jan., 67, Ship in Dry Dock, Jacksonville Fla.,

    Went to Gator Bow, Dec., 31, 1966, Steve Suppier QB.

    Charlie Ortenzio

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